Weekly Business Quiz # 344


Q 1. After the GST bill was cleared by the Rajya Sabha after the debate what expansion for GST did P Chidambaram use in his closing remarks ?

Ans. Good Sense Triumphs

Q2.Identify this top deal maker who has decided to call it a day


Ans. Nimesh Kampani of JM Financial

Q3.Which co is launching a toothpaste named Vedshakti in competition to Patanjali’s Dantkanti ?

Ans. Colgate Cibaca Vedshakti by Colgate Palmolive

Q4.With which brand would you associate Sheela Foam that is launching an IPO soon ?

Ans. Sleepwell


Q5.In the context of admissions to top US colleges what is ‘bamboo ceiling’ ?

Ans. Bamboo ceiling refers to the barriers faced by Asians in America in business as well admissions to Ivy League colleges

Q6.This is an image depicting an inventor and his invention in 1811. Name both


Ans. Elisha Otis and his elevator

Q7.He believes knowledge is much more than power so he founded a TV channel. He was inspired by watching 16 mm films. He thought why such content should not be brought to TV. Name him and his channel


Ans. John Hendricks and Discovery TV

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan 





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