Month: July 2013

Weekly Business Quiz # 192

Q 1. Saregama has decided to stop manufacturing CD/DVDs etc and go digital. To whom have they decided to outsource their manufacturing ?

Ans. Sony

Q 2. Which international watch brand has a luxury range called Ananta ?

Ans. Seiko

Q 3. What will the TV programme/ website Power of shunya showcase ?

Ans. Innovations from India that will have minimum negative effects

Q 4.Which Indian CEO figures at No 3 on the Top 30 CEOs to follow on social media worldwide compiled by worldofceos com ?

Ans. Anand Mahindra

Q 5. Under what brandname has Sadanand Maiya the man who built MTR launched processed foods once again after selling MTR earlier to Orkla Foods of Norway ?

Ans. Maiya’s

Q 6. Name the Economist who coined the acronym BIMARU for backward states in a paper submitted to Rajiv Gandhi in the ’80s .

Ans. Ashish Bose

Q 7. Which retail chain owns the mult-brand multi-product multi-location service chain ResQ ?

Ans. Reliance

Q 8. A case study has been written by Harvard Business School on Kerala based Synthite Industries. In which business is the co in ?

Ans. Natural oleoresins 

Q9. Which two major holding cos in advertising will merge to create the largest advertising co worldwide and what will it be called ?

Ans. Publicis and Omnicom

Q 10. Which is the first place outside UK where Unilever has created Four Acres, a leadership development institute recently ?

Ans. Singapore

Q 11. Before Gmail was started by Google, it was a free mail service from a site named after a comic strip character. Google acquired it. Name it.


Q 12. Large scale recall of which model of GM in India, has sent tremors through the ranks of the co and also made govt sit up ?

Ans. Chevrolet tavera

Q 13. Which manufacturer of liquid soap created an entry barrier for others by booking the entire supply of plastic pumps for 3 years ?

Ans. Minnetonka later sold to Colgate Palmolive

Q 14. What term was coined in 2008 by Dave Cormier and Bryan Alexander during a course called ” Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” ?

Ans. MOOC- Massive Open Online Courses

Q 15. With 30.7 billion $ in endowment, which is the wealthiest university in US ?

Ans. Harvard

Q 16. Name this largest employee owned ( not publicly traded) company in US. it also the most profitable grocer in USA.

Ans. Publix

Q 17. Who sent out 5000 telegrams with the msg ” The telegram retires today, with no plan for the future. Do you have a plan for your future ” ?

Ans. Birla Sun Life

Q 18. Which was the first ever drive-in restaurant way back in 1919 in California ?

Ans. A & W Root Beer

Q 19. Which are the only countries in the world where Coca Cola and PepsiCo products are not sold ?

Ans. North Korea and Cuba

Q 20. With which brand would you associate Flyknit a sock like shoe that is expected to enhance the performance of the athlete ?

Ans. Nike

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 191

Q 1. Which player got the highest price in the Indian Badminton League auctions held yesterday ?

Ans. Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia

Q 2. In the context of Indian television, expand BCCC

Ans. Broadcasting Content Complaints Council

Q 3. Complete the tech industry maxim ” No one ever got fired for buying ___” with a brand

Ans. IBM

Q 4. With which anti-virus software would you associate Sachin Tendulkar ?

Ans. Kaspersky

Q 5. Who is the invisible man who makes the investment choices for SAFE, which has 3.5 Trillion $ funds ?

Ans. Zhu Changhong, the Chief Investment Officer of SAFE

Q6. Which car has been rated as the best taxi in the world by BBC’s Top Gear programme ?

Ans. Ambassador

Q7. Which brand has created a micro site an edutainment site, even roping in Ruskin Bond to blog ?

Ans. Parle-G

Q8. What is unique capability of the street lights named Tvilight designed by NRI designer Chintan Shah ?

Ans. Street Lights which light up when someone is around

Q9. Between which two places did the Mumbai monorail make its maiden run today ?

Ans. Wadala and Chembur

Q 10. Which city in US is filing for the largest municipal bankruptcy in history ?

Ans. Detroit

Q 11. Which indie film by Anand Gandhi has received multiplex release thanks to support by Kiran Rao and a well thought out social media strategy ?

Ans. Ship of Theseus

Q 12. Who has dug in his heels in the stand off with the union that even if the unit is closed for 500 days labour will not get free ESOPs ?

Ans. Rajiv Bajaj of Bajaj Auto

Q 13. What is the unique proposal from the Dubai Municipal Corp to the residents in the ” Your weight in Gold” contest ?

Ans. 2 grams of gold if they loose 2 kgs weight in 30 days. There after 1 gm of gold for every kg reduced. This is to promote healthy life style

Q 14. With which e-commerce web–site has IRCTC tied up to launch its e-retailing business ?


Q 15.  Name the life insurance company which is 100 % owned by the battery maker Exide Industries Ltd.
Ans. ING Vysya Life Insurance Co
Q 16. Which premium high-brow weekend newspaper from the Times of India group will have its last print run on 20th July ?
Ans. Times of India Crest
Q 17. What is the term for a bond market investor who protests a country’s fiscal policies by selling off its bonds and refusing to buy them ?
Ans. Bond Vigilante
Q 18. Pagers peaked in 1994. After which pagers lost out to the mobile. But they are not extinct. In which industry, pagers are still being used ?
Ans. Hospitals
Q 19. What unique verification for payment is being developed by Finland based startup Uniqul ?
Ans. Face recognition
Q 20. References to which brand have been removed in the TV and DVD version of which brand has been removed from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ?
Ans. Rooh-Afza
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 190

Q 1. What was the amount charged by Milkha Singh from Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for giving the rights to make the biopic Bhaag Milkha Bhaag ?

Ans. Rupee 1

Q 2. In yet another instance of crowd sourcing of ideas, Institute of Economic AFfairs, UK is offering a Brexit price. What is it about ?

Ans. A plan for UK to exit the European Union

Q 3. Which auto co has launched a Student Brand Manager contest for MBA students with a car being the first prize for the winner ?

Ans. Nissan

Q 4. 1st digitally colored Indian movie Qayamat was made by them. They worked on Avatar, Independence day. They want to be Pixar of India. Who ?

Ans. Prime Focus

Q 5. Who said ” The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” ?

Ans. David O’Gilvy

Q 6. Name this niche coffee exported from India sold in upmarket stores like Harrods and compared with Darjeeling tea.

Ans. Monsooned Malabar

Q 7. What Indian brandname will become part of the UK’s Keyline Brands, owners of Cuticura and other brands ?

Ans. Godrej

Q 8. The telegram breathed its last in India yesterday. Who was the recipient of the last telegram ?

Ans. Rahul Gandhi

Q 9. Quattrocchi represented Snamprogetti in India. He managed to swing many fertiliser projects for his co. now it is part of which company ?

Ans. SAIPEM,  of ENI Group

Q 10. Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half…this quote is attributed to whom ?

Ans. John Wanakamer

Q 11. In a business relationship, what is ‘commensality’ ?

Ans. When one party gains and the other is unaffected. For example, providing surety for a loan.

Q 12. With which brand would you associate Hausla Buland Academy ?

Ans. Haywards 5000

Q 13. What unique offer does the Pune based Dreamers Media and Advtg have for new car owners in Pune ?

Ans. The co will pay 3 years EMI in a 5 year loan for a new car. In return the co will use the car body to advertise brands. Codnitions are the car should be driven 1500km in a month and should be kept clean.

Q 14. According to a UN report, which country has the largest % ( 32.8) of obese adults in the world ?

Ans. Mexico

Q 15. What will be the first fashion label to be launched by Yash Raj Films with Karol Bagh Saree House ?

Ans. Diva”Ni

Q 16. Which 2 cos are in competition to take control of the Vijay Mallya owned Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers ?

Ans. Zuari and Deepak Fertilizers

Q 17. With whom has Indian Overseas Bank collaborated to offer a one year course in banking so as to build a pipeline for POs ?

Ans. Manipal

Q 18. Which company has a vision to become “world’s hard disk” ?

Ans. DropBox

Q 19. “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise” is a quote attributed to which media baron ?

Ans. Ted Turner

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


Arista Club Open Business Quiz

Arista Club of Bachelor of Management Studies(BMS), St Francis College for Women, Begumpet, Hyderabad announces an OPEN BUSINESS QUIZ.
The quiz will cover topics ranging from brands, business persons, advertising, logos, management theory, economics, finance etc. An infotainment event, that hopes to entertain as much as it wishes to educate.  
The quiz will be open to all and any interested quizzers can register. No entry fee. 
Entry : FREE
Team Size : TWO ( Any two individuals. Organisational sponsorship not required)
Date : 20th of July, 2013 ( Saturday) 
Venue : St Francis College for Women, Uma Nagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad.
Programme Details :
        Written Round : 1.30 PM 
        Main Quiz Round : 2.30 PM – 4.30 PM
Quiz Master : Prof G.Mohan, 
For More Information :
Please contact : 

Weekly Business Quiz # 189

Q 1. As per Ravi Venkatesan in his book Conquering the chaos , MNCs like Honda, initially succeed by catering to premium segment, later growth stops. What he calls this trap ?

Ans. Midway trap

Q 2. As per the Stanford Binet Intelligence test rank the following

a)Moron, b) Dull, c) Idiot, d)Imbecile in descending orders of intelligence

Ans. b, a, d, c

Q3. Who is the man behind Intl Premier Tennis League, inspired by IPL, which has the likes of Murray, Djokovic, Nadal, Serena Williams etc ?

Ans. Mahesh Bhupati

Q 4. Funds and fund managers are seeking alpha all the time. In finance lingo, what is alpha and how is it measured ?

Ans. Addl return over the benchmark index

Q 5. Name this luxury city where the male police drive BMWs and the female police Ferraris.

Ans. Dubai

Q 6. Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh are going to be leading the social media campaign of BJP in elections. With which web cos were they associated ?

Ans. IndiaWorld and Indiainfo/ OneIndia respectively

Q7. How much does Twitter charge in India to create a trend on Twitter for an advertiser ?

Ans. Rs 5.5 lakhs

Q8. Who is slated to take over from Som Mittal as the boss at the IT industry body NASSCOM ?

Ans. R.Chandrasekhar

Q 9. Which iconic Indian IT company’s shares were traded last on 3 rd July in stock exchanges, due to its merger ?

Ans. Satyam

Q 10. Which company has patented a mail system where the e-mail can be destroyed from a remote location or it self destructs after some time ?

Ans. AT & T

Q 11. These couriers annually carry between 70,000 crore to 100,000 crore cash mostly between Mumbai and Gujarat. In Gujarati what are they called ?

Ans. Angadiyas

Q 12. The rights for which character and novels created by Bengali novelist Saradindu Bandopadhyaya has been bought by YRF and Dibakar Bannerjee?

Ans. Byomkesh Bakshi

Q 13, He invented the computer mouse, which sold 1 bn units. Yet he made only 40000 $ licensing the patent to Apple. He died recently. Name him.

Ans. Douglas Engelbart

Q 14. The former McKinsey India boss takes over as the head of UTI AMC. Name him.

Ans. Leo Puri

Q 15.India Post is one of the applicants for a banking licence. What important criterion of RBI licensing policy does this not satisfy ?

Ans. It is not a company regd under the Companies Act

Q 16. Which is India’s first Agriculture open and Virtual University and where it is located ? Farmers of all ages can do courses here.

Ans. Sri Arvind Open Agriculture and Virtual University

Q 17. Which famous fast-fashion apparel brand has the policy ” If a new style is not a hit within a week, it goes off the shelf ” ?

Ans. Zara

Q 18. What is the name of the budget airline restarted by Lufthansa in Europe ?

Ans. Germanwings

Q 19. There is a PSU engaged in procurement and transport of fruits and veg called Fresh and Health Enterprises. It’s a subsidiary of which co ?

Ans. Container Corporation of India

Q 20. Which company is facing a Public Relations crisis after their sacked PR Chief Charudatta Deshpande has committed suicide ?

Ans. Tata Steel 

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 188

Q1.Which leading Indian antivirus vendor was started by the Katkar brothers as a calculator repair shop in 1993 ?

Ans. QuickHeal

Q2. Murdoch’s media businesses have been split. One is the newspaper and print business and the other is cable, TV etc, what are they called ?

Ans. News Corp and 21st Century Fox

Q3. What is the name of the Superbike team owned by MS Dhoni, Nagarjuna and Dhoni’s friend Arun Pandey ?

Ans. Mahi Racing

Q 4. Connect the following Aardvark, Picnik, Dodgeball, Jaiku …

Ans. Discontinued Google products

Q5. USA has a fast growing market for catastrophe bonds, currently valued at $ 4 Billion annually. What is a catastrophe bond ?

Ans. It is a high return bond linked to a specific catastrophe…if the catastrophe happens, then the bondholder stops getting interest and may even not get the principal back. Often subscribed by insurance cos.

Q6. Which is the world’s oldest central bank set up in 1665 ?

Ans. Sveriges Riksbank of Sweden

Q7. Who will be the brand ambassador for the Oral B toothpaste being launched by P & G in India shortly ?

Ans. Madhuri Dixit

Q8. Under what brand name is Future Group launching a chain of small fashion retail stores targetted at the youth ?

Ans. I am In

Q9. Name the Indian businessman in UAE who is releasing 1000s of prisoners by paying off their debts.

Ans. Feroz Merchant

Q 10.Toplink is a Facebook like network for the rich and famous. Which Indian American is behind it ?

Ans. Vivek Ranadive

Q 12. You know sci-fi as a genre. What is cli-fi ?

Ans. Climate Fiction

Q 13. What is special about the new range of medical equipment launched by Philips under its Efficia range ?

Ans. Neonatal critical care equipment designed and produced in India totally.

Q 14. If you enter any of the Max hospitals, what is the smell you are likely to get ?

Ans. Coffee, Max India boss Analjit Singh disgusted with the smell of the disinfectant at the hospital has set up coffee shops at the entrance. if there is no coffee made for 10 mins, there is a standing instruction to make coffee and drain it in the sink.

Q 15. NourishCo is a JV between an Indian and a global FMCG majors to market vitamin fortified water among other pdts. Which two companies ?

Ans. Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo

Q 16. Attano is an e-book store with a difference. What is the difference ?

Ans. Sells e-books in chapters, usually text books.

Q 17. Shaquille O’Neil, basketball legend, is doing a PhD in Organisational Leadership from Barry University, Miami. What is his dissertation on?

Ans. The Duality of Humor and Aggression in Leadership Styles

Q 18. Mika says ” Punjabi dil se hi branded hai”. Honey Singh has a song ” Main kaha kaali teri ___ , te ___ tera laal “. Fill the brands.

Ans. Gucci and Prada

q 19. Recently RBI started issuing inflation indexed bonds. Which will be the first MF in the country to have an inflation indexed bond fund ?

Ans. Deutsche MF.

Q 20. What is the name for the newly launched index by CRISIL that measures financial inclusion of a country or state ?

Ans. Inclusix

Q 21.Which wonder ingredient used in soda, chewing gums, fireworks etc is produced by Sudan only and is considered Sudan’s oil ?

Ans. Gum Arabic

Q 22. Outside India, where has Reliance MediaWorks launched Big Cinemas to screen Bollywood movies ?

Ans. USA, Nepal 

Q 23 Which co is the world’s biggest maker of white goods ?

Ans. Haier

Q 24. Which product in the McDonalds menu is available for only a small period in the year creating a lot of hype about it ?

Ans. McRib

Q 25. Titan markets Titan watches through World of Titan stores. Under what brand of store does it market other premium brands like Police, etc ?

Ans. Helios

Q 26. Before Roger Federer crashed out of Wimbledon, the authorities had a problem with his Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour LE shoes. What was the problem?

Ans. Orange sole..As per Wimbledon rules, the attire has to be all white only.

Q 27. Which country’s mobile network with speeds of 150 mb per second has been voted as the fastest in the world ?

Ans. South Korea

Q 28. American Icon by Bryce G.Hoffman is a book on the turnaround story of which company ?

Ans. Ford Motors

Q 29. What is the difference between bulk deal and a block deal in the Indian stock exchanges ?

Ans. Bulk deal >0.5% of a company’s share. Block deal > 500,000 shares / Rs.5 Crore.  Bulk deal happen throught the market hrs. But block deal happens in a 35 min time frame for a min 5 lac shares. All deals are reported by members to nse/bse at the end of day

Q 30. In the context of sales promotions, what is Math Anxiety ?

Ans. % discounts involve calculations that cause anxiety. Hence some customers prefer absolute discounts.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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