Month: September 2014

Weekly Business Quiz # 252

Q 1. To which website would you be redirected to if you go to relentless dot com on the browser ?

Ans. Amazon

Q2. Which company has launched a 2 minute shower song challenge which asks people to conserve water by taking bath before the song is over ?

Ans. Hindustan Unilever under Project Sunlight

Q3. Which is the first railway station in India where wifi services have been started on a pilot basis ?

Ans. Chennai Central

Q4. Why is the bond king, Bill Gross, currently in the news ?

Ans. Bill Gross is quitting PIMCO and joining Janus Capital

Q5. Amma cement is the latest product launched by Tamil Nadu govt. What is the price at which a bag of cement will be sold under this brand ?

Ans. Rs 190 per bag

Q6. Who owns the social network for book lovers Goodreads ?

Ans. Amazon

Q7. Which division of GM would move out of Detroit to New York shortly to establish a premium exclusive identity ?

Ans. Cadillac

Q8. Which international FI successfully raised money through issuance of Maharaja bonds ?

Ans. IFC, Washington

Q9. In which country has DHL began using drones for delivery ?


Ans. Germany

Q 10. The promotion of Coke under a new scheme has increased sales. Explain the scheme.


Ans. As per the Share a Coke scheme people could buy bottles with names of their friends printed on it, thereby increasing the sales

Q 11. Who is the man with SRK and why is he in news ?


Ans. Arindam Chaudhuri..his institute IIPM has been barred from calling itself management institute or a B-school.

Q 12. In response to which news did Samsung came up with this advt recently ?


Ans. Bendgate of Apple iphone 6

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 251

Q.1. In E-Commerce, what are ‘programmatic’ advertisements ?

Ans. Showing pop-up ads to window shoppers on E-Commerce sites based on what they browsed a few milliseconds earlier

Q 2. Google is doing a ‘Roadblock” on Zee channels with Android One. In advertising jargon, what is a roadblock ?

Ans. When all the spots are booked by one advertiser and no other advertiser advertises

Q3. Which is the first Indian facewash brand to be available in a sachet ?

Ans. Everyuth by Zydus Cadila

Q4. In Indian media, what is BARC ?

Ans. Broadcast Audience Research Council

Q5. What is the name of the white label ATM network launched by Tatas ?

Ans. IndiCash

Q6. Which company has launched a universal keyboard that works on iOS, Android and Windows ?

Ans. Microsoft

Q7. What is the new designation for Larry Ellison at ORACLE ?

Ans. Chairman and Chief Technology Officer

Q8. What is the stock symbol of Alibaba in NYSE after its recent
blockbuster IPO and listing ?


Q9.Which Indian company announced that the number of women employees on their rolls crossed 1 lakh ?

Ans. TCS

Q10. What is a ‘cartogram’ ?

Ans. It is a map with statistical info shown diagrammatically.

Q11. Yahoo has acquired a Bangalore startup BookPad founded by 3 IIT Guwahati alumni. What is their key product and what it can do ?

Ans. Docupad is a docuviewer that helps viewing and editing word, excel, documents in a smartphone.

Q12. Chennai Super Kings is being de merged from which company ?

Ans. India Cements Ltd

Q13. In what capacity has Adil Zainulbhai joined the Modi team to realise the ‘Make in India’ dream ?

Ans. Chairman of Quality Council of India

Q 14. This is the logo of the advertising agency for Flipkart. Name it.


Ans. Happy Creative Services Ltd.

Q 15. She is the force behind Sakti3 a US startup making breakthroughs in battery technology. Name her.


Ans. Anna Marie Sastry

Q16. These are some of the smartest and richest entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Collectively, what are they called ?


Ans. The Paypal mafia. These were all the people who founded Paypal before selling it to eBay.

Q17. This is the corporate HQ of a company at Kochi which does not use bore water or public water, thanks to rain water harvesting. Name the company.

v guard

Ans. V Guard Industries Ltd.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan