Month: April 2014

Weekly Business Quiz # 229

Q 1. At a time when many companies are entering wearable devices market, which major co has decided to move out of it ?
Ans. Nike Fuelband

Q 2. In US 2013, rank the advertising spend in various media in descending order 

a) newspaper. b) broadcast TV c) Internet d) radio

Ans. c,b.a,d

Q 3. For excellence in what are the Mirchi KAAN awards given away every year ?

Ans. Radio advertising

Q 4. What is unique about the Indian site raftaar dot in ?

Ans. Largest Hindi search portal

Q 5. Successful in film placements, Castaway : Fedex, Ironman: Audi, Quantum of Solace : Ford, Skyfall : ?

Ans. Sony or Aston Martin 

Q 6. What is ‘masstige’ branding ? 

Ans. Masstige branding is a marketing term meaning downward brand extension. The word is a portmanteau of the words mass and prestige and has been described as “prestige for the masses.”

Q 7. Google has acquired Titan Aerospace. In what business is Titan in ?

Ans. Solar powered drones

Q 8, Which US co is paying up to 5000 $ for disgruntled employees to quit ?

Ans. Amazon

Q9. At a time when most Indian politicians are reporting more wealth, how come Obama’s income has dropped ?

Ans. Royalty from books has dropped

Q 10. Google Glass is going on sale for one day only ie April 15. What is its price ?

Ans, 1500 $

Q 11. What is often used of icecreams in in ice cream ads so that they do not melt ?

Ans. Mashed potatoes

Q 12. Name the Indian born scientist behind the 1 $ DIY microscope which can magnify 2100 times.


Ans. Manu Prakash

Q 13. Which company has she taken over as CEO recently ?


Ans. Network 18 Digital

Q 14. Name this legendary British designer behind this and many other logos who passed away today


Ans. Wally Olins

Q 15. This is taken from a recent TVC.Name the brand.


Ans. Mother Dairy

Q 16. In what business is Gamesa in ?


Ans. Wind turbines

Q 17. Why is Archie in the news ?


Ans. He will die soon.

Q 18. This boy figures in an interesting TVC. Name the advertiser.


Ans. Dr Fixit from Pidilite

Q 19. Identify the logo. Who owns it ?


Ans. Heartbleed. Codemenicon


There was no edition of WBQ last week. I have been tied up. Sorry.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 228

Q 1 With which co would you associate Kalimati investments ?
Ans. Tata Steel 

Q 2. Which two cement cos globally are merge to create the largest cement co in world ?
Ans. Holcim and Lafarge 

Q3. Who will become the second largest shareholder in Sun Pharma after the Sun-Ranbaxy deal ?
Ans. Daiichi Sankyo

Q4. Which logistics company has prescribed its drivers not to turn left as a company policy to save fuel and accidents ?
Ans. UPS

Q5.In which stock exchange is HomeShop 18 about to launch an IPO ?

Q6. Among IIMs A, B and C , only one of them is going to raise the fees this year. Which IIM ?
Ans. IIM C

Q7. Exposure by Michael Woodward is an expose of scandals in which Japanese company ?
Ans. Olympus

Q8. Which company has trademarked the phrase “with friends” and has used other companies over the use of it ?
Ans. Zynga

Q9. From April 3, USA has a new atomic clock that is the official time and frequency standard for the country. What is the name of the clock ?
Ans. NIST-F2

Q 10. After Satya Nadella took over, Microsoft has announced that Windows OS will be given free for devices below a certain screen size. What size ?
Ans, Less than 9 inches

Q 11. After PwC acquired Booz and Co, what is its new name ?
Ans. Strategy&

Q 12. What is the name of the virtual assistant which is included in the Microsoft Windows Mobile 8.1 ?
Ans. Cortana

Q 13. RBI has granted two companies banking licences. Name them.
Ans. IDFC and Bandhan Financial Services

Q 14. Identify the logo and the product category in which it’s a market leader.


Ans. Almonard , Industrial fans

Q 15. Independent India’s first voter Shyam Sharan Negi  is featured in a TVC. Name the advertiser


Ans. Google

Q 16. Identify this new device launched by Amazon.


Ans. Amazon dash. a device which can be used to place order on Amazon Fresh grocery store by waving the device on to the item’s code or by voice recording.

Q 17. Who is the Indian partner of this co in the health insurance business ?


Ans. TTK Healthcare


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 227

Q 1. Which Bollywood actor turned MP is the new face of GoDaddy ?
Ans. Mithun Chakraborty

Q 2. Who or what is a “Yummy”, a new phenotype being used by marketers ?
Ans. Young Urban Male

Q 3. “Just as genes propagate in the gene pool so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain.” Who coined the word “meme”?
Ans. Richard Dawkins

Q4. Which politician/minister asked Pepsi to add Lehar prefix to Pepsi when they launched it in India 25 years ago ?
Ans. Sharad Yadav 

Q5. HourlyNerd is making a consulting business out of renting McKinsey Moms. Who are McKinsey Moms ?
Ans. McKinsey Moms are former McKinsey employees who left McKinsey to raise a family

Q6. What is the new name for Infotech Enterprises Ltd ?
Ans. Cyient Limited

Q7. Why has Narayana Murthy refused to campaign for his former colleagues Nandan Nilekani and V Balakrishnan ?
Ans. He is an apolitical person and as Chairman Infosys has to work with whichever party is in govt

Q8. Who has created a video which has gone viral using real life Ronald McDonalds to endorse their breakfasts ?
Ans. Taco Bell

Q9. What Google product created by Paul Buchheit was launched 10 years ago on Apr 1 and was thought to be a April Fool day hoax ?
Ans. Gmail


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan