Month: March 2010

Weekly Business Quiz #20

Q1. Connect Cement brands and IPL teams….CSK -India cements , RR- Ultratech, KXP-______?

Ans. ACC

Q2. In New York, a bill is being moved which prohibits the use of an important ingredient for health reasons in any preparation by a restaurant. What ingredient ?

Ans. Salt. Restaurants are allowed to keep it on the table.

Q3. Name this NGO which channelizes unutilized material in urban households to poor rural households. Starting with 67 clothes a few years ago, it does 50Tonnes every month with 300 volunteers.


Q4. Name the only Indian player who is present in mobile phone handsets as well as mobile services.

Ans. Videocon. It launched its services in Chennai recently.

Q5. Under which brand has COCA COLA co launched its Nimbupani in India this summer ?

Ans. Minutemaid

Q 6. Bhut Jolokia has entered Guinness Records for having over 1 mn Scoville units of a property. What ?

Ans. It is the world’s spiciest chilli. Scoville is the unit for spiciness

Q7. Name this brand which is supposed to ‘magnify the indomitable spirit of the new Indian woman ?

Ans. ‘ i-pill the emergency contra pill. Piramal bought it from Cipla recently.

Q8. Why are US small cities vying for GOOGLE’S attention ?

Ans. Google has promised to build a ultra high speed network at no charge in one or more US cities

Q9. Name the character of the eccentric chocolate maker from the Roald Dahl children classic ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ .

Ans. Willie Wonka. A popular flavour at Creamstone in Hyderabad.

– G.Mohan

New IPL franchises tell where are India’s growing markets

The Indian Premier League (IPL) recently awarded franchises for two new centres, Pune and Kochi from 2011 onwards. The Pune franchise has gone to the Subrata Roy led Sahara Group. The Kochi franchise has gone to a little known group which goes by the name Rendezvous Sports. The amounts paid by the 2 team owners are staggering and is 25% higher than the amounts paid by the 8 teams paid in the first auction.

It is interesting to see the cities chosen for the second round of auctions, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur and Kochi. Bidding the same amounts for Ahmedabad, Nagpur  and Pune, the Sahara team chose Pune.

Pune is the second city in Maharashtra to have an IPL franchise. It is very close to Mumbai, which already has an IPL team. Mumbai being a commercially important city, it can as well have a second franchise. Already Mumbai is hosting IPL matches in two stadia, Brabourne and D.Y.Patil. Pune is like the second franchise for Mumbai, much like Manchester City and Manchester United in EPL. Subrata Roy has mentioned that the Aamby Valley being close to Pune has made them chose Pune over the other cities.

IPL may appear to be cricket. But it is much more than that. It is the convergence of Advertising, Bollywood and Corporate Power (ABC) . (In a highly critical piece on the Indian TV and media, P.Sainath wrote an editorial in The Hindu carrying the same title ‘Advertising, Bollywood, Corporate Power’ ). The cities which have the biggest markets are likely to attract most advertising. Bollywood glamour is essential to attract the non-cricketing enthusiasts like women and children to watching IPL matches, forgoing their soaps and cartoons. Corporate Power is essential to bring in the big money. Corporate groups are attracted to IPL possibly because the access it gives to fame, glamour and even access to politicians. Cricket is just incidental.

Kochi and therefore Kerala getting an IPL franchise is quite a surprise. Kerala is never known for its cricketing skills. Sreesanth is perhaps the only test level player Kerala has given to the Indian team. Kochi is the fourth team from the South to have an IPL franchisee.

It is not surprising that big states like UP and Bihar have no IPL franchise. UP is a Ranji finalist and has several players who make it to the T20 India team like Suresh Raina, Praveen Kumar, RP Singh to name a few. Sahara group head quarters is also at Lucknow and Subrata Roy is a virtual maharaja in the Sahara City. Yet, there is no IPL franchise, because it is low on ABC score.

The entire East India has just one team from Kolkata. The eight states of North East is totally unrepresented through any IPL franchise.

Many years ago, Jairam Ramesh had said, when he was not a minister, that if one takes the map of India and keeping Varanasi in UP as a reference point draw a line  one will find a huge contrast between  the entire region to the West of Varanasi to that of its East. The East lags behind and the gap is getting bigger every year.

The economic progress and the market growth made by Western and Southern India is reflected even in the choice of IPL centres.

Weekly Business Quiz #19

Q1.Why are the private label tooth paste launched by Future group called SACH ?

Ans. It is co-created with SACHIN TENDULKAR

Q2. How did the drink PEPSI get its name ?

Ans. It originally contained PEPSIN, which aids digestion.

Q3. Name this innovative cricketing gear designed by Marcus Codrington Fernandez, a former creative director of O & M. Introduced in the IPL by Matthew Hayden.

Ans. Mongoose bat

Q4. Amazing Australia, Truly Asia Malaysia, Incredible India. Which country has the tagline ‘Where it all begins’?

Ans. Egypt

Q5. Which is believed to be the oldest mall in India ?

Ans. Spencer Plaza in Chennai which opened in 1863

Q6. Name the life insurance venture floated by Bank of Baroda, Andhra bank.and Legal & General.


Q7. Connect Keo Karpin, Dr B C Roy ( former West bengal CM), Pfizer and Ranbaxy with a co.

Ans. DEY’S Medical. Brand, owner, principal and agent in 1950s respectively

Q8. What innovation did William R Warner do in 1856 ?

Ans. Warner & co after many mergers is now part of Pfizer. Sugar coating process for tablets

Q9. In US in Feb’10, traffic in which site exceeded that on GOOGLE for the first time ?

Ans. Facebook

Q10. ‘A larger revolution than even in the telecom sector awaits us.’ says Kapil Sibal. What revolution is he talking about ?

Ans. Foreign universities in India

Q11. Analjit Slngh’s group is called the MAX group. Why ?

Ans. First letter of his parents’ names Mohan, Avtar and X for others.

Q12. In global pharma industry what are blockbuster and mega blockbuster drugs?

Ans. Drugs that have annual sales of over 1 bn $ and 10 bn $ respectively

Q13. On the 25th anniversary of BSP a garland estimated to be worth 2 to 5 Crore Rs. was put on Mayawati. What was it made of ?

Ans. 1000 rupee notes

– G.Mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 18

Q1. Connect Calvin Klein. Tommy Hilfiger, Arrow, Van Heusen.

Ans. All are brands owned by Phillips Van Heusen,US

Q2. On Youtube why is the video ‘Hitler goes for certifications’ a hit among Infosys staff?

Ans. It mocks INFY HR for promotion policy insisting certifications

Q3. Why do some 5 star hotels sell or gift pillows,towels mugs etc found in hotel rooms ?

Ans. To stop guests from taking them without asking.

Q4. What According to Giorgio Armani, the Italian designer, is the democracy of fashion ?

Ans. Jeans

Q5. With which IT major would you associate Zune music players and phones ?

Ans. Microsoft

Q6. Sales revenue per sq feet is a metric used to measure productivity in which industry?

Ans. Retail

Q7. A book on IPL titled GAMECHANGERS has been published by HARPER COLLINS.Name the author.

Ans. Fakeiplplayer. The controversial blogger of IPL-2

Q8. In IPO jargon what is ASBA?

Ans. Application supported by bid amount. money is transferred to issuer only to the extent of and after allotment

Q9.How can movie goers make money on the Cantors futures exchange ?

Ans. By placing bets on the box office perf of soon to be released movies

Q10. What service is provided by ?

Ans. A network of students of 300 engineering colleges across India. Industry can post problems here

Q11.South Korean President Lee Myung Bak headed a chaebol before he became President. Which one ?

Ans. Hyundai

Q 12. Pick the odd one out…..FIESTA, FOCUS. FORTUNER, FIGO, FUSION.

Ans. FORTUNER is from TOYOTA. Rest are FORD models

Q 13. Bill gates said ‘ If only I had only one wish for the next 50 years. It would be to invent the thing that halves the cost of ___ ?

Ans. CO2 (Carbon dioxide)

Weekly Business Quiz #17

Q1. Chhavi Rajawat is a LSR grad and an MBA from Pune.What unusual career choice has she made ?

Ans. She is the sarpanch of her village Soda in Raj.

Q2. ‘Why should boys have all the fun’ is the tag line for which two wheeler brand?

Ans. Hero Honda Pleasure.

Q3.Name this dessert whose recipe was taken by Marco Polo from China to Italy in 1295.

Ans. Ice-cream.

Q4. In executive compensation jargon what is a ‘clawback’ ?

Ans. A bonus that can be taken back later bcoz of poor performance

Q5. In the well-known charity CRY what does CRY stand for ? Hint : it has changed from the original.

Ans. Child RIGHTS and you

Q6. Name this hotel chain. 4th largest in the world by rooms owned by PE firm Blackstone.

Ans.  Hilton

 Q7. Which scion of the Birla family ran cos. like Hind Motors, Orient Paper, Hyd industries ? He passed away recently.

Ans.  G P Birla

Q8. Priya Paul is the Chairperson of which group of hotels ?

Ans. Park Hotels of the Apeejay Surrendra Group

Q9. At Nokia, the top management have sessions with select juniors learning on spl. topics. What do they call such a process ?

Ans.  Reverse mentoring

Q 10. After creating a TVC around a moustache for FEVICOL, he has created another moustache ad for Rajasthan Royals. Name this adman, who loves his mooch.

Ans.  Piyush Pandey  of O&M

Q 11. Which brand has admitted that its ‘naturals’ variant of detergent contains no ‘natural’ ingredients.?

Ans. Tide from P & G

Q 12. How has recession affected the Spiderman ?

Ans. His alter ego Peter Parker has been fired. He is unemployed now and lives on dole.

Q 13. As per the latest football money league which is the richest club in the world? (Clue,not MAN-U)

Ans. Real Madrid

Weekly Business Quiz # 16

Q1. Name the drug discovered by Felix Hoffman in 1899 when he found that a compound salicin found in willow plants is a pain reliever.


Q2. Who said ‘The three greatest leaders of the 20th century were Hitler. Stalin and Mao.’?

Ans. Peter Drucker on perils of having strong leaders

Q3.Connect Windows Phone 7, Nokia MeeGo, Samsung Bada, Google Android…

Ans.All are Operating systems for mobile phones

Q4. In tech lingo what is the ‘slashdot effect’ ?

Ans. Crashing of sites due to heavy user load after they get mentioned in

Q5.Which model turned movie-star models for FANTA, GARNIER, VIRGIN MOBILE etc. ?

Ans. Genelia D’Souza

Q 6.Adani group is in the news for customs evasion. Name the private port owned and operated by this group.

Ans.Mundra in Gujarat

Q7. Benchmark MF has launched india.’s first ETF linked to an overseas index. Which one ?

Ans. HANG SENG intl. Index of Hongkong

Q8. Name the compact bilingual – hindi and Eng -daily for the youth which is making waves in the Hindi belt.

Ans.  iNext

Q 9. Recently which popular service on radio has moved from 1539 khz to 828 khz?

Ans. Vividh Bharati. (Thanks Dhrubo).

Q 10. Name the brand of snacks which is awarding not only prize money but a share of sales for suggesting new flavours.

Ans. Lays

Q 11. LG has launched new model of cell phones for women which come in white, pink, pista green colors.Name it.

Ans.  LG icecream phones

Q 12. How has Mamata extended her slogan ‘maa,maati, manush’ to create 3 trains in rly. ?


Q 13. Church of England has sold its entire stake in Vedanta for non-fin reasons. What investment phil they follow?

Ans. Socially responsible investing

Q 14. Why has SRK decided to put KKR’S contract with LUX COZI on hold ?

Ans. Bcoz Kolkatans are protesting that Todi of LUX is behind Rizwanur murder