Month: September 2014

Weekly Business Quiz # 252

Q 1. To which website would you be redirected to if you go to relentless dot com on the browser ?

Ans. Amazon

Q2. Which company has launched a 2 minute shower song challenge which asks people to conserve water by taking bath before the song is over ?

Ans. Hindustan Unilever under Project Sunlight

Q3. Which is the first railway station in India where wifi services have been started on a pilot basis ?

Ans. Chennai Central

Q4. Why is the bond king, Bill Gross, currently in the news ?

Ans. Bill Gross is quitting PIMCO and joining Janus Capital

Q5. Amma cement is the latest product launched by Tamil Nadu govt. What is the price at which a bag of cement will be sold under this brand ?

Ans. Rs 190 per bag

Q6. Who owns the social network for book lovers Goodreads ?

Ans. Amazon

Q7. Which division of GM would move out of Detroit to New York shortly to establish a premium exclusive identity ?

Ans. Cadillac

Q8. Which international FI successfully raised money through issuance of Maharaja bonds ?

Ans. IFC, Washington

Q9. In which country has DHL began using drones for delivery ?


Ans. Germany

Q 10. The promotion of Coke under a new scheme has increased sales. Explain the scheme.


Ans. As per the Share a Coke scheme people could buy bottles with names of their friends printed on it, thereby increasing the sales

Q 11. Who is the man with SRK and why is he in news ?


Ans. Arindam Chaudhuri..his institute IIPM has been barred from calling itself management institute or a B-school.

Q 12. In response to which news did Samsung came up with this advt recently ?


Ans. Bendgate of Apple iphone 6

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 251

Q.1. In E-Commerce, what are ‘programmatic’ advertisements ?

Ans. Showing pop-up ads to window shoppers on E-Commerce sites based on what they browsed a few milliseconds earlier

Q 2. Google is doing a ‘Roadblock” on Zee channels with Android One. In advertising jargon, what is a roadblock ?

Ans. When all the spots are booked by one advertiser and no other advertiser advertises

Q3. Which is the first Indian facewash brand to be available in a sachet ?

Ans. Everyuth by Zydus Cadila

Q4. In Indian media, what is BARC ?

Ans. Broadcast Audience Research Council

Q5. What is the name of the white label ATM network launched by Tatas ?

Ans. IndiCash

Q6. Which company has launched a universal keyboard that works on iOS, Android and Windows ?

Ans. Microsoft

Q7. What is the new designation for Larry Ellison at ORACLE ?

Ans. Chairman and Chief Technology Officer

Q8. What is the stock symbol of Alibaba in NYSE after its recent
blockbuster IPO and listing ?


Q9.Which Indian company announced that the number of women employees on their rolls crossed 1 lakh ?

Ans. TCS

Q10. What is a ‘cartogram’ ?

Ans. It is a map with statistical info shown diagrammatically.

Q11. Yahoo has acquired a Bangalore startup BookPad founded by 3 IIT Guwahati alumni. What is their key product and what it can do ?

Ans. Docupad is a docuviewer that helps viewing and editing word, excel, documents in a smartphone.

Q12. Chennai Super Kings is being de merged from which company ?

Ans. India Cements Ltd

Q13. In what capacity has Adil Zainulbhai joined the Modi team to realise the ‘Make in India’ dream ?

Ans. Chairman of Quality Council of India

Q 14. This is the logo of the advertising agency for Flipkart. Name it.


Ans. Happy Creative Services Ltd.

Q 15. She is the force behind Sakti3 a US startup making breakthroughs in battery technology. Name her.


Ans. Anna Marie Sastry

Q16. These are some of the smartest and richest entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Collectively, what are they called ?


Ans. The Paypal mafia. These were all the people who founded Paypal before selling it to eBay.

Q17. This is the corporate HQ of a company at Kochi which does not use bore water or public water, thanks to rain water harvesting. Name the company.

v guard

Ans. V Guard Industries Ltd.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 250

Q 1. September 15 is Engineers Day, named after Sir M.Visvesvaraya. Where is a SAIL unit named after him located ?

Ans. Bhadravati, Karnataka

Q 2.With which failed pioneering E Com venture was the founder of Bigbasket V S Sudhakar associated earlier ?

Ans. Fabmart which later became Fabmall

Q3. “We want to see a generator and inverter free India.” – Which Union Minister said this recently ?

Ans. Union power Minister, Piyush Goyal

Q4. What has the Mukund Rajan committee on Corporate Social Responsibility computed the norms and rates for ?

Ans. Valuation of time devoted by corporate execs and CXOs volunteering for social causes

Q5. Which iconic Indian brand used to have the tagline ” If you have the inclination, we have the time”.? This company will be shut down soon.

Ans. HMT watches

Q6 .Microsoft bought Mojang for 2.5 billion $. What is Mojang known for ?

Ans. Minecraft , a video game

Q7. Apple Pay the new payment mechanism in IPhone 6 uses a contact less technology called NFC. What is NFC ?

Ans. Near Field Communications

Q8. Which IT services company is acquiring Trizetto for $2.7 billion ?

Ans. Cognizant technology Solutions ( CTS)

Q9. To which country does the new smartphone brand launched in India belong ?

Ans. Singapore

Q10. What is unique about the Proterra buses ?


Ans. Electric buses

Q 11. What radical innovation is Ford making with its 2015 F-150 truck to be released by the end of this year ?


Ans. Nearly made entirely of aluminium and very little steel. This makes it lighter and hence very fuel efficient.

Q12. Lamborghini will be soon launching Huracan in India. What does Huracan mean ?


Ans. Spanish bull is the right answer. Huracan is the God of wind in Mayan mythology and it means Hurricane in Spanish.

Q 13. Identify the man standing in front of Steve Jobs.

Jon Ive

Ans. Jonathan Ive, the ace designer at Apple

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 249

Q 1. Identify this serial entrepreneur, consummate deal maker who has been declared bankrupt by the Seychelles Supreme Court.


Ans. C.Sivasankaran

Q 2. Which company has acquired the appliances business of GE ?

Ans. Electrolux

Q 3. Which Indian businessman has launched a TV show in his own name to guide entrepreneurs in a channel owned by him ?

Ans. Subhash Chandra of Zee TV

Q 4. Identify the persons in this picture.


Ans. Dhirubhai Ambani, Anil, Mukesh and Kokilaben Ambani

Q5. What is the Rashtriya Gokul mission ?

Ans. Govt programme to protect indigenous breeds of cow

Q6. Among the app developers this product is creating a lot of buzz. Identify this logo.


Ans. Docker App.

Q7. In response to which mascot did Sylvester DaCunha create the Amul girl 40 years ago ?

Ans. Polson dairy girl

Q8. This former Mayor of New York gets back to the top job once again to the company he founded and even now owns 88%. Name him and his eponymous company.


Ans. Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg LLP

Q9. Name the Company and its CEO in picture.


Ans. Neeraj Chandra of Atul auto

Q 10.What is the new model from Maruti Suzuki that has Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador ?

Ans. Ciaz

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



Weekly Business Quiz # 248

Q 1. Which brand haa replaced Coca Cola as the best global brand as per Interbrand ?

Ans. Apple

Q.2.Name the brand has supported General Patton,Babe Ruth and Buzz Aldrin because it believes in “Supporting Greatness”

Ans. Jockey

Q3. What is the name of the mobile job marketplace for blue collared workers and entry level job seekers by Tech Mahindra ?

Ans. Saral Rozgar

Q4. Govt of India has announced that new domain names can be registered in Devanagari script in 8 languages. This would be under what suffix ?

Ans. .bharat

Q5. Who has acquired Tim Hortons Canada’s largest fast casual restaurant chain recently ?

Ans. Burger King

Q6. Lipton logo also underwent a subtle change recently. The new logo colors and style are painfully close to another global brand. Name it.


Ans. Lays

Q7. Oxford dictionaries had a logo change recently. It seems quite close to another logo, shown on the right. The other logo belongs to whom ?


Ans. Beats by Dr.Dre

Q8. We have seen professional managers turning into entrepreneurs, the reverse is seen rarely. This businessman started as an entrepreneur and created a JV in India with a global giant. Come October 1 2014, he will be the CEO of the global company. Name this manager and the company.

Ramesh T

Ans. Ramesh Tainwala, CEO of Samsonite Worldwide

Q9. This is Swami Pranavananda , he is also the CEO of a textile company in Chennai. What is his real French name ?


Ans. Christian Fabre

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan