Month: July 2012

Weekly Business Quiz # 142

Q 1. Which PSU is the principal sponsor to the Indian contingent to the London Olympics ?


Q 2. Which Google product was called “a stolen product” by Steve Jobs ?

Ans. Android

Q 3. Since 1975 , only one new European co has entered Global 500, whereas 29 have entered from California alone. Name the co

Ans.  Inditex of Spain

Q4. Name the prosthetics co that has been sponsoring Paralympics for the last 24 years.

Ans. Otto Bock

Q5. Which airline ordered by US court to hire men also bcoz their business was not to forthrightly titillate and entice male customers ?

Ans.  Southwest Airlines

Q6. How many gms of gold does gold medal weighing 410 g contain ?

Ans. 6gms

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz #141

Q1. Which iconic company’s name can be translated roughly as  “play well” in Danish ?

Ans. Lego

Q2. A Dutch shipmaster in 16th cent discovered that it is better to transport ‘burnt wine” where water can be added later. What drink ?

Ans. Brandy

Q3. What did Alastair and Jean Calluthers discover accidentally in 1987 while experimenting with medicines for eye muscle disorders ?

Ans.  Botox

Q4. What accidental discovery did Thomas Adams make in 1870 while experimenting with chicle as a substitute for rubber ?

Ans. Chewing Gum – chiclet

Q5. As Pranab Mukherjee becomes the 13th President of India, he will discard his white Ambassador for a new car. What will be his official car ?

Ans. Mercedes Benz Black Pullman Limo

Q6. “________ is now the national airline of India. That’s what people say,” sighs the retired Air India man. Fill in the blank

Ans. Emirates

Q7. The sponsors are paying to provide publicity for Olympics. How ? Sponsors cannot put logo on players/stadia.

Ans. They advertise Olympics in their products that they are official sponsors.

Q8. Which co will be handling the entire IT systems of the London Olympics ?

Ans. Atos

Q9. The global sponsors of Olympics are called TOPs. What does TOP stand for ?

Ans.  Top Olympic Partners

Q 10. Who has taken over as the new CEO of Yahoo ?

Ans. Marissa Meyer

Q 11. What coding gaffe has led Microsoft to apologise ?

Ans. a particular patch of code was called ‘Big Boobs”. This remained in the release also.

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 140

Q 1 If you type  to which site you will be taken now ?

Ans. because Microsoft has sold its stake

Q 2 Which Indian co has acquired controlling stakes in Shanti Gears ?

Ans.  Tube Investments of India Ltd

Q3. Who are the people behind the regional airline Air Mantra ?

Ans. The Singhs of Religare

Q4. How did Oxfam raise over 100,000 pounds when Roger Federer won the Wimbledon title ?

Ans.  A lottery ticket on Fedex  winning 7th Wimbldon title that was bequeathed to Oxfam

Q5. Which social media platform for sharing content started in 2004 by Kevin Rose raised 45 mn $ got sold for a mere 500000 $ ?

Ans. Digg

Q6. What is being packed and sold in tetrapaks by a veterinary college in Wayand district of Kerala hat Rs 5 per litre ?

Ans.  Cow urine as pesticide

Q7. Which bank in US was called Bank of Italy before 1930 ?

Ans. Bank of America

Q8. What is the average discount given by the aircraft cos like Boeing & Airbus to airlines ?

Ans. 40-60%

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 139

Q1. Which town in Tamil Nadu is the hub for the borewell drilling industry supplying rigs all over India ?

Ans. Tiruchengode

Q2. Which travel agency has been stopped by supreme court to operate the Maharaja Express ?

Ans. Cox & Kings

Q3. Which malware is expected to create havoc tomorrow by changing DNS of the computers tomorrow ?

Ans.DNS Changer

Q4. Name the great indian businessman who will give a talk on knowledge of life Aspects tomorrow for his investors and workers.

Ans. Subroto Roy

Q5. LIBOR is polled between different London banks and published by BBA. Who or what is BBA ?

Ans.British Bankers association

Q6. On july 5 1946 what costume was designed by french automotive engineer Loius Reard and why did he call it so.

Ans.  Bikini, after Bikini Atoll where on July 1 a bomb explosion took place

Q7. In the context of HR what is ROTI ?

Ans. Return on Training Investment

Q8. CEOs take their golf more seriously than their business. Here is a golf question. How many dimples are there in a golf ball ?

Ans. 250 – 450 balls

Q9. Which was the worlds busiest airport in 2011 ?

Ans. Atlanta, USA

Q10. The town Waterloo 100km southwest of Toronto was recognised as the most intelligent community in.2007. Today it is on edge. Why ?

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle

Ans. RIM, the maker of Blackberry is in trouble

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 138

Why have the bigwigs of Barclays bank like Bob Diamond and others decided to forgo their 2012 bonuses ?

Ans. LIBOR scam

What unique situation forced RBS to open its bank’s branches to operate on a Sunday for the first time ?

Ans. Software crash

What is the popular or code name for Android 4.1 ?

Ans. Jelly Bean

Which car brand has launched a monster of an SUV called ‘Duster’ ?

Ans. Renault

The small pack revolution now comes to liquor. What small size bottles are being used by Bacardi, Teachers etc to boost sales ?

Ans. 60ML, 90 ml

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan