Weekly Business Quiz # 343


Q1. Name the man behind the eponymous app considered to be hottest educational technology startup that is teaching Indians to ‘think and learn’ .

Ans. Byju Raveendran of Byju’s

Q 2. Name the advertiser running this campaign.

amazon fashion

Ans. Amazon Fashion

Q3. Which saree retail chain has introduced the innovation of a saree with a pocket ?

Ans. Sri Kumaran Silks

Q4. What special feat did the 114 km rail stretch between Rameswaram – Manamadurai achieved on 24th July , 2016 ?

Ans. Inauguration of country’s first green corridor, discharge free zones. Stretch will have 10 trains running with bio-toilets

Q5. Under which brand has Nestlé (India) introduced a mix for making masala tea  ?

Ans. Everyday Masala Fusion

Q6. Which was the first radio station in India that was inaugurated on July 23, 1927 ?

Ans. Indian Broadcast Company (IBC), Bombay it later became part of All India Radio


Q7. To which sportstar is the quote “Republicans buy sneakers, too’ attributed to for not taking a stand against violence on African-Americans ?

Ans. Michael Jordan , the basket ball star , because he was a Nike endorser

Q8. What is razor-and-blades pricing strategy ?

Ans. A strategy where the main product is sold cheap and its complementary consumable is priced high. Gillette uses this strategy. Also used by printer manufacturers who discount the printers and make money in toners.

Q9. Name the author of the best selling book ‘Work Rules!’ who served as the head of HR of Google for 10 years and thus moulding it’s unique culture

Ans. Lazlo Bock

Q 10. There are only two non-financial companies that have a AAA rating from S&P. One of them is Microsoft. Name the other.

Ans. Johnson and Johnson

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan 

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