Month: August 2017

Weekly Business Quiz # 386


Q 1. Roopa Purushothaman will be the Chief Economist at Tata Sons Limited. Which well known report did she co-author at Goldman Sachs ?

Ans. BRIC Report

Q 2. Which headhunting firm has been appointed by Infosys to search for a CEO ?

Ans. Egon Zehnder

Q 3. To whom has the founders of the startup Springpath sold their firm for nearly 2000 crore Rs ?


Q 4. Under what brand name are FMCG products made in Dera Sacha Sauda sold ?

Ans. MSG

Q 5. Indian Hotels has a new CEO Puneet Chhatwal. He has been given the task of making Taj Group a leader in India once again. Which chain is  # 1 in India now?

Ans. Starwood-Marriott

Q6. Who proposed the 1-2-5 series for currency denominations based on which RBI is introducing the Rs 200 currency note ?

Ans. Renard series

Q7. Which brand sponsored the iconic show Surabhi presented by Siddhartha Kak and Renuka Shahane on Doordarshan for a long time ? 


Ans. Amul


Q8. On what charges has the Samsung Chairman Lee Jae Yong been sent to jail for 5 years ?

Ans. For bribery, embezzlement and other charges

Q9. Who will be taking over as CEO of Uber worldwide ?

Ans. Dara Khosrowshahi, former CEO of Expedia

Q 10. Which chain has started a cryptocurrency called Whoppercoin in Russia ?

Ans. Burger King

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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Weekly Business Quiz # 385


Q1. Who has taken over as the Railway Board chairman after the previous one was asked to go on leave over railway accidents ?

Ans. Ashwani Lohani , formerly of Air India

Q 2. Ravin Gandhi was referred to as an Indian pig by Trump supporters. He is CEO of which company ?

Ans. GMM Non-stick coatings

Q 3. What is the title of the book written by Raghuram Rajan on his stint as RBI Governor ?

Ans. I do what I do

Q 4. “Failing to Succeed” by K.Vaitheeswaran is a story of India’s first e-commerce venture that failed. Name the venture

Ans. Started as Fabmart, became Fabmall and then renamed as Indiaplaza


Q5. A study has found that Eponymous firms earn higher profits the others . What are eponymous firms ?

Ans. The firms whose names have the names of the founder (s)

Q6. What functionality does an Airbar offer to a laptop ?

Ans. Converts a regular laptop into a touch-screen one

Q7. Name this American businessman and financier, who started as a paper tycoon and after numerous attempts laid the Translatlantic telegraph cable ?

Ans. Cyrus West Field

Q8. Who owns the popular American whiskey brand Jack Daniels ?

Ans. Brown-Forman corporation

Q9. Identify this Indian American who been named as most influential 40 under 40 by Fortune magazine


Ans. Divya Nag of Apple

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan