Month: May 2015

Weekly Business Quiz # 286

Q1. In which category would you include the brands Soylent, Schmilk , Schmolyent etc ?

Ans. Protein powders that can be mixed with water to make a drink.

Q2. Renault launched a compact SUV / hatchback recently. What is the model called ?

Ans. Kwid

Q3.Tadashi Tanai founded it at Hiroshima , Japan in the mid 1980s as a unisex clothing company. Novak Djokovic endorses it. Name the brand.

Ans. Uniqlo

Q4.Who owns the sub brand “Wiki “that sells cool bags of various shapes and colours ?

Ans. Wildcraft

Q5. To which country does Big Cola a brand which has 8% market share in Maharashtra originally from ?

Ans. Peru

Q6. For 7 years in a row Mukesh Ambani’s salary has been stagnant. What is the amount ?

Ans. Rs 15 crore only

Q7. Why is Nestle withdrawing Maggi packets from across the country ?

Ans. Higher than prescribed presence of MSG and Lead in the noodles

Q8. Identify the advertiser featuring Waheeda Rahman


Ans. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Q9. Identify this businessman. Why is he in the news ?


Ans. A. Vellayyan, Chairman of Murugappa Group..Charged by SEBI for insider trading

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 285

Q1. Recently a particular number plate for a car received the highest bid in UK of £ 233,000. It has an Indian connection. What was the number ?

Ans. KR 15 HNA is the right answer

Q2. Who is likely to be interim chairman of Infosys after KV Kamath steps down to take up BRICS Bank responsibility ?

Ans. R. Seshasayee

Q3. In economists circle what is the popular quip for the acronym of International Monetary Fund given their type of recommendations ?

Ans. It’s Mostly Fiscal

Q4.As the share of cement in the overall house construction expenditure, what is Ultratech trying it reposition itself as ?

Ans. Building solutions provider

Q5. With which brand would you associate the tagline ” where do you want to go ‘ ?

Ans. VIP Luggage

Q6. As per the Supreme Court, photos of only 3 persons can be shown in govt ads. Who are the three ?

Ans. President, PM and Chief Justice Of India

Q7. What unusual act of generosity has Housing dot com founder Rahul Yadav shown recently ?

Ans. Gifted all his shares worth Rs 200 crore to his employees

Q8. With whom has Tag Heuer the swiss watch tied up with in order to counter Apple Watch with its own Smart watch ?

Ans. Google and Intel

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan