Month: March 2016

Weekly Business Quiz # 327

Q 1. Which India/ IPL cricketer has a start-up fund called Caffeine Ventures ?

Ans. Robin Uthappa

Q 2. Why are Guar gum processors and exporters seen a big slump in demand in 2015-16 ?

Ans. Guar gum was used by shale oil firms, as crude oil prices have crashed the shale oil business is down

Q 3. Dell had acquired Perot Systems to expand its technical services. Now it has sold it off. To whom have they sold this division ?

Ans. NTT Corp of Japan

Q 4. Why are the jewellers in India on strike ?

Ans. 1 % excise duty imposed in recent budget

Q5. Which brand is running a TV campaign with the tagline ‘India ki pehli sawari ” ?


Ans. Maruti Alto

Q6. Virat Kohli is seen here with his agent..Name his business agent and his firm that deals with endorsements for Virat, Rohit, Shikhar Dhawan etc


Ans. Bunty Sajdeh, Cornerstone Sports and entertainment

Q7. What subtle changes in the tickets for children have Indian Railways done from April 22 onwards ?

Ans. Children between 5-12 years will have to full ticket fare if they want a berth. Else, they will have to pay half ticket and not be eligible for a berth.

Q8. Why is Tay a bot deployed on Twitter by Microsoft in the news ?

Ans. The bot started making racist comments and had to be withdrawn by Microsoft

Q9. What makes this 50 Rs note from Seychelles a collector’s item ?


The palm trees seem to read as “SEX” when seen from an angle

Q 10. Which Indian business group is behind the dairy brand Saboro that has launched milk in Indore ?

Ans. Mahindra and Mahindra

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Weekly Business Quiz # 326

Q 1. This paranoid business leader survived cancer in 1996 but he is no more. RIP. Name him

Ans. Andy Grove of Intel

Q2. Name this pioneer of packaged foods from Pune who packed and marketed Bhakarwadi and other traditional Marathi snacks. He passed away today

Ans. Bahusaheb Chitale of Chitale Bandhu

Q3. Which co. produced the film made from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even introduced a chocolate bar called Wonka ?


Ans. Quaker Oats

Q4. In which country is Fernet Branca mixed with Coke almost a national drink among rich and poor alike ?

Ans. Argentina

Q5. Why has Alphabet decided to sell its robotics division Boston Dynamics ?

Ans. Market potential is limited

Q6. Which country liquor from Goa has been labeled as Heritage spirit of Goa ?

Ans. Feni

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Weekly Business Quiz # 325


Q 1. Which pharma co’s shares crashed 7%/when it announced it will stop marketing Corex ?

Ans. Pfizer

Q 2. Which is the largest employee owned company in the United States ? It is a supermarket chain and is ranked No 81 on the Fortune 100 ?

Ans. Publix Supermarkets

Q3. Amaz-off, Snap the deal, Flip the Kart were headlines for which offline retailer trying to compete with online retailers ?

Ans. Brand Factory belonging to the Future Group

Q4. Why are Indian companies rushing to declare dividends before March 31 , 2016 ?

Ans. To save on tax bill of promoters – An additional 10% dividend distribution tax will be levied later, on dividend income greater than 10 lacs.

Q5. “Thanks for 100 years of competition. The previous 30 years were a bit boring. “Which co wished whom on 7th March this year ?

Ans. Mercedes Benz to BMW

Q6. Name this bond trader from Salomon brothers who made huge profits in ’80s for his firm and was called ‘King of Wall Street’ He died recently. RIP.

Ans. John H. Gutfreund

Q7. If Star TV: Hotstar, Sony : Sony Liv , then Zee : ?

Ans. Ozee, the Internet platform for streaming TV content

Q8. Connect Grindeks, Latvia, Meldonium, Nike, Porsche to a recent scandal

Ans. Maria Sharapova has tested positive for Meldonium a drug produced by Grindeks of Latvia. This has led her sponsors like Nike, Porsche to cancel their contracts with Maria.

Q9. Who will be the new face of Revital H ?

Ans. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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Weekly Business Quiz # 324

Q 1. Which Indian co has announced iwork@home an option to work from home for its women employees on Intl women’s day ?

Ans. ICICI Bank

Q2. Ray Tomlinson was hired by Bolt Beranek and Newman, BBN, later acquired by Raytheon Co., where he continued to work till  the time of his death. What was his contribution ? Ray Tomlinson RIP.

Ans. Inventor of email, selector of ‘@’ symbol for addresses

Q3. Who does the bot @deepdrumpf designed by an MIT engineer tweet like using artificial intelligence ?

Ans. Donald Trump

Q4. Under what trade name is Sun Pharma launching an antacid that will compete with the likes of Eno and Pudin Hara ?

Ans. Pepmelt

Q5. Which tax haven has gone bankrupt because of the changes in the European Union rules ?

Ans. Jersey

Q6. Which Indian co has announced ‘menstrual leave’ for its female employees ?

Ans. Wet & Dry Personal Care, a Delhi based co making intimate products for women

Q6. Which Indian media co has acquired US cricket focused TV channel Willow TV ?

Ans. Times of India

Q7. Which global brand sources ‘hazelnuts from Turkey; palm oil from Malaysia; cocoa from Nigeria; sugar from Brazil ; and the vanilla from France’?

Ans. Nutella

Q8. Ratan Tata recently inaugurated a hospital in Mathura started by Nayati Healthcare. Who is the person behind Nayati ?

Ratan tata Niira
MATHURA, FEB 28 (UNI):- Former Chairman of Tata Sons Ratan N Tata along with PR veteran and former Corporate Lobbyist Niira Radia during the inauguration of Nayati Multi Super Specialty Hospital in Mathura on Sunday. UNI PHOTO – 51U

Ans. Niira Radia

Q9. Which mutual fund is promoting SIP as a Good EMI ?

Ans. Franklin Templeton

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