Month: April 2013

Weekly Business Quiz # 179

Q 1What is participatory commerce on internet and who coined it ?

Ans. P-Commerce is a sales model that allows shoppers to participate in the design, selection or funding of the products they purchase…Mark Pincus of Zynga coined it in 2005

Q 2. Connect Rose Valley, MPS Greenery, I-Core , Sumangal to a business and region

Ans. Chit-funds and West Bengal

Q 3. Which Internet service was started by former Yahoo execs Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009. It claims to be bigger than Twitter today.

Ans.  WhatsApp

Q 4. Businessmen love owning media but most have failed. If Ambani: Observer , Thapar:Pioneer, Sanjay Dalmia:Sunday Mail, Vijaypat Singhania: ?

Ans. The Indian Post

Q5. In which city did India’s richest woman Savitri Jindal been served an eviction notice for vacating a govt house for non-payment of rent due

Ans. Chandigarh

Q6. Samsung had been doing a high decibel campaign OWN NOW. Which indian brand has started a campaign using the  slogan CAN OWN NOW ?

Ans. MicroMax

Q7. Which old brand from the Nissan Renault stable will return to India after 32 years ?

Ans. Datsun

Q8. Which airline calls itself India’s most democratic airline, because it has only one class of passengers ?

Ans. IndiGo

Q9. CCD has launched a CRUNCHY FRAPPE. it will be pleasured by what ? Name the brand.

Ans. Oreo

Q 10. Chris Gayle was dropped from a test bcoz he refused to remove his sponsors logo which was competing with team sponsor Digicel. Name the co.

Ans. Cable and Wireless

Q 11. Naresh Goyal started as a GSA . in airlines trade who or what is a GSA ?

Ans. General Sales Agent

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 178

Sachin spl on his birthday. Sachin has a brand of sports fitness products in partnership with Future Group and Manipal group. What is the brand name ?

Ans. S Drive

When Sachin imported his Ferrari, the customs duty was waived. This led to a big controversy. Finally, who paid ?

Ans. Fiat

Sachin has two Restaurant brands, Tendulkar’s and Sachin’s. Which restaurateur is his business partner ?

Ans, Sanjay Narang of Mars Restaurants

With which brand has Sachin had the longest association since 1990 ?

Ans. Boost

Lebua hotels is entering India with 4 properties. To which country does Lebua belong ?

Ans. Thailand

Lakshmi Mittal is not only no longer the richest Asian in UK. He has been beaten by an Indian family . Which family ?

Ans. Hindujas

Which port is likely to be the first port in India to cross 100 mt cargo handling annually by the end of this year ?

Ans. Kandla or Mundra

Which brand is positioned as a mosquito repellant for children ?

Ans. Jungle Magic’s Banditz

NIP is a 100 year old global brand. In which product category ?

Ans. Baby products

What kind of training is imparted by the startup ?

Ans. technical training for MBAs who join tech cos.

In cryptography, Cesar cipher is one of the common methods of encryption. What is it ?

Ans. Encrypting by shifting letters. A shift of 1 makes HAL as IBM.

Which brand is launching a TV Commercial of over 3 mins built around the story of a Prison Break making it the longest TVC ever in India ?

Ans. Tata Sky +

What brand of tractors will be launched by SDF India from their factory in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu ?

Ans. Lamborghini tractors

What is special about the smart phone designed by Sumit Dagar of Kriyate Design Solutions ?

Ans. First smart phone for the blind

The Economist says this indian IT co has a co-chairman, who is a former bank boss not known for his lack of self-confidence. Name the co.

Ans. Infosys and K.V.Kamath

What is the unique offering of over 200 ‘Amma Unavagams’ in Chennai ?

Ans. 1 Rupee Idli sambar, 3 re sambar rice and Rs 5 curd rice

Who is the author of the book : Business Sutra, a very Indian approach to management ?

Ans. Devdutt Pattanayak

India received 69 bn $ of global remittances in 2012. What is India’s rank globally ?

Ans. India is No 1

Why has a restaurant Sarhad in Atari on the Indo-Pak border being studied by Harvard Business School?

Ans. It offers Punjabi cuisine from both sides of the border

Which is India’s largest selling dark rum brand and It’s not Old Monk ?

Ans. McDowell’s No 1 Celebration rum

What is the new name for The ISTA chain of hotels ?

Ans. Hyatt

Connect Hampton, Garden Inn, Waldorf Astoria, Embassy suites to a hotel chain

Ans. Hilton 

What is unique about Shagun TV a soon to be launched TV Channel ?

Ans. India’s first 24 hour matrimonial channel

Which MNC has a corporate tag line. Good Food.Good Life.

Ans. Nestle

Why are airport cos GMR and GVK protesting against the increasing access to Etihad by Indian govt ?

Ans. If Etihad is given more access, Abu Dhabi will become the hub . Delhi and Mumbai airports can never become a hub.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan