Month: June 2011

Weekly Business Quiz # 85

Q1. What does the Audi tag line Vorsprung durch Technik mean ?

Ans. Progress through Technology

 Q2. In june 91 when industrial delicensing was announced who was the union minister of industries ?

Ans. PV Narasimha Rao the PM had this portfolio

Q3. Why is the exclusive range of furniture by the chairman of Sobha developers called PNC ?

Ans.  PNC Menon’s initials

Q4. Name the indian who has been nominated as the COO of UNILEVER

Ans. Harish Munwani

Q5. Which co do the Indian American couple Reddy and Padma Allen in the news for NY city payroll scam belong to ?

Ans. Technodyne

Q6. Who gave the famous phrase ‘the consumer is not a moron she is your wife’ ?

Ans. David O’gilvy

Q7. In what business is the Finnish co LINDSTROM in ? It has set up shop in Hyd recently.

Ans.  Textile services like uniforms

Q8. Name the distinguished indian economist well known for his work on defining poverty who died recently.

Ans. Dr Suresh Tendulkar

Q9. What is the official name of the IIT coaching centre SUPER 30 in Patna ?

Ans.  Sri Ramanujan school of mathematics

Q10. Which international airline has the largest fleet of aircrafts ?

Ans. Lufthansa with 710 planes

Q11. Why did Ray Tomlinson the man who sent the first electronic message using ARPANET use @ symbol ?

Ans. To separate name and computer

Q12. How did the phrase DRINKING KOOL AID originate and what does it mean ?

Ans. It means that blindly following what the leader says even if it is mass suicide. It originated with the genocide in Jonestown when cyanide was mixed with Kool Aid, a brand of drink belonging to Kraft foods.

– Compiled by G Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 84

Q1. Which two companies will replace RCOM and RINFRA in the BSE SENSEX ?

Ans. Coal India and Sun Pharma

Q2. What it the WHO standard for number of beds per 1000 population ? Where does india stand ?

Ans.  4 per thousand, India 0.8

Q3. How do we know universal product code better ?

Ans.  Barcode

 Q4. Which newspaper has the largest circulation among all Marathi language dailies ?

Ans.  Lokmat

Q5. Who is the largest issuer of credit cards in india ?

Ans. HDFC Bank

Q6.Who has taken over as the cabinet secretary of india ?

Ans.  Ajit seth

Q7. With which brand has SACHIN had the longest association of over 20 years ?

Ans. Boost

Q8. Which company owns the apparel brands Wrangler, Nautica, North face and now Timberland ?

Ans.  VF Apparels

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 83

Q1. As per RBI a bank needs to have 9 rs of equity for every 100 Rs of loan. What is this norm called ?

Ans.  Capital adequacy ratio

Q2. Which unit of Maruti is having union trouble for the last few days ?

Ans. Manesar

Q3. Which 60 year old bank with HQ in Kolhapur is India’s smallest bank ?

Ans. Ratnakar Bank

Q4. In an auction Raju Vesgna acquired the ICC World Cup winning ball for Rs 64 lakhs. Which company he heads ?

Ans. Sify

Q5. Which food brand is named after Grand Duchess Maria Alexandprovna wife of the Duke of Edinburgh ?

Ans. Marie biscuits

Q6. Which tea brand comes from the names of sons of Merill J Fernando ?

Ans.  Dilmah based on Dilhara and Malik

Q7. Julius a Swiss Miller who founded a company in the 1880s making food items because milling was not doing well. His surname is a big brand today. What was his surname?

Ans. Maggi

– Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 82


Q1.What are death derivatives ?

Ans.  Financial derivatives which bet on the longevity risk imp for pension funds etc

Q2. The revival of which state owned cable co will pose a serious threat to SCV a unit of SUNTV ?


Q3. Which two countries share the world’s longest undefended border ?

Ans.  USA and Canada

Q4. Hero is launching india’s first dirt bike. What is a dirt bike ?

Ans. An off road bike designed for rough terrain

What color was the planes of Virgin Blue painted ?

Ans. Red. Virgin Blue has been renamed as Virgin Australia

Q6. In which Indian private sector bank does the Liibyan dictator Gaddafi have a 0.1% stake ?

Ans ICICI Bank

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter go_mohan an interesting online alternative

Three weeks ago I was in Mumbai on work. On my way from the airport to Marine Lines, I saw several hoardings of Then I saw the laptops of newsreaders in CNN-IBN sporting the Firstpost logo. Being a news junkie, the curiosity got the better of me, and I wanted to see what this new site has to offer. I checked the credentials and was not disappointed, though not particularly enamoured either. It comes from the Web-18 family and has the former DNA editor R.Jagannathan as its editor.      

In the last two weeks that I have been getting the RSS feeds from this site. I am quite impressed by what I see here. It is a news-cum-views hybrid. The authors give their views on news and day’s events as they unfold.  So one not only gets the update on the news but also what are its implications. It has a broad range from politics, business, cinema, world news and even general interest articles. Also on the same theme, there are several views. The site has some fresh set of authors like Lakshmi Chaudhry and Sandip Roy who are not afraid of expressing their opinion on even politically incorrect themes. This generates a debate and some readers are emerging  as regular commenters. Now the site has even taken them on-board and published them as their first community bloggers. In fact, the site has a blog-like feel about it.

With most of the Indian portals like Rediff, Yahoo and Indiatimes sourcing most of their news from newspapers, there is always a delay in the views appearing in the site. Also, there is a degree of sameness in the views with the newspapers. The online edition of the TV channels and the newspapers also suffer from similar problems. The advertising clutter and breaking a small article into many pages makes online reading a very unpleasant experience. (Firstpost still does not have any advertising). Then there was this credibility problem of many media houses, forcing many discerning readers to look at blogs for alternative views. Hence, there was space for a stand-alone online news and views service.

Firstpost has made a promising beginning in this direction. Hopefully, commercial considerations, political pressures and other real world issues like inability to retain good writers, does not dilute the good product.

– G.Mohan