Month: May 2013

Weekly Business Quiz # 183

Q 1. N.Srinivasan is passionate about 2Cs according to a close associate. One of them is cricket. What is the other C ?

Ans. Cement

Q2. In Britannia, one VB has replaced another VB at the top. Name the two VBs ?

Ans. Varun Berry replaces Vinita Bali

Q3. Edison went to great lengths to prove his competitor’s technology was risky by electrocuting elephants etc. Name the technology and competitor.

Ans. AC and Nikola Tesla

Q4. India’s second largest vault after RBI is a 40,000 sqft facility that processes 5 million currency notes daily. Who owns it ?

Ans. SIS Prosegur

Q5. The book ” Wild Company: The Untold Story of ___ ___” . Fill in the blanks with a global apparel brand.

Ans. Banana Republic

Q6. The Saudi govt is implementing the Nitaqat system , which is affecting a large number of migrant workers. What does Nitaqat mean in Arabic ?

Ans. Ranges.

Q7. In the 19th century natural ice was brought from US to India in ships. This was pioneered by a trader known as Boston Ice King. Name him.

Ans. Frederic Tudor

Q8. With which film production house would you associate, Gurunath Meiyappan, the man now under investigation in spot fixing scam ?

Ans. AVM Productions

Q9. Which is the only private enterprise premises visited by Chinese Premier Li during his India visit ?

Ans. TCS in Mumbai

Q10. Why has the change in govt at Pakistan led to a sharp fall in demand for socks ?

Ans. Nawaz Sharif has ordered that no air conditioning will run in govt offices because of power shortage. He has ordered that no govt staff will wear socks ( perhaps it will smell !)

Q 11. What innovation is credited to American trucking magnate Malcolm Maclean in 1956 ?

Ans. Containersiation

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 182

Q1 What innovation is credited to American trucking magnate Malcolm Maclean in 1956 ?

Ans. Containerisation

Q 2What is Qi ( pronounced Chee) charging ?

Ans. Inductive charging of mobile phones

Q 3 Which co now in news for an IPO started life as A & M Communications Pvt Ltd in 1993 ?

Ans. Just Dial

Q 4 Which blogging platform was founded in 2007 by David Karp and is going to be acquired by Yahoo for 1.1 billion ?

Ans. Tumblr

Q 5.The NBA team Sacramento Kings has been acquired by a businessman of Indian origin for over 500 Mn $. This man was even called his ‘guru’ by Steve Jobs. Name him.

Ans. Vivek Ranadive

Q 6 When the big but obscure insurance company, wanted to come up with an idea for its identity, they discovered that their name sounds like a duck’s quack. They created a duck character which has since become an advertising icon recognised in the Madison avenue’s walk of fame. Identify the company.


Q 7. Abdul Mueed the head of Hamdard has a designation of Chief Mutawalli. His sons are called Mutawallis. Why such designations ?

Ans. Waqf 

Q 8 Jim Collins in the landmark book Good to great outlined the “Hedgehog principle” . What does it mean and why such a name ?

Ans. Hedgehog which saves itself by winding when any animal attacks likewise it refers to sticking to what one is best at i.e., ones core competency.

Q9. Which entrepreneur connects Fairever cream, Garden snacks, Maa fruit juices and Veg Nation chain of restaurants ?

Ans. C.K.Ranganathan of Cavin Kare

Q 10. Xavier Niel has opened a coding school in Paris where students would be taught coding free. It would not award any degree or diploma. There will be no lectures. For 1000 seats, they have received 50,000 applications. The school is curiously called ’42’. Why is it called ’42’ ?

Ans. In the Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy 42 is the ultimate answer to everything in life, universe, everything.

Q 11. The Financial Times described it as “one of the most prominent admissions of failure for a new mass-market consumer product since Coca-Cola’s New Coke fiasco nearly 30 years ago.what are we talking about ?

Ans. Microsoft’s Windows 8

Q 12. What began in the 17th century in Europe, where they were used to announce the impending arrival of prosperous or aristocratic people to their local town or even their home ?

Ans. Visiting cards

Q 13. Sony Corp has turned in a profit after many years. What is the single biggest reason for the profit ?

Ans. weaker yen

Q 14. In his classic The Theory of the Leisure Class, published in 1899, he argued that once the basis of social status became wealth itself – rather than, say, wisdom, knowledge, moral integrity, or skill in battle – the rich needed to find ways of spending money that had no other objective than the display of wealth itself. He termed this “conspicuous consumption.” Who coined the phrase “conspicuous consumption” ?

Ans. Thorstein Veblen

Q 15. What unique policy has been adopted by the UK magazine Boots’ Health and beauty, which may become the norms for other mags too ?

Ans. No airbrushing or digital enhancement of models’ photographs

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 181

http://www.  is in the business of reverse logistics.What is reverse logistics ?

Ans. Reverse logistics is the distribution channel from consumer back to the producer usually for disposal or repair

In colloquial speak if Bain consultants are called Bainies, what are consultants of BCG and McKinsey called ?

Ans. BCG guys are Brainies and McKinsey guys are vainies

In which business are the companies Sport Mechanics, Sporting Minds and Kadamba leaders ?

Ans. Sports Analytics

Who is the first person to speak at Harvard without having a written script ? Hint: He is not a businessman.

Ans. PSY

One company has figured in the fortune 500 every year since 1955. Only in 2012 it did not appear. name it.

Ans. Eastman Kodak

There are only 3 companies which have occupied the top slot in Fortune 500 ever since 1955. Name them.

Ans. General Motors, Exxon Mobil and Wal-Mart

Name this American icon which started in 1904 and got dissolved in 2003. Part of the first Fortune 500, it supplied armours and rails.

Ans. Bethlehem Steel

Which two Indian companies are allegedly involved in the cyber heist worth billions of dollars ?

Ans. Enstage and Electracard

Which vehicles will replace Maruti Gypsy in the Indian Army ?

Ans. Mahindra Scorpio and/or Tata Safari

Who has written the Foreword for Shobha Dondre’s book Dhandha : How Gujaratis do Business ?

Ans. Narendra Modi

It started in 1898 as Chicago Butter and Egg Board, an agri exchange. Today it is many times bigger than CBOT. How do we know it today ?

Ans. CME, formerly known as Chicago Mercantlie Exchange

Which group was the major occupant of Rana Plaza building that collapsed in Savar, Bangladesh leading to over 1000 deaths ?

Ans. New Wave Group

ITC Chief YC Deveshwar has bought a house in New Delhi for Rs 85 crore only,Who was the seller ?

Ans. Aman Mehta of HSBC

Who owns the rights for compiling the HSBC purchasing managers index ?

Ans. Markit Group

Who will take over from Pascal Lamy as the next DG of WTO ?

Ans. Roberto Azevedo of Brazil

In airline trade, what is the difference between interline agreement and code-sharing ?

Ans.Interline agreements facilitates travel for guests who require flights with more than one airline to reach their final destination with single reservation. 

  • Code share agreements allow multiple airlines to sell space on the same flight as if it were their flight. Only in code share agreements can frequent flyer points be given by flying another airline.

Which software products major would be the first major co to discontinue CD/DVD to ship software and move to cloud totally ?

Ans. Adobe

Nisaba Godrej, daughter of Adi Godrej, recently married her classmate from Wharton in a simple ceremony. What was the invite ?

Ans. Office memo

Which cartoon character connects McDonalds, Holicks, Reynolds and Max SuperMarkets ?

Ans. Chhota Bheem

As per the TRAI released data for December ‘ 12 what is the ARPU in Rs for a GSM mobile user in India ?

Ans. Rs 98

Narayana Murthy has summarised his business philosophy as PSPD. What does PSPD stand ? ( not to be confused with the Orient Fans acronym:-)

Ans. Predicatibility, sustainability, profitability, De-risking

Who started a co focused on the Indian market called Softronics and closed it when he realised the market was weak ?

Ans. Narayana Murthy

It was started by the owner’s son who said ” I certainly don’t think that we will earn much money on this, but at least it will allow us to take pictures for free.” They represented Kodak in Sweden. Their cameras became very famous and was used by NASA in the Apollo mission. These cameras were belovedly archaic, taking pictures in a square format on actual, physical film. Their iconic 503CW ceased production this week. Name this Swedish brand

Ans. Hasselblad

Identify this man.

Clue 1 : Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He landed in the UK in ‘1960s. He only ate Cadbury’s milk chocolate for many days, because that was the only thing he was familar with in India.
Clue 2 : He is a manufacturing guru and… runs the Warwick Manufacturing Group in University of Warwick. He trains thousands of Indians and Chinese in cutting edge mfg.
Clue 3 : He was recognised by British govt and made a Labour Peer. He is Lord of Moseley.
Clue 4 : His closeness to Ratan Tata is clear when he says “She got rid of the automotive sector but kept the Jaguar because she knew there was a nugget there. And when it was finally disappearing, I went and told Ratan to buy it.” He also influenced Ratan in choosing Cyrus Mistry over other candidates.

Ans. Lord Kumar Bhattacharya

Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical reaper. His co merged with Deering Harvester in 1902 to become International Harvester. This co was part of the first Fortune 500. Now this co is no longer in agriculture but is still part of Fortune 500. How do we know this co. today ?

Ans. Navistar

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Post # 180

Which Indian jewellery co is India’s largest importer of gold at 120 tonnes per annum ?

Ans. Rajesh Exports

By using Big Data, Wal-Mart realised that sales of what product went up 7 times with onset of storms and hurricanes ?

Ans. Strawberry pop-tarts

Mukesh Ambani is the first businessman to get Z-category security, he will however pay for it. How much every month ?

Ans. Rs 14 lakhs per month

Which social networking site was started by Reid Hoffman and associates 10 years ago on May 5, 2003 ?

Ans. LinkedIn

What is the popular definition of kids born in the late ’70s and early ’80s, who attained youth in the turn if the century ?

Ans. Gen-Y or Millennials

Which premier B-school’s MBA grads will lose their jobs because they had forged their application forms at the time of entrance ?

Ans. NMIMS, Mumbai

Why did GG Tronics  MD Manjunath paid the 90 lakh bribe on behalf of Mahesh Kumar to Pawan Bansal’s nephew ? Explain

Ans. GGTronics is in railway signalling business. he paid bribe to help Mahesh Kumar get Member(Electrical) post on Railway Board. This was part payment for the Rs 10 crore bribe.

Harvard Prof , author Niall Ferguson in a recent Q & A session said a famous economist did not worry about future because he was gay. Who ?

Ans. John Keynes…had said ” In the long run, we are all dead”. 

Who has acquired the consumer imaging and document imaging businesses of Kodak, that may help it to come out of bankruptcy ?

Ans. The UK Pension Fund of Kodak 

Avis, Wonderbread, Sheraton hotels were all spun off from which conglomerate ?

Ans. ITT Corp

Which brand of Coca Cola co sells more than Coke not only in India, even in China ?

Ans. Sprite

Which is the first company in India to receive permission from RBI to set up white-label ATMs ?

Ans. Tata Communicatuion Payment Solutions Ltd

Why has the aviation regulator suspended 2 pilots and 2 flight attendants of Air India ?

Ans. The pilots put the flight on autopilot and went to sleep in the business class. The flight attendants were in the cockpit and accidentally put off the autopilot. There was no accident but it put 166 passengers life in danger

Netflix produced a TV series called ‘House of Cards’ which has become a big hit. It did something that was unusual for a TV series. What ?

Ans. All the 13 episodes were available simultaneously for binge viewers to view them

Which is the only domestic airline in the world to provide power socket and USB to every seat in every craft ?

Ans. Virgin 

We heard you. Now we’d love to see you.” Which retail chain has started a campaign apologising and urging customers to return ?

Ans. J.C.Penney

BSE has come up with an Islamic stocks index. What is it ?

Ans. 500 stocks that conform to the Shariah rules as per Islam.

Almost all TV channels are not airing ads. There is a dispute on billings method. What is the difference between gross and net billings ?

Ans.Gross billing incl 15 % commission of the ad agency/media releasing agency and net billings does not include it.

Equity linked savings schemes ( ELSS) are EEE ? In investment jargon, which schemes are EEE ?

Ans. EEE (Exempt-Exempt-Exempt) funds are not taxable at all the three stages — at the time of investments, the amount is deducted from your taxable income, during the period of investment when interest accrues it is not taxed and at the time of withdrawal too no tax is payable.

In the film OMG, the atheist Paresh Rawal was refused insurance claim bcoz of Act of God. What is ‘act of God’ ?

Ans. natural calamity like earthquake, tsunami

In mutual fund parlance what is B15 ?

Ans. beyond the Top 15 cities

Which is the first airline in the world to operate the Boeing Dreamliner after the battery problem has been recitified ?

Ans. Ethiopian airlines

Which company has launched a teeth whitening product called Visible White, with Sonam Kapoor as its brand ambassador ?

Ans. Visible White

Which country’s inflation reached an absurd 231,000,000% in the summer of 2008 ?

Ans. Zimbabwe

Who has taken over as the Chairman of the National Skill Development Corporation recently ?

Ans. S.Ramadorai of TCS

The TV spot rates for 10 sec ads for IPL finals was Rs 5-6 lacs in IPl-I. What are the rates for this year’s finals ?

Ans. Rs 15 lakhs

As per Indian alcohol policy what is the average age at which an Indian takes the first sip of alcohol today ? It was 28 in ’90s

Ans. 19 years


– compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter handle @go_mohan