Month: February 2019

Weekly Business Quiz # 449


Q 1. What amount has RBI declared as dividend in its board meeting  recently, that will be given to its owner Govt of India  ?

Ans. Rs 28,000 crore

Q 2. In the recently revised rules for taxation on angel investors , what is the new age of a company from.launch to be called a startup ?

Ans. 10 years from the earlier 7 years

Q 3. In 1936, 10 companies of one industry belonging to Tatas, Khataus, Killick Nixon and FE Dinshaw groups came together to form one company. How do we know that company today ?

Ans. ACC Limited ( it became Associated Cement Companies and later shortened to ACC Ltd)

Q 4. Which elevators major has launched ‘Vaastu’ compliant elevators to woo the customers in India who believe in this ancient philosophy ?

Ans. Kone

Q 5. Which hotel chain has entered the homestays segment with AMA Trails and Stays starting with Coorg ?

Ans. Taj Group

Q 6. Patanjali has launched its apparel line Patanjali Paridhan with a TV and digital commercial . The tagline is Tann Man Dhan _____ What is the last word in the tagline/jingle ?

Ans. Indiapan

Q 7. India is the tenth fastest growing market for ad spends in the world expected to grow at 14 % in 2019 as per a Group M report. Which medium is expected to grow the fastest ?

Ans. Digital

Q 8. As per a Fast Company list which startup has been ranked No 1 as the most innovative from India ?

Ans. JioSaavn

Q9. If D Mart is promoted by Damani ( R K), V in V Mart stands for Value Retail, what does J in J Mart stand for ?

Ans. Jaipuria the family name of the founder Ravi Jaipuria

Q 10. Which industrialist’s autobiography is tentatively titled ‘The Incomplete Man ‘ and has been restrained from publishing by the Bombay High Court ?

Ans. Vijaypat Singhania ( former Raymond Chairman)

Q 11. What connects the Indian startups Oyo, Delhivery, Firstcry etc to the Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed Bin Salman ?

Ans. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman oversees the soevereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia called Public Investment Fund ( PIF) which has invested in Softbank’s Vision Fund that has stakes in many Indian startups including Oyo, Delhivery, Firstcry


Q 12. Name this e-learning Guru in this picture with PM Modi ?


Ans, Sebastian Thrun of Udacity

Q 13. P&G’s Tide Pods is a blockbuster product. But they are creating a serious problem due to which they are kept locked in supermarkets and homes. What is the problem ?

Tide Pods

Ans. Tide Pods have an attractive shape and colour that make them look like candies and young children eat them. The detergent inside is dangerous

Q 14. What industry connects the US manufacturers Lockheed Martin,.Raytheon Co, Northrop Grumman Corporation and General Dynamics Corp ?

Ans. All are large defence and armaments suppliers/ contractors

Q 15. Founded in 2013 by Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, this app allows even upto 200,000 members in its channel. Because of its many features superior to other messaging apps, it is very popular. So popular that Iran and Russia wanted to ban it. Name it

Ans. Telegram

Q 16. This Chinese powerhouse has invested in over 700 startups. Out of which 123 are unicorns and 63 have gone for IPOs. The value of its holding in companies where it owns > 5 % is now worth over 500 Bn $. Name it.

Ans. Tencent

Q 17. Which fast fashion footwear retailer has announced that it will close all its 2100 odd stores in US and Puerto Rico ? 

Ans. Payless Shoesource

Q 18. What item made traditionally in India by hand is being made in an industrial scale by Leaf Republic as a clean tech product and marketed in the West ?


Ans. Disposable plates and tableware

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 448


Q 1. Axis Bank is a private bank. Yet there is a disinvestment through an Offer for Sale of Axis Bank shares whose proceeds will come to the Govt of India. How did govt come to own shares in Axis Bank ?

Ans. Axis Bank was promoted by Unit Trust of India. When US-64 was dissolved, a Strategic Undertaking of UTI (SUUTI) was created which held shares of many companies including Axis Bank, L & T, ITC etc. Through OFS, govt is disinvesting a portion of their holding

Q 2. ITC has renamed its garment brand Wills Lifestyle . What is its new name and what other major change the company is bringing about in their apparels ?

Ans. WLS is the new name. It will only use natural ingredients for all items like buttons, thread etc

Q 3. The line ‘ Apna Time Aayega’ has been used in the ad copy of many adverts. This line is from which movie ?

Ans. Gully Boy

Q 4. For which brand has AR Rahman composed and sung in the TV Commercial called ‘Fearless songs’. He also appears in the TVC.


Ans. Horlicks

Q 5. Which Chinese auto major X is entering India via a British Brand Y and launching an SUV model named HECTOR. Identify X and Y ?

Ans. X – SAIC  Y – MG Motors

Q 6. Which model is Honda withdrawing from Indian market after selling them for 7 years ?

Ans. Brio

Q 7. Which Indian airline is cutting down approx 30 flights in the last few days due to shortage of captains and pilots ?

Ans. IndiGo

Q8. With which celebrity would you associate the brands Daawat, Ariel, Dettol, Tata Sampann and Wonderchef ?

Ans. Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Q9. Who has been named as the new Air India Chairman ?

Ans. Ashwani Lohani, former Railway Board Chairman.

Q 10. In legal circles, a __________ is a payment made to a victim as compensation for injured feelings or emotional pain and suffering (such as the trauma following the wrongful death of a relative). This term is used for the money given to families of victims of terror attacks such as the one in Pulwama . Fill in the blank ?

Ans. Solatium

Q 11. As a retaliatory measure to the terror attack, what trade measure has been announced by Indian govt against Pakistan after withdrawing the MFN status ?

Ans. Customs duty of 200 % on Pakistani goods

Q 12. Shiksha Finance a South India based start up provides education loans to students . It has a loan book of over Rs 100 crore . Which students are their main target segment ?

Ans. Parents of school children from KG to class 12

Q 13. In the reopened Bombay House in Mumbai, Tata Group has created a place where hundreds of artifacts from various group companies have been showcased for public. What is it called ?


Ans. Tata Experience Centre ( TXC)


Q 14. What is the popular name for the injectible Botulinum Toxin Type A and what is its main application ?

Ans. Botox, removing wrinkles

Q 15. Which US bank major has started issuing cryptocurrency becoming the first to do so ? It will use it for its wholesale payments business internally. What is the coin called, derived from the name of the bank ?

Ans. JP Morgan, JPM Coins

Q 16. In US, there are increasing instances of theft of catalytic converters from high end cars , because they can fetch as much as 450$ as scrap. What precious metal is used in the catalytic converters ?

Ans. Palladium

Q 17. With which international food and dairy major has Starbucks tied up to market their coffee and tea products through the grocery stores in many markets outside US ?

Ans. Nestle

Q 18. In the luxury car segment in the US, which which was the largest selling carin 2018 ?

Ans. Tesla Model 3

Q 19. The 4 engineers, Richard Schwartz, Dr Bradford Parkinson, Professor James Spilker and Hugo Fruehauf , shown here are the recipients of this year’s Queen Elizabeth Prize for engineering. Which system that we are using almost everyday did they develop ?


Ans. Global Positioning System ) GPS)

Q 20. After developing computers that beat humans in chess and quiz game Jeopardy , IBM built an AI machine ‘Miss Debater’ to compete with humans in debating . In the debating contest Miss Debater was pitted against a world champion Debater. The human won. Name this Indian American ?


Ans. Harish Natarajan

Q 21. In which country there was/is a practice of women giving chocolates to men in the workplace on Valentine’s day ? This is being resisted by women and some companies are also banning it

Ans. Japan..even South Korea has a similar tradition

Q 22. Which social networking company has just launched a Live video feature in its network ? Currently, this is by invitation in US only

Ans. LinkedIn

Q 23. Products made from.which natural ingredient, long known in India via Ayurveda , is being promoted by plastic surgeon of Hollywood celebrities Dr Raj Kanodia.and is being endorsed by Kim Kardashian West , Britney Spears etc ?


Ans. Amla or Indian Gooseberry

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan