Month: April 2011

Weekly Business Quiz # 76

Q1. Former Sony chairman Noria Ohga died recently. He created the audio CD. Why did he insist the CD should play 75 mins.?

Ans. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was 75 mins long. He was a big fan of classical music

Q2. Which co has asked its ind. directors to return the excess remuneration paid to them by the previous mgmt to keep their mouth shut ?

Ans.  Mahindra Satyam

Q3. Why is Britain expected to have a huge surge in tourist traffic in the weekend starting april 29th ?

Ans.William Kate royal wedding

Q4. Crown Jewels is presented in a heirloom collectors box. CJ- the strength of a prince with the yielding sensitivity of a princess to be What is crown Jewels?

Ans. condoms

Q5. Name the two indian businessmen who figure in the TIME list of most influential persons of 2010 in the world.


Q6. Name the central registry created to check home loan frauds in india .


Q7. Who has bought 51 % stake in Tata Steel subsidiary Tata Refractories ?

Ans.  Nippon steel

Q8. As gold crosses 1500$ mark recall the price of gold in 2006. a. Below 500$ b. > 500 & < 750 c. > 750 & < 1000 d. > 1000&< 1250

Ans b. around 600 $

Q9. Gautam Doshi, Surendra Pipara and Hari Nair high profile occupants of Tihar Jail. To which business house they belong ?

Ans. Reliance ADAG

Q10. As per a PwC study of 37 indian companies across sectors what is the average annual remuneration paid to an employee ?

Ans.  Rs 4.8 lakhs p.a

Q11. What is ‘INDIA + 1’ model of software outsourcing ?

Ans.  A de-risking strategy to outsource to one more country in addition to India

Q12. Which corporate group having a hotel business is seen as a big takeover threat by Oberoi and Leela groups ?

Ans. ITC

Q13. In the Education First -english proficiency index published recently india is ranked 30th. What is china’s rank ?

Ans. 29th

Q14. is an internet radio station having alt commentary on IPL promoted by Anupam Mukherji.Why he became famous in IPL -2 in ’09?

Ans. The Fakeiplplayer blog

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 75

 Q1. Which luxury car co made its only budget car model single door ISETTA during the depression that followed WWII ?

Ans. BMW. This model was surveyed for India in the 60s and BMW even had planned to set up a plant in Patna but later dropped.

Q2. Which brand is running a scheme called POWERPLAY during the IPL ?

Ans. Godrej – all products

Q3. Yusuf and Irfan Pathan come together on the Brrrr ad for Coke. Which IPL team jerseys they wear in the TVC ?

Ans. KKR and DD respectively 

Q4. Which consumer products co has appointed BITS XLRI alum Rakesh Kapoor as its new global CEO ?

Ans. Reckitt Benckiser

Q5. A CA from Prakash Roadlines accompanied his friend to Infosys AGM and asked many questions which impressed NRN and this led him to a job with them. Who are we talking about ?

Ans. TV Mohandas Pai 

 Q6. A  __________  is a place where them lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain. said Robert Frost. Fill in the blank.

Ans.  BANK

Q7. AMBEROID is the 21st century version of which indian iconic brand ?

Ans.  Ambassador car

Q8. “Love everything or pay nothing was a promotion where travellers could receive full refund for any complaint “. Which international airline had this scheme last year ?

Ans. OpenSkies, an all Business-Class airline belonging to the British Airways Group 

Q9. Big B endorses many products. Now he is endorsing NUTRICHARGE. It is from a pharma co his family owned once. Name it.

An. IPCA labs

10. Name the indian retail pioneer who built SPENCERS, FOODWORLD, RELIANCE RETAIL and later joined FUTURE GROUP. He died recently.

Ans. Raghu Pillai

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Why PLUs love AC 3Tier

Ever since the Indian railways introduced the AC 3 -Tier coaches 10-12 years ago, they have become very popular. It started as an experiment to replace the erstwhile 1st class (Non-AC) coaches and priced at the same level. Since then, the railways have replaced all Ist class (Non-AC) coaches with AC 3-Tier coaches. It is not just replacement of the Ist Class (Non-AC) coaches , in all the new trains introduced later such as Durontos, AC 3-Tier coaches have been provided.

AC 3Tier is such a popular class of travel that during the holiday seasons, it is among the first ones to get filled up.  The number of coaches of AC 3-Tier in many long distance trains are continuously being increased to cater to this ever growing demand.

Here is an attempt to analyse why this class of travel has gained popularity. It started as a replacement to the Ist Class ( Non-AC). The traditional Ist Class passengers, such as the government servants, interview candidates  and the families travelling on Leave travel concessions had already shifted to the AC 2 tier/ Air travel as the eligibility shifted. Thus Ist class remained a class of last resort to passengers who were unable to secure  AC 2 Tier or  sleeper class reservations.

As passengers accidentally tried the AC 3 Tier, they started seeing its virtues. The Airconditioning made long distance travel comfortable as opposed to the non-AC first class coaches. Also, the AC environment cut out the dust and noise an inevitable accompaniment in sleeper or Ist class (non-AC) .It may be 3 times costlier than the sleeper class, but it was still 33 % cheaper than the AC 2 Tier. The lesser space and headroom in comparison to the AC 2 tier   was a compromise the value conscious Indians were willing to make for the lower fares. Perhaps, similar reasons make low cost carriers gaining market shares.

Since the 90s, with the prosperity coming to the PLUs ( people like us/urban middle class Indians), who traditionally travelled by sleeper class for family holidays and personal travel, found the AC 3 Tier an affordable and attractive option. Besides, the practical benefits of AC travel, there could be other emotional reasons of choosing to travel by AC 3 tier.

The growth of the 90s and 2000s, led to rising isolation of PLUs with the rest of India and Indians. As many commentators talk about the rise of gated communities, private schools, private hospitals, AC cars, etc making the yuppies having little contact with the rest of India and Indians.

The ordinary Indians (aam aadmi)  who PLUs wish to move away from travel by the sleeper class. AC 3 Tier for a small price, isolates PLUs from the ordinary Indians. The glass windows and curtains keep the filth and chaos of Indian stations out of sight. Also, the fellow travellers are PLUs, who have chosen AC 3 Tier for similar reasons. Snobs who can’t afford.

Sometimes accidental innovations like these rather than conscious innovations ( like the ill-fated 3rd berth added to the side berth in AC 3 tier coaches) work in India.

– G.Mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 74

Q1. If Scotch is a whisky, which drink is also known as WHISKEY ( note the spelling) ?


Q2. As per a co policy, utterance of what phrase in BLACKBERRY would invite a penalty of treating doughnuts to all employees ?

 Ans. Stock price

Q3. In Chennai under what brand name has HUL launched health drinks that are fruit juices mixed with soya ?

 Ans. Kissan

Q4. With which celebrity would you associate the perfumes PASSION, WHITE DIAMONDS, VIOLET EYES ?

Ans. Elizabeth Taylor

Q5. Which internet major has started a service where tunes can be bought and stored on the cloud and accessed from any device ?


Q6. Who has acquired National Semiconductor to become the third largest chip co behind INTEL and SAMSUNG ?

 Ans. Texas instruments

Q7. Which IT sector veteran has started a new IT services co having a quaint name HAPPIEST MINDS (sounds like a KG school)?

Ans. Ashok Soota

Q8. Which hotel chain owns the luxury hotel brand WALDORF ASTORIA ?

Ans. Hilton

Q9. Marking the decline of Nokia and the rise of others in smartphones which Taiwanese mfr now has a higher market cap than Nokia ?

Ans. HTC

Q10. A new book FROM BRINK OF BANKRUPTCY is a candid account of which indian blue chip of yesteryears by its owner ?

Ans. On DCM by Vinay Bharat Ram

Q11. Sun pharma, Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy’s besides being large pharma companies have one more thing in common?

Ans. All were part of  BSE SENSEX some time and later removed

Q12. Name the indian retail pioneer who built SPENCERS, FOODWORLD, RELIANCE RETAIL and later joined FUTURE GROUP. He died y’day.

Ans. Raghu Pillai

Q13. Name this maverick activist, in news along with Anna Hazare ,who started his career as a lecturer of business management in ’63.

Ans. Swami Agnivesh

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 73

 Q 1. In which popular TV reality show the host Donald Trump in US and Lord Alan Sugar on BBC uses the phrase ” You’re fired ” ?

Ans. The apprentice

  Q2. Which product has a cricket inspired slogan ” When the match ends, your game begins ” ?

Ans. Axe Googly 

  Q3. Henry Ford said you can have any color you want as long as it is black.Ford is not accepting any orders for black cars temporarily. Why?

Ans.  Supply chain problems due to  japan earthquake

 Q4. As Ponting resigns as Australian captainand betting is high on the IND PAK match, define a PUNTER ?

Ans.  One who bets 

Q5. With whom has the LIC mutual fund tied up ?

Ans. Nomura

  Q6. Ashok Leyland in collaboration with NISSAN has launched LCVs in comp to TATA ACE. Name it.

Ans. Dost

  Q7.  As its high profile chairman OP BHATT retires he will be inaugurating an ATM in MUMBAI. How many ATMs SBI has now ?

Ans.  25,000

  Q8. Why will the Vodafone pug no longer chase its pug faced Indian owner wherever he goes ?

Ans. Essar has sold its stake in Vodafone India to Vodafone

  Q9. The 2011 census has shocking sex ratio. 914 females to 1000 males 0-6 age group. What device has aided this despite sex determination bans ?

Ans. Mobile ultrasound 

Q10. Which two centres of gambling earn more revenue from the casino business than Las Vegas ?

Ans. Macau and Singapore
Q11. Which co was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 to allow “people with limited means to furnish their houses like rich people” ?
Ans.  IKEA
Q12. If Scotch is a whisky, which drink is also known as WHISKEY ?
 Q13. What is Oracle offering in ‘cash for clunkers’ scheme in exchange for HP Superdome servers, depicting them as industrial waste ?
Ans. Sun servers
Q14. Which Bollywood actress will appear first as a Barbie doll from Mattel ?
Ans. Katrina kaif
 Q15. What is smart order routing in stock trading ?
Ans. A software that helps route the order to the right stock exchange NSE or BSE based on the prices.
 Q16. As per a co policy, utterance of what phrase in BLACKBERRY maker RIM would invite a penalty of treating doughnuts to all employees ?
Ans.Stock price
– Compiled by G.Mohan twitter handle @go_mohan