Month: November 2012

Weekly Business Quiz # 157

Q1.In the context of Indian banking what is CTS 2010 standard ?

Ans. Cheque Truncation system For more on this read the link 

Q2. Which is the UK software acquisition for which HP has taken a writedown of 8.8 Bn $ this quarter ?

Ans. Autonomy For more on this read the link 

Q3. In men’s fashion what is ‘spezzato’?

Ans. Wearing contrasting jacket and trousers For more Read the Link 

Q4. Who will be taking over as the MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange from Ravi Narain next April ?

Ans.Chitra Ramakrishna

Q5. Name the movie on financial planning for youth produced by IDFC Foundation and directed by Amole Gupte .

Ans.One Idiot  For more read the link

Q6. What is the 3-6-3 life of a banker ?

Ans. Borrow at 3 %, lend at 6 % and be at golf course by 3PM

For more read the link

Q7. With which hot IT co that uses robots and algorithms to do work done by programmers would you associate Chetan Dube ?

Ans. IPSoft 

For more read the link

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 156

Q 1. Which co owns Twinkies , the co has filed for bankruptcy protection ?

Ans. Hostess 

Q 2. Which soft drink brand started life as “ideal brain tonic” for headaches and exhaustion sold exclusively in pharmacies ?

Ans. Coca Cola  

Q 3. Name the liquor baron behind the Wave group of companies.

Ans. Ponty Chadha 

Q 4. Who has been selected as the Businessman of the year by Fortune magazine for 2012 ?

Ans. Jeff Bezos 

Q5. This japanese brand considers itself as.the Apple of toilet design. Name the brand.

Ans. Toto 

Q 6. Biscuit market pref have changed in last two years.Glucose no 3. Which are the first two?

Ans. Cookies and Cream 

Q 7.In the recently concluded 2G auctions Telewings is the highest bidder for 6 circles. Which MNC owns Telewings ?

Ans. Telenor 

Q8. Name the Hindi and Urdu newspapers brought by Associated journals ltd which used to bring out National Herald.

Ans. Navjivan and Quami Awaz  

Q9. Japan has lost it’s edge in TV. Among the following brands Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sharp which brand has stopped mfg TVs ?

Ans. Hitachi  

Q 10. Tom and James Monaghan started a pizza restaurant.James sold his 50 % stake to his bro for a used VW Beetle. Which chain ?

Ans. Dominos 

Q 11. On the Diwali day, BSE has a special Mahurat trading for start of a new year. What Samvat starts today ?

Ans. 2069 

Q 12. One of the well known FMCG brand had a photo of a lamp in its early packs and it had Diwali had its sub brand. Name the brand.

Ans. Tata salt  

Q 13. In management jargon, what is gamification ?

Ans.Use of game mechanics and game design techniques in workplace like giving badges, leader boards etc 

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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Weekly Business Quiz # 155

Q 1Which US defence major will have a woman Marilyn Dewson as CEO ?

Ans. Lockheed martin

Q 2. What is the amount which Vikram Pandit will receive in 2012 from Citi ?

Ans. US $ 15 million

Q3. In the context of bond prices, what are clean and dirty prices ?

Ans. Dirty price includes accrued interest and clean does not

Q4. Connect the brands Maruti Astar, Xylys, Tata Motors, Omron to a celebrity.

Ans.Farhan Akhtar

Q5. What was the brand of Whisky which Diageo had in India before it decided to quit in 2002 ?

Ans. Gilbey’s Green Label

Q6. Connect the brands Li Ning, Flypower, Thwack and Victor to a sport

Ans. All are Badminton eqpt suppliers

Q7. Name the NYT blogger who has become a celebrity after getting his Obama reelection prediction bang on.

Ans. Nate Silver

Q8. Which MNC chain has launched Indian desserts like Coconut Rossogollas, Petal Gulab Jamuns , Motichoor for the season in India ?

Ans. Dunkin Donut

Q9. What is fiscal cliff ?

Ans. Fiscal cliff used to describe the conundrum that the U.S. govt will face end 2012 due to Budget Control Act 2011

Q 10. What are industrial show tunes ?

Ans. Songs and tunes created by the companies for their employees, suppliers etc. These are not ad jingles.

Q 11. Name this consulting firm that once advised Gadhafi and even employed Rahul Gandhi. The firm was promoted by Harvard Professors.

Ans. Monitor Consulting

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


Wishing all the readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali !


Weekly Business Quiz # 154

Q 1. Merger of Bertelsmann’s and Pearson’s publishing divisions will create a. Mega publisher. Name the two houses

Ans. Penguin and Random House

Q 2. What does “open book management” advocate ?

Ans. A philosophy where mgmt shares a lot of info particularly on finances with employees

Q3. Deepika Padukone : Sony Cybershot, Priyanka Chopra | Nikon, Anushka Sharma : which brand ?

Ans. Canon compact

Q 4. With which Indian cricketer would you associate SPORTSFIT ?

Ans. MS Dhoni

Q5. Who is acquiring the production co Lucas Works the co that made Star Wars ?

Ans. Walt Disney

Q6. Which Mumbai based co is behind Haldia Bulk Terminals that has decided to leave Bengal because of safety issues ?

Ans. ABG Shipyard

Q7. What will be the name of the company for the non-IT businesses of Wipro Ltd ?

Ans. Wipro Enterprises Ltd

–  Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan