Month: November 2014

Weekly Business Quiz # 260

Q 1. What innovative distribution is being used by Britannia to launch its premium cookies Good Day Chunkies, Rs 50 for 6 cookies ?

Ans. e- Launch in Amazon

Q 2. What is common to the E-commerce firms Snapdeal, Bluestone and Urban ladder ?

Ans. Investment by Ratan Tata

Q3. Which grocery retail chain now sold to Future Group was the first Indian store to have a Point of Sale terminal in India ?

Ans. Nilgiris

Q 4. Which two pizza chains will merge to form India’s third largest pizza chain after Domino’s and Pizza Hut ?

Ans. Papa John’s is acquiring Pizza Corner

Q5. Which new history and mythology channel has started with the tagline ‘Kahaniyan Hindustan Ki ‘ ?


Q6. How did the electrical appliances company Havells get its name ?

Ans. From the original founder’s name Haveli Ram

Q7. Identify the logo.


Ans. Ruby on Rails- a programming language

Q8. She is the first woman MD of LIC. Name her.


Ans. Usha Sangwan

Q 9. What does the Google Bus do in Bangladesh ?

Google Bus

Ans. Educating students about Internet

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 259

Q1. Who is China’s largest carmaker ?


Q2. What is ‘surge-pricing’ , often used by airlines and taxi companies ?

Ans. Charging higher during peak demand periods

Q3. Which is the No. 1 area of spending CSR by Indian companies ?

Ans. education

Q4. Why are NASSCOM and 11 BPO firms running a camapign by visting colleges ?

Ans. BPO jobs are unpopular as call center jobs..NASSCOM wants to make students aware of different job opportunities in BPOs

Q5. The railway minister Suresh Prabhu has announced an incentive to the project team for timely completion of projects. What is the incentive ?

Ans. 2 % of the project cost

Q6. According to a recent GfK brand perception study on nations what are the top 3 country brands ?

Ans. 1. Germany 2. USA 3. UK

Q7. Amazon is launching an enterprise level database to compete with the likes of Oracle. What is its name ?

Ans. Aurora

Q8. A condom brand has joined the Swachch Bharat mission by giving disposal pouches. It advertises as ” Just Sex. No Mess”. Name the brand.

Ans. Skore

Q9. Why has Alibaba copyrighted the “Double 11” keyword ?

Ans. Singles Day in China is a very important day in the shopping calendar

– Compiled by G.Mohan
The Weekly Business Quiz completed 5 years this week. Thanks to all the regular visitors, subscribers and quiz enthusiasts who have kept this going.