Month: September 2018

Weekly Business Quiz # 433


Q 1. Which steel major has acquired the steel making division of Usha Martin Industries on a slump sale basis ?

Ans. Tata Steel

Q 2. With which scam tainted group was Sandesara family associated with ? They are absconding and are apparently in Nigeria.

Ans. Sterling Biotech

Q 3. Kabir Jeet Singh on his return from UK after doing an MBA opened a fast food chain with its first outlet in Gurugram. Now it is expanding India wide what is it called ?

A, Paratha King    B. KJS

C. Singhway           D. Burger Singh 

Ans. Burger Singh

Q 4. The shares of which company fell over 70 % on 28th September, the second

biggest fall on a single day after Satyam’s 83 % fall in 2009 due to a WhatsApp

rumour ?

A. DHFL      B. Yes Bank

C. Infibeam Avenues     D. IL & FS 

Ans/ Infibeam Avenues

Q 5. Which private bank has been asked by RBI to freeze salary of CEO and has put

branch expansion on hold for not meeting licensing guidelines ?

A.  Bandhan Bank    B. Kotak Bank

C. IDFC Bank              D. Yes Bank 

Ans. A. Bandhan Bank

Q 6. When rumours started emerging thing that Yes Bank promoters were selling

their stake to what did Rana Kapoor , compared his Yes Bank shares with ?

Ans. Rana Kapoor said his Yes Bank shares were ” Diamonds are Forever “.

Q 7 . What was the main reason the minority shareholders of Apollo Tyres, rejected

the re- election of Neeraj Kanwar as a director ?

Ans. The institutional nominees were peeved with the high and rising compensation of

Neeraj Kanwar

Q8 . Which travel related brand has brought out a TV Commercial with the tagline

   with the idea of reviving tourism after the floods 




Ans.  Samsonite  

Q 9. The Union Telecom minister Manoj Sinha announced that TRAI would soon be

renamed  as DCRAI. Expand DC in DCRAI.

Ans. Digital Communications

Q 10. What is the increase in customs duty announced by govt on ‘non-essential’

imports like AC, refrigerators and washing machines recently to keep the Current

Account Deficit  in  check ?

Ans. From 10 % to 20 % the customs duty has been increased

Q 11. Greenply has set up a plywood mfg facility in a African country. It appears the

advtg  campaign on Indian TV by this country as a ‘ocean of timber tales’ has borne

fruit. Name the country

Ans. Gabon

Q 12.  Where is the head quarters of the defence PSU Garden Reach Shipbuilders

and Engineers , which is currently having an open IPO ?

Ans. Kolkata

Q 13.  Ashwin Choksi passed away recently. He was the Non-Executive Chairman of

which Indian paint major ?

Ans. Asian Paints Ltd

Q 14. One of the important points in the Rafale deal controversy is the “offset

clause’.  What is offset in the context of defence deals ?

Ans. Offset in defence deal means the compensation made by the manufacturer in terms

of value addition in the product in the ordering country.


Q 15 . Which company is acquiring Pandora the music streaming service for 3.5 Bn $ ?

Ans. Sirius XM

Q 16. Marillyn  Hewson has been voted as the Most Powerful Woman by Fortune this

year. With which company is she associated with ? 



Ans. Lockheed Martin

Q 17. Who has acquired the luxury brand Versace for $ 2.1 Bn ?

A. Michael Kors  B. Chanel

C. LVMH               D. Gucci

Ans. A. Michael Kors

Q 18.  Which of the following cities was selected as the European Green Capital for

the year 2019 ?

Ans. Oslo

Q 19.  Who has asked Elon Musk to step down as the Chairman of Tesla Motors for 3 years ?

A. Board of Directors   B. Auditors

C. Federal Govt              D. SEC

Ans. D. SEC

Q 20.  Which is the first German car company to announce stoppage of making

diesel engines ?

Ans. Porsche

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Weekly Business Quiz # 432


Q 1. Unimoni is the key sponsor of the ongoing Asia Cricket Cup. Its HQ is in Abu Dhabi and in owned by NRI B.R.Shetty. The main business of Unimoni is 

A. Travel Agency   B. Money Transfer

C. Mobile Services  D. Trading 

Ans. B. Money transfer

Q 2. Govt has announced the merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank to create a large bank. After merger what would be its rank in India in terms of size ?

Ans. 3rd largest behind SBI and ICICI Bank

Q 3. With whom has Voltas created a JV to launch home appliances like washing machines, dish washers , microwaves etc ?

Ans. Voltas Becko is a JV between Voltas and Arcelik, a Turkish company

Q 4. What measure announced by SEBI will help the mutual fund investors and hurt the AMCs and distributors ?

Ans. Cut on the ceiling for Total Expense ratio ( TER) for mutual funds on a graded scale based on Assets Under Management ( AUM)

Q 5. Which Indian co is behind the brand BKT that has signed up as one of the sponsors of Big Bash League in Australia ?

Ans. Balkrishna Industries Ltd, leading exporter of off-road tires

Q 6. Where has the Veer Surender Sai airport inaugurated by PM recently come up ?

Ans. Jharsuguda, Odisha

Q 7. Who is the newly appointed Chairman of SAIL ?

Ans. Anil Kumar Chaudhary

Q 8. Which sports brand has sponsored Asian Games medallist Hima Das and has come forward to develop special shoes for Swapna Burman ?

Ans. Adidas
 Q 9. National e-governance division of Govt of India is launching an Indian language virtual assistant called UMANG. Expand UMANG
Ans. Unified Mobile Assistant for National Governance
Q 10. Which company has become the largest exporter of cars from India ?
Ans. Hyundai has beaten Ford
 Q 11. How much time has RBI given Rana Kapoor as MD & CEO of Yes Bank?
Ans. Only 4 months upto January 2019


Q 12. Who founded Tesla Motors in 2003 ? It is not Elon Musk

Ans. Martin Eberhard and marc Tarpenning

Q 13. What is the rationale given by Tim Cook to justify the high prices of over 1000 $ for the newly launched iPhones ?

Ans. iPhones replace many devices like camaera, cam corder, music player etc

Q 14. What scare in Australia has led retail chain Woolworth’s to stop sewing needle sales immediately ?

Ans. Needles were found inside fruits like strawberry that created a panic among customers

Q 15. A large life insurance co in US has made it mandatory to wear activity trackers like Fitbit or Apple Watch for issuing new policies. Name the company.

Ans. John Hancock Life Insurance

Q 16. Here is a Wal-Mart employee wearing a VR (Virtual Reality) Headset. What programme has Wal-Mart launched using this technology ?


Ans. Training

Q 17. “We tend to overestimate the impact of a new technology in the short term, even as we underestimate its longer term impact”. What is this law or principle known as ?

Ans. Amara Law

Q 18. WhatsApp is the No 1 in the messenger market . Which messenger is No 2 worldwide ?

A. Facebook Messenger  B. Viber

C. WeChat  D. Line

Ans. A. Facebook Messenger

Q 19. US is trying to stop China from procuring defence supplies from Russia based on CAATSA. Expand CAATSA.

Ans. Countering America’s adversaries through Sanctions Act

Q 20. Which European bank is involved in a major money-laundering scandal that has led to the resignation of its Chief Executive ?

Ans. Danske Bank

Q 21. A sandwich chain Taylor Gourmet with 19 outlets, 17 in Washington DC has closed down because it started losing business after 

a. Its owner met Trump

b. Worms were found 

c. competition from Subway

Ans. a. Its owner met Trump last and since then the business has been going down because of adverse publicity in social media

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