Month: February 2018

Weekly Business Quiz # 408


Q 1. Which Bollywood star had endorsed the following brands at different times : Lux, Ching’s Secret, Vanish detergent, Tanishq jewellery and Dabur Amla Hair Oil ?

Ans. Sridevi

Q 2. Which group now owns ACK Media Pvt Ltd the company that publishes Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle comics ?

Ans. Future Group
Q 3. Who is the preferred banker of Virat Kohli ?
Virat PNB q
Ans. Punjab National Bank
Q4. Tanishq has launched an exclusive sub-brand for jewellery for men . What is it called ?
Ans. Aveer
Q5. Which new General Entertianment Channel has started on Indian TV with a biopic on Baba Ramdev titled Swami Ramdev : Ek Sangharsh ?
swami ramdev ek sangharsh
Ans. Discovery JEET
Q6. Reliance Jio advertisements and commercials are made by an inhouse agency. What is it called ?
Ans. JIO Studios
Q7. Which brand is being endorsed here on social media by Internet sensation Priya Varrier ?
Priya Varrier
Ans. Pringles


Q 8. Which company has been ranked # 1 in terms of Best company to work for by the Fortune magazine in its recent list ?

Ans. Salesforce

Q9. Tweet from a Reality TV star caused a big drop in the share price of Snap, the parent co of Snapchat. Name her

Ans. Kylie Jenner

Q 10. In which country KFC had to close down several outlets temporarily due to non-availability of supplies of chicken ?

Ans, UK

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Guest Business Quiz # 14

IBQ has great pleasure in presenting a Guest Quiz contributed by Walnut Knowledge Solutions.

Hope you have a great time cracking them!

Q.1. Shown here are two gentlemen: an Indian agricultural scientist and a Indian author who share a common first name. Name them.

Q.1.gurcharan singh kalkatQ.1.gurcharan das

Ans. Gurcharan Singh Kalkat was the founder chairman of the Punjab State Farmers Commission (PSFC), known for his contributions in bringing the green revolution to Punjab.He has also worked with Norman Borlaug when the Nobel Laureate was working on high yielding wheat varieties in the 1960s.

Gurcharan Das is an Indian author, commentator and public intellectual. He was CEO of Procter & Gamble India. In 1995, he took early retirement to become a full-time writer.

Q.2. Which NGO posted this image on their social media platforms to celebrate their 39th anniversary? 

Answer 2 CRY

Ans. CRY (Child Rights and You)

Q.3. Connect.

Q.3.Gallup Inc.

Ans. Gallup Inc.


  1. Voice of the People is their popular survey
  2. David Ogilvy was the Vice President
  3. In 1936, Gallup successfully predicted that Franklin Roosevelt would win.
  4. Founder George Gallup

 Q.4. Fill in the blanks in the right order.

  1. ________, a Norwegian conglomerate owns MTR Foods.
  2. ________, is the company behind Speedtest, and is the global leader in internet testing and analysis. 
  3. The full form of NOIDA is New ______ Industrial Development Authority.

Answer 4 OrklaAnswer 4 OoklaAnswer 4 Okhla

 Ans. Orkla, Ookla, Okhla

 Q.5. The replica of these can be found in the headquarters of which company? These locations were a part of its initial offering.

Ans. Airbnb

 Q.6. Which famous Indian fictional character, popular among children, is the brand ambassador of India’s first playschool chain, Shemrock?

Answer 6 Chhota bheem

Ans. ChhotaBheem

 Q.7. Identify these two similar looking brand logos.

Ans. Beats by Dr. Dre, Oxford Dictionaries

 Q.8. Roxy is a female sports clothing brand that was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in California. Which clothing brand is this the sister organization of?

Q.8. roxy

 Ans. Quiksilver

Q.9. Which website, founded in 2005 by Jack Herrick, has a slogan: “We’re trying to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything. Join us.”?

Answer 9 wikihow

Ans. WikiHow

Q.10. ‘Cartons Le Aao Classroom Banao’ is a campaign where cartons are being converted into benches.This is a campaign by which Swiss food processing and packaging solutions company? 

Q.10. cartons le aao

Ans. Tetra Pak

Answer 10 tetra pak

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