Month: February 2011

Weekly Business Quiz # 67

Q1. With what type of film making would you associate 2D, 3D, CGI, FLASH formats ?

Ans. Animation films

 Q2. Which brand has launched a new TV campaign bringing out Indians’ obsession with extracting value like reuse of wrappers ?

Ans. Maruti

Q3. In the list of top 10 MNCs operating in India cos from which country have the largest representation ?

Ans. Korea with 3 – Hyundai, LG and  Samsung

Q4. Who are the co authors of EXECUTION who claim that they learnt business in their family’s shoe shops as kids?

Ans.  Ram Charan & Larry Bossidy

Q5. If BAIDU is china’s leading search engine what is WEIBO ?

Ans. Microblogging site like Twitter

Q6. What is the opposite for synergy ? Where two plus two is barely three.

Ans. Dysergy

Q7. Charles Coffin CEO from 1892 to 1912 realised that his co’s real products were’nt light bulbs or electric motors but leaders. Which co?


Q8. Why is indian govt signing agreements with Virgin islands, isle of man, Bermuda ,the Bahamas etc ?

Ans. To get info from tax havens

Q9. Which chilli has toppled the Indian BHUT JOLOKIA to become the hottest chilli in the world ?

Ans. Infinity from England

Q10. With brands like Flying machine, FASTRACK, HERBALIFE which young cricket star is the new toast of the ad world ?


Q11. Unholy telecom alliances TATA- UNINOR , ADAG- SWAN , ESSAR – __ ?


Q12.  Guts, Grit and Gumption’ is a book on the change in which Indian large organisation ?

Ans. SBI

Q13. Connect RELIANCE ,PEPSI, HERO HONDA LG to an event ?

Ans. All sponsors of Cricket world cup ’11  

Q15.   “Life is short. have an affair” is th etagline of which controvrsial social networking site promoting adultery ? 
Q16. The 83 world cup which india won had a prize money of 30000 $. What is the total prize money in the 2011 one. ?
Ans. 6.1 million 200 times wow!
– Compiled by G.Mohan    Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 66

Q1. After bifocals progressives now electronic spectacles Empower will help the 40+ to see better. How does it work?

Ans.  Battery powered crystals which can be switched on for reading and put off other times.

Q2. Name this Google employee in egypt who used a nom de plume El Shaheed and created a popular FB page ‘we are all KHALED SAID’.

Ans. Wael Ghonim

Q3. Televisions are today available in 3D, Full HD, LCD , LED. Arrange them in increasing order of prices same size brand etc


Q4. The youth of Cairo armed with nothing but ________ and the power of their convictions ‘have achieved this change – El Baradei. Fill the blank.


Q5. Which car will be the first in the world to have an IPAD as a std fitment ?

Ans.  Land Rover

Q6.  Fire is sacred for parsis. Fire seems to be cursing this parsi house. After their cars caught fire now their HQ had fire killing 3. Which house ?

Ans. Tata Group HQ Bombay House caught fire recently

Q7. After mobile no. what has been made portable in India from July ’11 ?

Ans. Health insurance

Q8.  IBA and govt have launched a project to bring banking services to 73000 unbanked villages by Mar 12. What is it called ?

Ans. Swabhimaan

Q9. Kapil Sibal inaugurated the video server of NPTEL yesterday. Expand NPTEL.

Ans. National programme on tech enabled learning

Q10. C Chandramouli says “this is the most elaborate exercise in the world during peacetime’. Who and what ?

Ans.  Census commissioner on Census 2011

Q11. Advertisers paid as high as 3m $ for 30s TV spot for a match between Green bay packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. Name the event.

Ans. Superbowl

– Compiled by G.Mohan

Lessons from Egypt for Indian IT companies

The revolution in Egypt is a historic event. A ruler of 30 years was overthrown by angry youth. who were not even born when Mubarak became President. These youth did not come under a common banner, nor did they have a leader. The despair was building up perhaps, for years.Social media like Facebook and Twitter helped them to find that there are many who felt the same. Some courageous young men like Google employee Wael Ghonim came out in the open. They got support from elders like Mohamed El Baradei and even the oldest political group, Muslim Brotherhood. The repressive Mubarak govt, tried to curb them by arresting Ghonim, blocking Internet and banning Al Jazeera to telecast news etc. Yet, these young people took control of Tahrir square and without worrying about the consequences were able to overthrow Mubarak in 18 days.

The anger and frustration of this youth emanated from many sources. Firstly, they felt stifled and did not feel free. Secondly, despite so many years of freedom, the unemployment was running high and their economic lot had not improved. Thirdly, their ruler Mubarak and his cronies around him had amassed huge wealth and stashed them abroad. Fourthly, the geriatric rulers just could not feel the pulse of the youth.

Before the Internet era it would have been necessary for these angry citizens to meet, discuss, organise themselves and then plan a revolt. Meeting even secretly and organising themselves in a dictatorship like Egypt would be at great risk to life and property. Thanks to the social media, it is possible for people to meet virtually, just as they are going about their jobs and yet plan for a revolt of the kind Egypt saw.

Indian IT services companies today are large with the big ones having employees of more than 100,000 each. These companies thrive on a very young employee base. Average age of employees in many of these companies would be around 27 years. The average  employee of these IT companies is part of the Internet generation.

Most large IT companies, as per company policy, do not allow access to any of the social networking sites. The stated reason is to maintain confidentiality of client information and to improve productivity. The unstated reason is not allowing their young employees to connect, form unions and express dissent of any kind.

Yet, employees are active on the social networking sites using their smartphones, home computers or even wireless modems on their laptops. When 3G will be launched India wide and gains popularity, this will become even easier. Being young they are, many might be today using them only for dating and generally socialising, but if the despair builds up these networks can easily find other uses.

Although, the despair among the employees in IT companies is nowhere near the boiling point reached in Egypt , there are a few areas which need attention. Firstly, most companies particularly the older ones are very heirarchical and do not allow the young employees to complain or give suggestions. They are just expected to take orders. Dissent is not encouraged and often punished. Secondly, the top management is from a different generation and often quite disconnected with the aspirations and frustrations of an average young employee. Thirdly, the CEOs reward themselves with huge salaries and commissions even during recession, when the salaries at lower levels are frozen. This is noticed and employees just gripe about it. Fourthly, cronyism is rampant and meritocracy is just for lip service. Their legitimacy is often questioned by the young employees, in private. Lastly, just like Mubarak’s focus to keep US happy , the top managements are focussed on keeping the analysts and shareholders pleased, even at the cost of employees.

The HR departments of most IT companies are just efficient recruitment engines. They are quite occupied doing routine administration and processing. They just do not have the understanding nor the capability to manage the large human communities these organisations have become.

The HR managers will be found wanting if an Egypt like revolt erupts in  their organisation. They will have to go hiding behind their pile of PCMM certificates and 360 degree appraisals.

Weekly Business Quiz #65

Q1. US retailer engages top designers to design everyday home items like tea kettles etc,  mass produces them and sells at discount thereby competing with the likes of Wal-mart?


 Q2. Which car major has launched a luxury sports sedan named KIZASHI ?

Ans. Maruti Suzuki

Q3. Name the low profile partner of Warren Buffett of over 40 years who shares his investment philosophy.

Ans. Charlie Munger

Q4. What brand of diamond jewellery is owned by the Mehtas of ROSY BLUE listed by LGT bank for stashing black money abroad ?


Q5. What is ‘KODAK courage’ ?

Ans.  Extra courage displayed when being clicked for a photograph

Q6. What is innovative about THE DAILY launched by Rupert Murdoch ?

Ans. First newspaper designed excl for iPAD.

Q7. If Times of India has a job site called, which media group owns the website SHINE ?


Q8. Under what brand is Pepsi launching cookies in the indian market ?

Ans. Quaker

Q9. As the internet runs out of IP addresses what new protocol will solve this problem ?

Ans.  IPv6

Q10.  Which guru once said with 20 hours of library research about a co he would know as much about the business as the CEO?

Ans. Michael Porter

Q11. Which Indian hotel chain claims they don’t sell rooms, they sell sleep ?

Ans.  ITC WelcomGroup

Q12. Why is carbon black added to rubber while making tyres ?

Ans. To provide strength and durability

Q13. Which indian co has brought out a cell phone for seniors with big keypad, large display and an SOS button ?

Ans iBall

Q14. Who has taken charge as PMs advisor on skill development in a cabinet rank ?

Ans. S.Ramadorai

Q15. Why is french businessman BERGGUENEN called a homeless billionaire ?

Ans. He has no house, lives in hotels and owns a pvt jet

– Compiled by G.Mohan