Month: August 2013

Weekly Business Quiz # 196

Q 1. Which major international generics pharma manufacturer is making a large FDI to make India its largest sourcing base ?

Ans. Mylan

Q 2. Which car manufacturer has promised that they will launch self driving cars by 2020 ?

Ans. Nissan

Q 3. Besides being the best batsman ever, what was the profession of Sir Don Bradman ?

Ans. Stockbroker

Q 4. Who are the top 3 suppliers ( countries) of crude oil to India ?

Ans. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezeula

Q 5. Under what rule is the PSU Shipping Corporation if India set to lose its Navaratna status ?

Ans. Losses in 3 consecutive financial years

Q 6. What is the Project through which Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring access to Internet the next 5 Billion ?


Q7. Who said ” A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” ?

Ans. Henry ford

Q 8. “An American in Gandhi’s India” is a book about an American who brought Apples to Himachal Pradesh. Name him.

Ans. Samuel ‘ Satyananda ” Stokes

Q 9. Who is known as the Father of Fracking, the technology that helps production of shale gas ? 

Ans. George P.Mitchell

Q 10. Who will be the new Director of IIM Ahmedabad from September 2 ?

Ans. Ashish Nanda

Q 11. What brand of premium chocolates has been launched by Nestlé to counter Toblerone and Ferrero Rocher ?

Ans. Alpino

Q 12. RIL has launched Vimal suitings with the tagline “be unformal’. What is unformal ? They say it isnt informal

Ans. Unusual Formal

Q 13. Nishi Vasudeva will be the first woman CMD of a Navratna PSU. Which PSU will she head ?


Q 14. What is the name given Google , where Google + members can connect to experts ?

Ans. Google + HelpOut

Q 15. Which drink introduced recently by Heineken was invented in Germany for sportsmen seeking something between a beer and a soft drink ?

Ans. Radler

Q 16. In which tech company, the CEO says the company culture is ‘work-life balance is for those who don’t like their work’ ?

Ans. Amazon 


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 195

Q 1. In a move to reduce outgo of forex and earn customs duty, what is the duty imposed by Govt of India in import of TVs from August 26 ?

Ans. 35 %

Q 2. Expand VCES, the service tax amnesty scheme launched by GoI .

Ans. Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme

Q 3.Which co has patented a ‘pay-per-gaze’ technology that will help advertisers track emotional response to real world and online ads ?

Ans. Google

Q4. Which is India’s and perhaps world’s largest permission marketing firm which uses ‘missed call’ to get potential customers ?

Ans. ZipDial

Q5. What was the tag line of the Vijay’s Tamil film Thalaiva, which led to a standoff with the TN CM and hence not allowed to release in TN ?

Ans. Time to Lead

Q6. Which policy, now discontinued by Google, led to the creation of products like GMail, Google Reader, Google News etc ?

Ans. 20% time on personal projects for employees

Q 7. Airtel has launched an entertainment store for selling videos, music, photos etc.What is the price of each download there ?

Ans. Re 1.

Q8. With layoffs illegal in Japan, how do Japanese companies like Sony deal with their excess staff ?

Ans. Employees are assigned to a Boredom Room where they spend time reading newspapers and technical books

Q 9. As per a recent Forbes study what us the average revenue per app earned by developers who build Apple apps ?

Ans. 17.5 cents

Q 10. How did Levi Strauss the man behind the eponymous brand of jeans make his wealth ?

Ans. Supplying tools like shovels to Gold miners

Q 11. Who is the partner of Shripal Morakhia in the sports entertainment venture Smaaash Entertainment which has augmented reality simulators ?

Ans. Sachin tendulkar

Q 12. As onion prices are likely to hit Rs 100 per kg soon, govt has fixed a minimum export price for onions. What is the value ?

Ans. 650 $ per tonne

Q 13. Which agency owns the not for profit venture capital firm In-Q-Tel that invests in cutting edge IT related to intelligence ?

Ans. CIA

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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Weekly Business Quiz # 194

Q 1. Over 100000 people have applied paying 38 $ for Mars One project. What is the offer ?

Ans. One way trip to Mars

Q 2. Which UMPP is.owned by the co Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd ?

Ans. Mundra in Gujarat , part of Tata Power

Q 3. Wade Groom, an employee of LaCoste Manhattan store lost his job because he posted something against co policy on Instagram. What did he post ?

Ans. Posted his paycheck

Q 4. Which airport is credited to have the first ever duty free shop in the world ?

Ans. Shannon airport in Ireland


Q 5. Chennai Express is officially releasing today. But some people have seen it and it has collected a record 6.75 cr. What is this called ?

Ans. Paid preview

Q 6. With which website would you associate the company BigTree Entertainment ?


Q 7. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have created a new app called MixBit which people are watching with great interest. What did they found earlier ?

Ans. YouTube

Q 8. Which web major has launched a ‘ 30 days of change’ campaign after which it will reveal its new logo ?

Ans. Yahoo

Q9. As per the New Companies bill which will soon be an Act, Indian cos can face Class Action Suits. What are class action suits ?

Ans. A class of people such as shareholders can jointly file a suit against the company

Q 10. Owners of which popular Indian mobile handset co have been caught by CBI red handed while handing over bribe to MCD officials ?

Ans. Micromax

Q 11. Which Bollywood actor is the face behind the ‘Dark is beautiful’ campaign launched by WoW ?

Ans. Nandita Das

Q 12. Who is behind JH Bevels chain of luxury salons ? Clue expand JH

Ans. Javed Habib

Q 13. Which co markets premium milk delivered to the likes of Mukesh Ambani under Pride of Cows name ?

Ans. Parag

Q 14. With which brand of soups would you associate Andy Warhol ?

Ans. Campbell soups

Q 15. What is common to Chetan Bhagat and the new RBI Gov Raghuram Rajan ?

Ans. Both are alumni of IIt-Delhi and IIM- Ahmedabad

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 193

Q 1. Who funded 250,000 GBP for doing the research to create a lab-grown beef burger that was tasted yesterday ?

Ans. Sergei Brin of Google

Q 2. Of which international confectionery major is IIM-B alum Sameer Suneja take over as the CEO ?

Ans. Perfetti Van DeMelle

Q 3. How is the Pashmina shawl known in the west ?

Ans. Cashmere

Q 4. Who was the star speaker in the MOOC ‘GIving with purpose’ a free online course on philanthropy by Learning by Giving started on 15th July?

Ans. Warren Buffett

Q 5. From whom has Jeff Bezos acquired Washington Post for 250 Million $ ?

Ans. Grahams family

Q 6. Wonga, Xoom, Azimo are hot startups getting eye popping valuations. In what business are they in ?

Ans. Financial technologies firms who are disrupting many services like money transfers, micro lending etc

Q7. Which company is the biggest buyer of used jets in 2013 ?

Ans. Boeing to create a market for new 747s

Q8 .In which zoo, industrialist Harsh Neotia has adopted a white tiger, Sanjay Budhia a one-horn rhino and Narayana Murthy some animal ?

Ans. Alipore zoo in Kolkata

Q 9.Name the TV channel launched in US exclusively for dogs. It is for canines and humans who love them. Claims to be scientifically developed.

Ans. DogTv

Q 10.In popular cinema, FIlmfare awards are highly respected. It was instituted in 1954 under a different name. What was it called then ?

Ans. Clares

Q 11. What is common to Birell and Moussy brands owned by Heineken and Carlsberg respectively ?

Ans. Non-alcoholic beers

Q 12. What does a oenophile love ?

Ans. Wine

Q 13. Which low cost carrier is maniacal about timeliness that it has now imposed a 1 GBP per min fine if the passenger delays beyond the 40min deadline for boarding ?

Ans. RyanAir

Q 14. Which South Indian celebrity endorses Lux, Parachute oil and now Center Fresh ?

Ans. Dhanush

Q 15. Who was the Quiz Master in the Bournvita Quiz Contest show when it first appeared on radio nearly 40 years ago ?

Ans. Hamid Sayani, elder brother of Amin Sayani

Q16. Rumi Virjee is the recent PIO who has got membership in the UK’s House of Lords. Which chain did he bring to UK ?

Ans. Domino’s pizza

Q17. As per the recent TRAI report, as of March 2013, the no of Indians who access Internet on mobile is about a) 30 m b) 100 m c) 150 m d) 200m

Ans. c) 150 m

Q 18. In the context of enivironment/development what is the full form of NIMBY ?

Ans. Not in My BackYard

Q 19. In which country, the grocers will be selling pre-cooked soft-boiled eggs, eliminating the need for the most basic culinary challenge !!

Ans. UK

Q 20. Which group now owns the luxury car maker Bentley ?

Ans. Volkswagen group

Q 21. Frederick W Taylor is known as the Father of Scientific Management. He was also an inventor. What process did he develop with White ?.

Ans. Taylor-White process for high speed steel used in tool making

Q 22. Why the creation of Telangana is causing misery to map makers ?

Ans. Unsold stock of printed maps with the old AP state boundaries

Q 23. Which Birla co produces Birla Tyres, Birla Shakti Cement and Vasavadatta cement ?

Ans. Kesoram Industries 

Q 24. With 2200 clubs in 50 states of US and 14 countries, this Minneapolis HQ co has the world’s fastest growing fitness club chain. Name it.

Ans. Anytime Fitness

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan