Month: November 2011

Weekly Business Quiz # 107

Q1. The campus placements in IIMs have been likened to what by Tata HR Chief Satish Pradhan ?

Ans. Cattle at Pushkar fair

Q2. Connect Bandit, intruder, Hayabuza..

Ans.Suzuki motorcycles

Q3. Name this luxury car model which Daimler has decided to withdraw from india ?

Ans. Maybach

. Q4Cyrus Mistry is the first Non-Indian national to head the Tatas. What passport does he have ?.

Ans. Irish

Q5. Name this detergent brand that created waves in the ’80s as competitor to Surf and is now being withdrawn.

Ans. Nirma

Q6. What is the day after Thanksgiving day called in the US ? Why is this day important for retail industry ?

Ans. Black Friday. Discount season

Q7. Verghese Kurien, the milkman of India celebrates his 90th birthday today. An easy question. How did AMUL get its name ?

Ans. Anand Milk Union Ltd

Q8. Under what brand has tanishq launched a range of low-priced jewllery for working women ?

Ans. Mia

Q9. Which co has launched the music of 3 that has the “Why this KOLAVERI di” tamil song that has gone viral ?

Ans. Sony Music

Q10. In Money market lingo, what is TED spread ?

Ans. The gap between LIBOR & US 3m treasury bill

Q11. Who has been named as the successor to Ratan Tata ?

Ans. Cyrus Mistry

Q12. Why is a 1967 study by psychologist Stanley Milgram relevant for today’s social networking world ?

Ans. The  concept of 6 degrees of freedom that separates any two humans

Q13, Name the man behind JaxtrSMS the free SMS service ?

Ans.Sabeer Bhatia

Q14. Which smartphone operating system is also known as ‘ice cream sandwich’ ?

Ans. Android 4.0

Q15. Theodore Forstmann who died recently coined the phrase ” Barbarians at the gate”. Who did he refer to as barbarians ?

Ans. The guys who do Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs)

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 106

Q1. In the Boost ad, a young boy appeared with Kapil Dev. He also went on to don the India cap. Name him.
Ans. Nikhil Chopra ( Source :GSK web-site)
Q2. The former telecom minister Sukh Ram has been convicted for receiving a bribe for a cable contract. What was the amount of the bribe ?
Ans. 3  lakh
Q3. What is TATA FIRST DOT ?
Ans. A platform for student startups
Q4 Which group has entered the retail sector with plans to launch over a lakh of small grocery outlets under the Q Shop name ?
Ans. Sahara
Q5. Which global brand has launched a controversial ad campaign showing Obama-Wen Lip kiss ?
Ans. Benetton
Q6. Raghuram Rajan and Pratap Bhanu Mehta have been awarded prizes for Economics and Pol Science. Name this prestigious prize.
Ans. Infosys Prize
Q7. My fathers watch was one. My alarm clock was one. Name this old swiss brand acquired by Titan for a mere 2 m euros.
Ans. Favre Leuba
Q8. Name this artist who accounts for 17% of contemporary art sales. His first exhibition was 32 paintings of Campbell’s soup cans.
Ans. Andy Warhol
Q9. Name this 100 year old car brand named after a swiss born racing driver and has a “bow-tie’ badge on its bonnet.
Ans. Chevrolet
Q10. Exxon Mobil is the world’s largest listed oil co. But it is only 11th if unlisted oil cos are included in terms of oil reserves. Name the #1 .
Ans. National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC) of Iran
Q11. How do we know this Korean conglomerale that started life as a noodle co and is today a group of 83 cos under a holding co Everland ?
Ans. Samsung ( it means three stars in Korean)
Q12. Add the next one in this series Archana, East West, Damania, NEPC, Paramount…
Ans. Kingfisher ( airlines)
Q13. Einstein is normally associated with theoretical physics. For which home appliance he has a joint patent with Leo Szilard?
Ans. Refrigerator
 Q14. What is common to the following @TCS , Infy Bubble, Cognizant 2.0, World of W, U&I ?
Ans. Social networking platforms of Tech cos. TCS, Infosys, CTS, Wipro and HCL respectively
-Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan