Month: March 2014

Weekly Business Quiz # 226

Q 1. The Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was a Red-Eye flight. What is a Red- Eye flight ?

Ans. The flight which departs late in the night and reaches early morning. This causes sleep deprivation hence red-eye.

Q 2. South Korean Tourism was promoted as ‘ The Land of the Morning Calm”. What is its new tagline ?

Ans. Dynamic Korea

Q3. Who is making a film on “Manjunath” the IIM graduate who got killed for speaking against corruption ? The film releases April 25

Ans. Sandeep Vohra

Q 4. Why has Mukesh Ambani’s luxury jet been grounded by DGCA in Delhi airport ?

Ans. Innumerable safety lapses and pilot not carrying licence.

Q5. What does AQUATM launched in Mankhurd , Mumbai vend ?

Ans. Water at Rs 1 per litre

Q6. Connect Littlewoods, Woolworths and now TESCO to an Indian group

Ans. Tata’s retail partners

Q7. Who will be managing the CPSE ETF created by Govt of India for disinvestment of select PSU stocks ?

Ans. Goldman Sachs

Q8. What is the name of the model launched by Nissan to compte with Alto and Eon in India ?

Ans. Datsun Go

Q9. Which Indian airline has been.issued a.notice by DGCA for its in flight Holi celebrations ?

Ans. SpiceJet 

Q 10.  “I start with architecture, and Mark starts with products, and Steve Jobs started with aesthetics.” Who is I here ?

Ans. Bill Gates

Q 11. What will be the OS from Google that will power the smart watch Moto 360 and LG G ?

Ans. Android Wear

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter Handle @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 225

Q 1. Which cricketer has been roped in by Ramaraj shirts to promote their white shirts in the North Indian market ?

Ans. R Ashwin 

Q 2. Under which brand name does Pidilite industries market Gulaal during Holi ?

Ans. Rangeela

Q 3. Who is the sponsor for the NDTV Prime TV channel ?

Ans. Micromax

Q 4. Telecom regulators in Holland are allowing Network-agnostic SIM cards. What does it mean ?

Ans. A SIM card that could be programmed on the fly to register to any network

Q 5. Which brand owns the site zindagi mili dobara dot com ?

Ans. Head and Shoulders

Q 6. Mercedes has reduced the price of its S Class in India by a whopping 21 lakhs. What is its new price ?

Ans. Rs 1.36 crore

Q7. How did the toy brand Lego get its name ?

Ans. From the Danish phrase Leg Godt, meaning Play Well.

Q8. The first commercial cellphone Motorola Dynatac went for sale on March 13, 1984. What was its price then ?

Ans. 4000 $

Q9. Identify the logo.


Ans. Reebok’s new “delta’ logo

Q 10. Identify this scientist.


Ans. Tim Berner Lee, the man who created www

Q 11. This is a traditional design now taken by Paul Smith and priced at 300 £. What is the traditional design called ?


Ans. Peshawari chappal

– Compiled by G.Mohan T Twitter handle @go_mohan