Month: March 2015

Weekly Business Quiz # 278

Q 1.  Kavalan Solist Vinho Barriqque has been voted the best whisky in the world. It belongs to which country ?

Ans. Taiwan

Q 2. Which Organisation or person has won the Gandhi prize for the year 2014 ?


Q 3. March 27, 1884 – The first successful long-distance telephone conversation took place. Between whom and which two cities this took place ?

Ans. Between Alexander Bell and Watson between Boston and Ne Yor.

Q 4. In what business is SH Kelkar and co a market leader ? It is coming out with a 100 Mn $ IPO soon .

Ans. Fragrances and aromatic chemicals

Q 5. Identify the logo.


Ans. Periscope, a video streaming service started by Twitter

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 277

Q 1. Name the Brazilian investor behind 3 G Capital the company behind the Heinz Kraft merger. He is a friend of Warren Buffet.

Ans. Jorge Paul Lemann

Q 2. Who owns Germanwings the airline which had a crash unfortunately ?

Ans. Lufthansa

Q 3. Which Indian airline has introduced JRD Tata livery in its planes recently ?

Ans. Air Asia India

Q4. In what business is Prolacta Bioscience a California based startup in ?

Ans. Human milk

Q5. “I wrote the code to launch the window and run an ad in it. I’m sorry. Our intentions were good.” Who said it ?

Ans. Ethan Zuckerman

Q6. From April 1 2015 what would be the price of a Railway platform ticket. ?

Ans. Rs 10

Q7. Identify this businesswoman who heads a group of companies named after her


Ans. Rajshree Pathy

Q8. With whom have Benelli tied up in India to launch its super bikes with prices starting from Rs 2.83 lakh only ?


Ans. DSK Motowheels

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan