Month: June 2012

Weekly Business Quiz # 137

Q 1. What is the popular name for the UN conference on development and sustainability being held in Rio De Janeiro called ?

Ans.  RIO + 20

Q 2. What is a John Doe order in the context of Internet piracy ?

Ans.  A stay order on web-sites when the pirate is not known

Q3. Why have the top 11 cement makers been imposed a huge penalty by Competition commission ?

Ans. Cartelisation

Q4. Which industrialist MP tops the list of LPG consumers in New Delhi as per a recent report launched by Oil marketing cos. ?

Ans.  Naveen Jindal

Q5. Who is the new CEO and MD of Tata Global Beverages ltd ?

Ans. Harish Bhat

Q6. What is the new brand name of Yves Saint Laurent ?

Ans.  St Laurents Paris

Q7. In which country they have a vending machine activated by a Tweet that dispenses a cup of  ice tea ?

Ans. South Africa

Q8. Name the luxury division of Nokia which has been sold off recently to generate cash for the beleaguered company.

Ans. Vertu

Q9. What is the name of the Tablet announced by Microsoft ?

Ans. Microsoft Surface

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 136

Q 1. Which group has created an Orbit in London at the Olympic Park designed by Indian born designer Anish Kapoor ?

Ans. Arcelor Mittal

Q 2. What is the name of the Tablet announced by Microsoft ?

Ans. Surface

Q3. What unique step is taken by australian online retailer  to dissuade people from using IE ?

Ans.  A tax for using IE

Q4. Which new film is being promoted with the slogan TERI KEH KE LOONGA ?

Ans. Gangs of Wasseypur

Q5. Which bank was founded in New York on June 16, 200 years ago ?

Ans.  Citibank

Q6. What price did the first Apple computer Apple I fetch in a New York auction ?

Ans.  345,000 $

Q7. A German Bank Sparkasse Chemnitz is issuing a MasterCard with a very unusual image for a credit card. Whose image ?

Ans.  Karl Marx

Q8. Which Bollywood superstar is behind the education cum entertainment venture KidZania ?

Ans. Shah Rukh Khan

Q9. Which Indian group has sought the suffix .indians under the new Internet domain registration policy of ICANN ?

Ans. Reliance

Q10. Which exchange is going to acquire the prestigious London Metal Exchange for 2.1 bn $ ?

Ans. Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Q11. In the context of enterprise computing what is a BYOD policy ?

Ans. Bring your own device

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan