Month: April 2015

Weekly Business Quiz # 282

Q 1. Which IT company started life as Sogeti in the year 1967 in France ?

Ans. Cap Gemini

Q 2. What innovative recharge option has been introduced by Tata Sky ?

Ans. Daily recharge for Rs 8

Q3. Which journalist/foodie is behind the restaurant reservation platform EazyDiner ?

Ans. Vir Sanghvi

Q4. Which game was included in every version of MS Windows from 3.0 but withdrawn in 8.0 and now back in Windows 10 ?

Ans. Solitaire

Q5. What is the name given to Google’s wireless internet service in US ?

Ans. Project Fi

Q6. Which jeweller chain has decided to withdraw an ad featuring Aishwarya Rai and a child slave when it attracted a lot of attention in media ?

Ans. Kalyan Jewellers

Q7. “Jeff blows down the house that Jack built” is a headline in Economist. What is being talked about and who are Jeff and Jack ?

Ans. GE closing down its GE Capital finance business. Jeff Immelt and Jack Welch.

Q8. Name the British Indian trader who has been blamed for the 1000 point crash in Dow Jones in May 2010

Ans. Navinder Singh Sarao

Q9. What is the practice of meeting clients during a walk, a run or a fitness club called ?

Ans. Sweatworking

Q 10.It is six times harder to get a job as an analyst at _______ than getting into Harvard, Yale or Stanford says co-founder Steve Schwarzmann. Fill in the blank

Ans. Blackstone

– Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 281

Q 1. Why lion was chosen as the symbol for the Make in India’ campaign of Govt of India ?

Ans. India’s journey to emerge as a global manufacturing hub is unstoppable, very similar to that of a walking lion….

Q 2. What innovative compensation policy has been adopted by credit card processing firm Gravity payments ?

Ans. The minimum salary has been raised to US $ 70,000 for all and the CEO has taken a pay-cut

Q3. Which airline in US in order to enhance passenger in flight experience has introduced live “Book readings” by authors ?

Ans. Southwest Airlines

Q4. Rajeev Suri currently in the news for the Nokia Alcatel -Lucent deal shares something with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. What ?

Ans. Both are alumni of Manipal Institute of Technology

Q5. By what name is the newly launched MPV Renault Lodgy called in countries other than CIS and India ?

Ans. Dacia Lodgy

Q6. In which city is the Air India memorial ?

Ans. Toronto, Canada

Q7. What is the name of the of fitness spa chain started by Virat Kohli ?

Ans. Chisel

Q8. Known variously as ‘Baron of Botox” or “Skincare Svengali”, this dermatologist used to treat many celebrities like Madonna. Name him.

Ans. Fredric Brandt

Q9. Robert Schuller was a pastorpreneur. Who or what is a pastorpreneur ?

Ans. Using religion to build a business

Q 10. Which model will replace Maruti Suzuki Ritz in the second half of 2015 ?

Ans. YRA

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan