Month: December 2017

Weekly Business Quiz # 403


Q 1. What new kind of leave has State Bank of India approved recently for its employees ?

Ans. One week bereavement leave for employees who lose a close family member

Q 2. On their father’s anniversary what gift did elder bro Mukesh Ambani give to his younger bro Anil Ambani this year ?

Ans. acquisition of Reliance Communications spectrum and tower assets by Reliance Jio to repay loans of approx Rs 23,000 crore

Q3. What new guidelines regarding commodities trading has been announced by SEBI that will make them easier to trade ?

Ans. BSE and NSE will allow commodities trading

Q4. Widely known as the Indian restaurant world’s favourite incubator for new and exotic concepts, it was unfortunately a restaurant that caught fire. RIP to the dead. Name the place .

Ans Kamala Mills Compound

Q5. With which sugar company you would associate Meenakshi Saraogi who built the company by her vision and hands on management ?

Ans. Balrampur chini Mills Ltd

Q6. What recent incident forced Bharti Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal to send a letter saying we did not live up to their high standards ?

Ans. Airtel Payments Bank violating the KYC guidelines

Q7. Name the dairy brand that traces it’s origin to 1924 when a Swiss national acquired an Aligarh based dairy and gave it his own name.

Ans. Keventers

Q8. Which Indian juice brand has launched pre-mixed mocktails like Virgin Mary And Pina Colada during this party season ?

Ans. Real

Q9. How did Shree Cement MD 65 year old Hari Mohan Bangur keep himself mentally alert until recently ?

Ans. Appearing for the CAT exam every year

Q 10. Which brand ran a TV commercial showing brother-sister relationship with the tagline “Magic of warmth” ?

Ans. Parachute

Q11. An old brand has had a new campaign with a message that the brand stands for love across generations. Name the brand

Rasna new

Ans. Rasna ( I love you Rasna)


Q 12. What does Xiaomi mean in Chinese ?

Ans. Millet ( grain)

Q 13. Which brand is disrupting the razor market by a subscription model where razors are sent home for one dollar a month and attacking Gillette by “And do you like spending $20/month on brand name razors? $19 go to Roger Federer!” ?

Ans. Dollar Shave Club

Q 14. Talking about company towns, if Jamshedpur is the company town of Tata Cos , Wolfsburg is the co town of Volkswagen , which org is behind the town of Oak Ridge in Tennessee , USA ?

Ans. Oak Ridge , Tennessee was the company town for Project Manhattan of US Govt for making atom bomb

Wishing all the readers a very happy and prosperous 2018. Happy quizzing !!


  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

WBQ 2017 Round Up – Global

This is the second part of the 2017 Round Up where we look at the questions that featured in 2017 under the global section which stand relevant even as we enter 2018. This selection is very limited and reflects my own interests and biases.


Donald Trump dominated the political news. It had it’s benefits to its family, particularly Ivanka Trump, who also made an India trip during the year.

Q1. In which product category is Ivanka Trump’s brands No 1 and No 2 in sales at Amazon after her father’s victory ?

Ans. Perfumes

Fear of Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Armageddon had its impact.

Q 2. By virtually selling stock of which retailer has Warren Buffet signalled the end of organised big retail ?

Ans. Wal-Mart

GE has started falling from the highest perch it occupied.

Q3. After the legendary Jack, it was Jeff for 16 years. Now it will be John from August 1. Which large global company will see this change ?

Ans. General Electric, Jack Welch, Jeff Immelt and now John Flannery

Q 4. Management Guru Jack Trout passed away recently. Name the landmark book he wrote with Al Ries.

Ans. Positioning : The Battle for Your Mind

Q 5. This is only the second occasion that Bank of England has issued a currency note with a woman’s photo on it. Who is the person honoured ? 


Ans. Jane Austen on her 200th birth anniversary


Q6. Reckitt Benckiser has acquired Mead Johnson. What are the major products of Mead Johnson.

Ans. Baby Food

Q7. Which prestigious university has raised 1 billion $ through an issue of bonds having a coupon Rate of 2.5 % and 100 year tenor ?

Ans.Oxford University

Q8. Which company is going to takeover the 21st Century Fox division of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire ?

Ans. Disney



The Chinese phones like Oppo and Vivo were the biggest advertisers. IPhone X launch was a big event of the year.

Q9. Identify this reclusive Chinese entrepreneur. He co-founded two well known mobile phone handset brands. Name him and also the brands he created.


Ans. Duan Yongping co-founder of Vivo and Oppo

Q 10. For whom do Samsung employees use the codename “LO” and what does it stand for ?

Ans. Apple, Lovely Opponent ( LO)

Rich and Famous

The rising stockmarket worldwide led to its changes in the wealth of the businessmen. Some wealthy businessmen continued to make their impact socially through their charity and philanthropy.

Q 11. Identify this fashion retailer and his brand, who has recently overthrown Jeff Bezos to become the second richest man in the world.


Ans. Amancio Ortega of IndiTex, owners of Zara

Q 12. Identify this former billionaire who gave away all his wealth to charity by end 2016 making him being called ‘ James Bond of philanthropy’ by Forbes.


Ans. Chuck Feeney

Q13. Which businessman has a project called Carbon War room that has the tagline “There is no planet B’ ?

Ans. Richard Branson


Q 14. Name this India-born family group in South Africa in media, mining and other business in the eye of a storm because of corruption scandal involving president Jacob Zuma 

Ans. Guptas

Q 15. Which brand had to apologise and remove its advt where a black woman turned into a white woman after using the product ?


Ans. Dove Body lotion

Q 16. What was unusual about a Japanese train Tsukuba Express apologizing to its passengers, saying they were sorry for creating “tremendous nuisance” ?

Ans.  The train left a station 20 seconds early

New Technologies

Disruptions continued through new technologies. Electric cars, 3D printing, Robots, Artificial Intelligence all were areas seeing a lot of innovation and new products.

Q 17. Which is the world’s largest selling electric car ? Clue : – Tesla is No 2

Ans. Nissan Leaf

Q 18. What new service has Amazon announced in US which allows delivery of packages inside the house when no one is there to receive ?

Ans. Amazon Key

Q 19. In which product/ service is ROKU a formidable competitor to Apple, Google and Amazon ?

Ans. Video Streaming device

Q 20. In which newly emerging product category are Sony, Oculus and HTC #1, #2 and #3 respectively ?

Ans. Virtual reality headset

Q 21. Recently Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to Sophia. What is special or unique about this ?

Ans. Sophia is a robot and this is the first occasion a robot has been given citizenship by any country

Q 22. Which country/state has announced a ” State Minister for Artificial Intelligence” , a first position of its kind ?

Ans. UAE, Omar Bin Sultan Olama is the first such Minister

Q 23. Which sportswear has announced mass manufacture of sports shoes using 3 D printing ?

Ans. Adidas


In the financial markets, 2017 would perhaps be remembered as the year of the bitcoins. Its price continued to shoot up to astronomical levels. Associated words to Bitcoins namely cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology also became mainstream.

Q 24. What important benchmark was crossed by Bitcoin recently for the world to sit up and notice ?

Ans. Its market price crossed the price of an ounce of gold

Q 25. If IPOs are initial public offerings what are ICOs ?

Ans. Initial coin offerings of cryptocurrencies

Q 26. What is common to Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Iota ?

Ans. Different Cryptocurrencies that are competitors to Bitcoins

Sports and Movies

Q 27. After 20 long years of association which brand will no longer be seen in the attire of Australian cricket team ?

Ans. Victoria Bitter

 Q 28. In which film did the Nobel winner Richard Thaler made a cameo appearance as himself ?

Ans. The Big Short

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan