Month: January 2014

Weekly Business Quiz # 218

Q 1. How does Google encourage its employees to volunteer in social projects ?

Ans. For every five hours of volunteering work done by Google employees, Google donates 50 $ to a charity of the employee’s choice

Q 2. Which former IIM Calcutta Professor and well known Management consultant has been awarded the Padma Bhushan ?

Ans. Mrithyunjaya Athreya

Q 3. Rajesh Saraiya has been awarded the Padma Shri today. What is his claim to fame ?

Ans. India’s first Dalit billionaire

Q4. RBI prints currency notes. Govt of India mints coins. What is the upper limit for currency denomination and coin denomination resply ?

Ans. RBI can issue currency notes upto a denomination of Rs 10,000 and GOI can issue coins upto a denomination of Rs 1000 as per the current laws
Q5. Who recently in a game of chess checkmated Bill Gates in just 9 moves ?

Ans. Magnus Carlsen

Q6. Which ad agency is behind the Congress election campaign with the headline “main nahin, hum” ?

Ans, Dentsu India 

Q7. Which Indian retail co has the tagline ‘Price”Less” Fashion’ ?

Ans. V-Mart

Q8.What unique innovation has been made by Indian co. Ventit that is being widely talked about ?

Ans. Pizza Box

Q9.Which brand has launched new flavours imaginatively called ‘ cookie dough’ and ‘ marshmallow Krispy’ ?

Ans. Oreo 

Q 10. Who has acquired the low-end server business of IBM ?

Ans. Lenovo

Q 11. When veg prices hit the roof, which brand ran a campaign saying ” Ab chicken sabzi se bhi sasta” ?

Ans. Godrej Real Good Chicken 

Q 12. RBI has announced that all currency notes issued before 2005 will go out of circulation from 31/03/2014. How do you identify such a note ?

Ans. Only notes after 2005 will have their year of printing in the back in small font size

Q 13. As per a Tholons survey of top off shoring destinations Bangalore is no 1. Mumbai has fallen from 2 to 3. Which City is in # 2 ?

Ans. Manila 

Q 14. Which country has announced ambitious plans to roll out 5G telecom services by which a movie can be downloadd in a second ?

Ans. South Korea

Q 15. Which MNC will be launching Pringles chips in India soon ?

Ans. Kellogg’s

Q 16. NSE has launched interest rate futures in the bond market. What are ‘ interest rate futures’ ?

Ans. IRFs are similar to equity futures. Here the future contracts of ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ are of underlying government bonds, similar to future contracts of stocks. The minimum contract value is pegged at Rs 2 lakh and initial margin which you have to pay upfront is around three per cent. This works out to Rs 6,000.

Q 17. Which American company has launched the INDIAN motorcycle in India ?

Ans. Polaris 

Q 18. HSBC set up the first ATM in India. Where was it done ?

Ans. Andheri, Mumbai in 1987

Q 19. He was the third president of the union formed in 1920. During his tenure, he fought with the management to appoint more Indians in key positions. In a letter written to the then Tata Steel chairman NB Saklatvala on November 12, 1928, he said, “One of the most important problems before the company is that it lacks senior officials from India. I have no doubt that if you go ahead with your policy of Indianisation of Tata steel, you will be able to ingratiate yourself with your Indian employees, your countrymen as well as with public leaders of all shades of opinion.” 

Who is he ?

Ans. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose


Q 20. With which chain would you associate Dr P C Reddy ?


Ans. Apollo Hospitals

Q 21. Karl Slym, MD Tata Motors, RIP. When Karl was heading GM India, he appeared in advts like this. Why did he have to appear in advts and reassure Indian buyers ?


Ans. Bankruptcy of GM, America

Q 22. This lady has been awarded a Padma Shri for her contribution in the Trade and industry category. Identify her and her company.


Ans. Mallika Srinivasan of TAFE

Q 23. Which company owns this trademark worldwide ?


Ans. The Smiley Company

Q 24. Which activist group ambushed Essar group for its mining activities in this unique way by putting a huge banner in its HQ ?


Ans. Greenpeace

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 217

Q 1. OLX is slowly emerging as the place to buy and sell used stuff online in India. Which was the country to have the first OLX ?

Ans. Argentina

Q 2. Which tech major has acquired the internet security start-up Impermium which has two indian founders ?

Ans. Google

Q 3. What is the unique service provided by the website ?

Ans. A place for seeking and offering volunteering opportunities

Q4. Which company has got a trademark on the word ‘candy’ forcing many companies to withdraw their games which has candy in their name ?

Ans. King, the developer of Candy crush Saga

Q5. Which country’s citizens have the highest per capita tea consumption in the world ?

Ans. Turkey

Q.6. Which brand has launched a 3 min video on YOuTube which ends with ‘ Har Ghar, ____ Ghar ‘ .? Fill in the blank.

Ans. Amul

Q 7.In which song by which singer are lines like You wanna Bugatti ‘ You wanna Maserati’ ‘You wanna Lamborghini’ urging people to work ?

Ans. Work Bitch by Britney Spears

Q 8.Name the 6 countries that make up the emerging markets CIVETS, coined by Robert Ward of EIU.

Ans. Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa 

Q 9. Coffee houses are places where people hangout. How has a coffee house in Moscow decided to charge its customers ? It is becoming a trend now

Ans. Paying by time and not cups. Coffee and cookies are on the house

Q. 10 What is the unique business of Art Remba ?

Ans. Art on rent 

Q. 11 Times Group has launched a Gujarati daily from Ahmedabad. What is its name ?

Ans. Nav Gujarat Samay 

Q. 12Who is the publisher of Jitendra Bhargava’s book The Descent of Air India & has apologised to Praful Patel and decided to withdraw the book?

Ans. Bloomsbury

Q, 13 Who has won the telecast rights for the FIFA world cup and other events for the next 5 yrs for the Indian sub-continent ?

Ans. Sony Six 

Q 15. With which foreign IT services major has HCL Tech announced a strategic alliance, sparking rumours of a merger ?

Ans. CSC

Q. 16  In what business are the start-ups Notion Press, Cinnamon Teal , Pothi , Zorba ?

Ans. Self-publishing services providers

Q 17 Identify this logo

ImageAns. Zumba












Q 18. Teacher’s whiskey and other brands of Beam have been acquired by whom recently ?

Ans. Suntory of Japan

Q 19. Which tech major has acquired Nest , the makers of the smart thermostat and other home automation products ?

Ans. Google

Q 20. Identify this Identify this Indian American and her achievement.


Ans. Kavya Manyapu, the only lady flight test engineer in the Boeing team building a space exploration flight for NASA


Q 21. The two logos are frighteningly similar. One is Westland Publishing’s logo. Which is the other one ?


Ans. Walgreen’s

Q 22. In this recent TVC what is Aishwarya promoting?


Ans. Stemcell banking for LifeCell

Q 23. This is a diagram of a patent awarded to Amazon recently. What is the patent for ?


Ans. Anticipatory shipping

Q24. Why is this company in the news ?


Ans. Yara is a fertilizer co which is involved in a corruption scandal with Kribhco for a JV in India.


– Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 216

Q 1. In marketing, what is Osborne effect ? What is the origin of this term ?

Ans. Announcement of a later model under development leading to a fall in the sales of the current model. Osborne computers had prematurely announced a later model which took a long time coming. This led to the drop in sales of the earlier model also.

Q2. Where in Los Angeles was the first ever Golden globes awards ceremony held in 1944 ?

Ans, 20th Century Fox studios

Q3.CEAT India Ltd was set up in 1958 as a JV between CEAT of Italy and an Indian group. It was later sold to RPG group. Name the Indian group.
Ans. Tata Group 

Q4. Which two Tata companies invested in a JV with Bridgestone to create Bridgestone India ltd ? .Now divested totally 

Ans, ACC and TELCO ( now Tata Motors)

Q5. Maruti Suzuki will launch a hatchback Celerio soon. Which 2 hatchback models have they withdrawn from Indian market ?

Ans. estilo and A-Star

Q6. On Sankranthi people celebrate by flying kites. Which recent TVC features Amitabh Bachchan flying kites ?

Ans. ICICI Bank Tab banking

Q7. Which two car cos came together to design the Dodge Dart, their first car designed together ?

Ans. Chrysler and Fiat

Q8. The Aam Aadmi bug seems to have bitten Hollywood too, where “a nobody will save everybody” in The Lego Movie. Where will the movie have its premiere show ?

Ans. Legoland , California in Februrary, 2014

Q9. In terms of the latest headcount available which of the following tech majors, has the largest no of employees ?
a) Apple 
b) Google 
c) Amazon 
d) Microsoft

Ans. c. Amazon 

Q 10. In the first 9 months of 2013 -14, in car sales in Indian market , market leaders are Maruti and Hyundai. Which co occupies the third spot in terms of market share ?
A. Tata motors
B. Honda 
C. Toyota 
D. Volkswagen

Q 11. A new smartphone was displayed in CES 2014 that has UV radiation installed. What problem is being solved with UV ?

Ans. Killing bacteria. 

Q.12 What is the name of the PC launched by Intel which is the size of an SD card ?

Ans. Edison 

Q.13  Expand IFTTT the name of a popular app

Ans. If This Then That 

Q. 14 After growing continuously for how many years in a row did the Indian car sales declined for the first time in 2013 ?

Ans. 11 years

Q.15  Google recently released the first interactive print ad for Moto X in a magazine. Which magazine is carrying this ad in its january edition

Ans. Wired magazine 

Q.16 In the year 2013, w.r.t 2012 PC shipments worldwide

a) grew by 5 %

b) grew by 10 %

c) declined by 5 %

d) declined by 10 %

Ans, D) Declined by 10 %

Q.17 Nachiket Mor committee on financial inclusion says PPIs can be converted into payment banks. There are 27 PPIs in India. Expand PPIs.

Ans. Prepaid payment issuers

Q.18 Which private business group is the first corporate to use the Aadhar payments bridge to pay salaries to its employees ? 

Ans. Trident Group

Q 19. Binaca Geet Mala ,a popular radio programme of Hindi film songs hosted by Ameen Sayani was for a long time sponsored by Hindustan Ciba Geigy Limited. It moved from Radio Ceylon to Vividh Bharati later. When this programme was taken off air, brand had been sold. Who was the final sponsor of this legendary radio show and what was its final name ?

Ans. Colgate Cibaca Geet Mala, Colgate Palmolive India Ltd

Q 20. What is the name of the first gun for women developed by Ordnance Factory, Kanpur ? It is a 0.32 bore light weight revolver, weighing 500gm.

ans, Nirbheek

Q 20. What is the business of the firm Burson Marsteller and why it is in news currently in India ?

Ans. Public Relations, Cong has hired the firm to improve image of Rahul Gandhi

Q 21. Identify the brand being advertised.


Ans. J & B Whiskey

Q 22.Identify the brand being advertised. The 2 questions today are via @Brilliant Ads


Ans. Luxor highlighter pen 

Q 23. Identify the brand being advertised.


Ans. Oral- B toothpaste

Q 24 Identify this CEO.


Ans. Vinod Dasari of Ashok Leyland 

Q 25. What is unusual about the corporate logo of Shemaroo , the producer of movies ?


Ans. The full name of the company is Shemaroo Entertainment Limited…It’s tagline is Enterntainment Infinite..Just the opposite of Limited.


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



Weekly Business Quiz # 215

Q.1 Where was Jeff Bezos holidaying when he had to be airlifted for a medical emergency ?

Ans. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Q.2 Because of the earlier failures, what was the name given by ISRO chief to GSLV which was successfully launched yesterday ?

Ans. Naughty Boy

Q.3 In order to help the Bangalore citizens today for auto strike, what is the discount being offered by UBer taxi service ?

Ans. 75 % which makes it lower than auto fares

Q,4 Who has taken over as the President of the software industry association NASSCOM ?

Ans. R.Chandrasekhar

Q.5 What will be the broadband speeds in the 4G services soon to be launched by Reliance Jio ?

Ans. 49-51 Mbps

Q.6 Which Indian business community possessed assets worth Rs 1 lakh cr incl 3 lk acres land in Myanmar but were evicted by the locals in’ 40s ?

Ans. Nattukottai Chettiars

Q.7 Where has TCS decided to set up the world’s largest corporate learning centre ?

Ans. Thiruvananthapuram

Q.8 Why are the Nigerian scams often called 419 scams ?

Ans. The relevant section in Nigerian criminal code for fraud is 419..hence they are called 419 scams

Q.9  Which affiliate of Amazon has decided to get rid of all roles and titles which it calls Holacracy ?

Ans. Zappos

Q.10  Which country has joined the European Union and adopted Euro as its currency from 1st January 2014 ?

Ans. Latvia

Q. 11 Which FMCG brand owns the web site www happygooddaytoyou dot com ?

Ans. Britannia Good Day

Q. 12  Name this banking chief who has quit her job as RBS in India to join Aam Aadmi Party .


Ans. Meera Sanyal

Q. 13 What will be unique about the Rs 500 notes to be launched soon by RBI bearing Raghuram Rajan’s signature ?

Ans. Rupee symbol

Q. 14  One of the popular biscuits from Hyderabad is the Osmania biscuits. This sweet and salt biscuit is sold in most Irani tea shops of Hyderabad. How did it get its name ?

Ans.  Its creation is credited to dietitians of the Osmania General Hospital who came up with this high energy solution to supplement the diet of patients. The unique taste of the Osmania appealed to the Hyderabadi palate and within no time attendants and visitors were caught gobbling it down with relish much to the chagrin of the patients and doctors. Little wonder that soon biscuits pilfered from the hospital pantry were being sold at cafes in the vicinity of Osmania General and with increasing popularity city bakers geared up to meet the demand. Ever since, successfully dunking an Osmania Biscuit in a cup of Irani chai has been the ultimate test of provenance for all who claim to be Hyderabadis.

Q.15  Identify the brand with the tagline “Handcrafted in Chennai”.

Ans. Royal Enfield

Q.16  Released in 1941, most pen enthusiasts consider this the greatest pen ever made. Name the brand and the model.

Ans. Parker 51

Q. 17 Why did President Nixon reduce the speed limit from 70mph to 55mph in US highways 40 years ago ?

Ans. Oil shock of 1973

Q.18  This is the vintage ad for Le Sancy soap, which is now defunct. Its USP was that it lasted long. Which company had launched this brand in the ’90s in India ? the ad is courtesy Bhatnaturally

Ans. Hindustan Unilever, then known as Hindustan Lever Ltd or HLL

Q. 19  Why is this advertisement released 100 years ago significant ?






Ans. First commercial airline flight.

Q. 20.  What is the name of this US retail chain in UK and why it had to change it ?


Ans. T.K.Maxx

Q 21. Britannia Nutrichoice is running a campaign where they are conveying that the biscuit is the right balance between Tasty and Healthy. A similar campaign was very popular in the ’80s. Whose storyline was like this : 

Girl): I am too old for dolls, too young for the Disco 
(Guy ) :But I think you’re just right for ________.

Name the brand.

Ans. Amul Chocolates

Q 22 . Identify this TV presenter , music entrepreneur who markets non film music events through her firm Art and Artists.


Ans. Durga Jasraj

Q 23 With whom has Pepsi tied up to launch a youth TV channel in India ?

Ans. MTV

Q 24 What is Google’s answer to the comic sharing service Bitstrips ?

Ans.  Googlestrips is the right answer

Q25. Which retail chain in US is credited with introducing and popularising the Big Brown Bag in 1973 ?

Ans. Bloomingdale’s

Q 26. Which brand advertised it in a sidewalk in New York ?


Ans. Mr Clean

Q27. Which online store is giving an AAM AADMI discount on Jhadus ?


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan