Month: August 2013

Weekly Business Quiz # 196

Q 1. Which major international generics pharma manufacturer is making a large FDI to make India its largest sourcing base ?

Ans. Mylan

Q 2. Which car manufacturer has promised that they will launch self driving cars by 2020 ?

Ans. Nissan

Q 3. Besides being the best batsman ever, what was the profession of Sir Don Bradman ?

Ans. Stockbroker

Q 4. Who are the top 3 suppliers ( countries) of crude oil to India ?

Ans. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezeula

Q 5. Under what rule is the PSU Shipping Corporation if India set to lose its Navaratna status ?

Ans. Losses in 3 consecutive financial years

Q 6. What is the Project through which Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring access to Internet the next 5 Billion ?


Q7. Who said ” A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” ?

Ans. Henry ford

Q 8. “An American in Gandhi’s India” is a book about an American who brought Apples to Himachal Pradesh. Name him.

Ans. Samuel ‘ Satyananda ” Stokes

Q 9. Who is known as the Father of Fracking, the technology that helps production of shale gas ? 

Ans. George P.Mitchell

Q 10. Who will be the new Director of IIM Ahmedabad from September 2 ?

Ans. Ashish Nanda

Q 11. What brand of premium chocolates has been launched by Nestlé to counter Toblerone and Ferrero Rocher ?

Ans. Alpino

Q 12. RIL has launched Vimal suitings with the tagline “be unformal’. What is unformal ? They say it isnt informal

Ans. Unusual Formal

Q 13. Nishi Vasudeva will be the first woman CMD of a Navratna PSU. Which PSU will she head ?


Q 14. What is the name given Google , where Google + members can connect to experts ?

Ans. Google + HelpOut

Q 15. Which drink introduced recently by Heineken was invented in Germany for sportsmen seeking something between a beer and a soft drink ?

Ans. Radler

Q 16. In which tech company, the CEO says the company culture is ‘work-life balance is for those who don’t like their work’ ?

Ans. Amazon 


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



Weekly Business Quiz # 195

Q 1. In a move to reduce outgo of forex and earn customs duty, what is the duty imposed by Govt of India in import of TVs from August 26 ?

Ans. 35 %

Q 2. Expand VCES, the service tax amnesty scheme launched by GoI .

Ans. Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme

Q 3.Which co has patented a ‘pay-per-gaze’ technology that will help advertisers track emotional response to real world and online ads ?

Ans. Google

Q4. Which is India’s and perhaps world’s largest permission marketing firm which uses ‘missed call’ to get potential customers ?

Ans. ZipDial

Q5. What was the tag line of the Vijay’s Tamil film Thalaiva, which led to a standoff with the TN CM and hence not allowed to release in TN ?

Ans. Time to Lead

Q6. Which policy, now discontinued by Google, led to the creation of products like GMail, Google Reader, Google News etc ?

Ans. 20% time on personal projects for employees

Q 7. Airtel has launched an entertainment store for selling videos, music, photos etc.What is the price of each download there ?

Ans. Re 1.

Q8. With layoffs illegal in Japan, how do Japanese companies like Sony deal with their excess staff ?

Ans. Employees are assigned to a Boredom Room where they spend time reading newspapers and technical books

Q 9. As per a recent Forbes study what us the average revenue per app earned by developers who build Apple apps ?

Ans. 17.5 cents

Q 10. How did Levi Strauss the man behind the eponymous brand of jeans make his wealth ?

Ans. Supplying tools like shovels to Gold miners

Q 11. Who is the partner of Shripal Morakhia in the sports entertainment venture Smaaash Entertainment which has augmented reality simulators ?

Ans. Sachin tendulkar

Q 12. As onion prices are likely to hit Rs 100 per kg soon, govt has fixed a minimum export price for onions. What is the value ?

Ans. 650 $ per tonne

Q 13. Which agency owns the not for profit venture capital firm In-Q-Tel that invests in cutting edge IT related to intelligence ?

Ans. CIA

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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