Month: September 2015

Weekly Business Quiz # 304

Q 1. PM Modi has launched BHARAT Fund during his speech at San Jose, USA. Besides India, what does it stand for ?

Ans. Better Health, Agriculture, Renewable and Technologies (BHARAT)

Q 2. What did Modi write in which language at The Facebook Wall during his visit to the Facebook HQ ?

Ans. He wrote satyameva jayate, vandemataram and ahimsa paramo dharma. in Gujarati

Q 3. Which US Presidential hopeful owns the website fromsecretarytoCEO dot com ?

Ans. Carly Fiorina

Q 4. Which is the first country to ban sale of new Euro 5 diesel cars ?

Ans. Switzerland

Q5. Which two families control 30 % each at the beleaguered Volkswagen AG?

Ans. Porsche and Piech families

Q6. Jet airways is offering a discount for travel on one day of the week. Which day ?

Ans. Tuesday

Q7. What is the difference between a shell company and a shelf company in the context of money laundering ?

Ans. Shell company is a non-trading company used as a vehicle for various financial manoeuvres or kept dormant for future use in some other capacity. Shelf company is a company that has already been legally formed, but is not active and can be bought by people who want to start a business quickly. Basic difference is for own use and for other’s use

Q8. With whom is PM Modi shaking hands in this picture ?


Ans. Elon Musk of Tesla Motors

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Weekly Business Quiz # 303

Q 1. Why is the Volkswagen CEO under a lot of stress and is likely to be dismissed ?

Ans. A fraud  about emissions data on diesel vehicles submitted to US Environment Protection Agency has come to light.

Q 2. Jagmohan Dalmiya was a businessman before he turned Indian cricket into a business. In what business was he in ?

Ans. Construction

Q3. How many engg college seats does the regulator AICTE propose to cut in India ?

Ans. 6,00,000

Q 4. Which media co has launched Gadget 360 an e-commerce site for gadgets ?


Q5. HP has announced a large layoff of about 30,000 persons as it splits into 2 cos. What is the largest ever layoff in US as per Fortune mag ?

Ans. IBM

Q6. Which watch is the most preferred model of terrorists ? This model is banned in Guantanamo bay because of this.

Ans. Casio F-91 W

Q7. Which car co is recalling 2.24 lakh cars, making it the largest recall ever in India ?

Ans. Honda

Q8. Which country had issued currency notes with Ganesha statue printed on it ?

rupiah q

Ans. Indonesia

Q9. Which company has acquired Firefox bikes in an all-cash deal ?

Ans. Hero Cycles

Q 10. Janet Yellen the US Fed Chief is a economist herself. Her husband is a Nobel prize winning economist. Name him.

Ans. George Akerlof

Q 11. In Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie Calendar Girls who is playing the role of Vijay Mallya ?

Ans. Suhel Seth

Q 12. As per a recent expose by Gurumurthy who is the real owner of Vasan Eye Care , a popular chain of eye clinics in South India ?

Ans. P.Chidambaram

Q 13. How many licences have been given by RBI to open small finance banks ?

Ans. Ten

Q 14. As per a recent order which postage stamps will be removed from circulation by department of posts ?

Ans. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi

Q 15. In which country is Didi Kuaidi a big competitor to Uber, the taxi service ?

Ans. China

Q 16. Peter Drucker had prescribed a ceiling on the ratio of CEO : lowest paid employee salary for morale and productivity what was ratio ?

Ans. 25 : 1

Q 17. Maruti Suzuki will be launching a premium hatchback soon to be marketed thru Nexa. What will it be called  ( Clue : an old name is being brought back ) ?

Ans. Baleno

Q 18. What has the Egyptian TV tycoon Nawisir proposed to the Greek govt to solve the refugee crisis ?

Ans. He Wants to purchase two islands in Greece to house the refugees

Q 19. Who is endorsing the newly launched Mahindra TUV 300 ?

Ans. Prabhaas of Baahubali fame

Q 20. Instagram crossed 400 million active users recently. Who owns Instagram ?

Ans. Facebook

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 302

Q 1. As per the Govt of India proposal what is the proposed duration of the maternity leave that will be approved soon ?

Ans. 8 months from the current 3 months. 1 month before delivery and 7 months after.

Q2. Which Indian group has launched an ecommerce site M2All dot com for selling its product and services ?

Ans. Mahindra and Mahindra

Q3. Identify this widow of a iconic business leader, who is now working towards reforming the high school system in the US .


Ans. Laurene Powell

Q4. Why has Air India relegated 130 of its cabin crew to ground duty ?

Air India

Ans. Overweight

Q5. What is the official name for the color given to the iPhone 6s shown here ?


Ans. Rose Gold

Q6. Who owns the private railway track in Murtazapur , Maharashtra popularly called Shakuntala railways locally ?

Ans. Killick Nixon and Co.

Q7. Identify the advertiser


Ans. Amul Milk

Q8. Which group has acquired the tyre division of Kesoram Industries ?

Ans. JK Group

Q9. Govt has announced new schemes for gold monetisation and gold bonds to reduce Indian appetite. What is total holding of gold with Indians ?

Ans. 22,000 Tonnes

Q 10. Which financial magazine/portal has won a case against National Stock Exchange and won damages of Rs 50 lakh ?

Ans. Moneylife ( Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu)

What is 3D Touch which Apple has introduced in its new products launched recently ?

Ans. When touched lightly it opens the program. When pressed hard it opens the subfiles of the program.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 301

Q 1. Google will soon be launching grocery delivery business in 2 US cities. By what name will this service be launched ?

Ans. Google Express

Q2. Steve Jobs was the son of migrants from which country ? It is relevant today

Ans. Syria

Q3. Which Indian co has launched a new subsidiary called Wayfarers Brands ?

Ans. Bata India Ltd

Q4. Rank the elite US universities in the order of the one founded earliest to the one latest a) Princeton b) Yale c) Harvard d) Stanford

Ans. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford

Q5. Ford Edsel is one of the most talked about product launch failures in the auto industry. Why was the product named Edsel ?

Ans. Edsel Ford, son of Ford family

Q6 RBI is worried about the rising instances of FICN. What is FICN ?

Ans. Fake Indian Currency Notes

Q7. What is the new name for Bayer Material Science ?

Ans. Covestro

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 300

Q 1. What unique feat did Facebook achieve for the first time on 24th August 2015 ?

Ans. 1 Billion users logged in on a single day

Q 2. With which international car major did Suzuki have a tie-up that has ended as a failed relationship ?

Ans. Volkswagen

Q3. Which former SBI Chairman has written his autobiography titled ” No regrets” ?

Ans. D.N.Ghosh

Q4. In April-June 2015 Q, Apple Watch is No 2 in the wearables market. Who is the current No 1 in wearables ?

Ans. Fitbit

Q5. Which Indian web-site has launched a rail booking app in 5 Indian languages namely Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, telugu and Malayalam ?

Ans. MakeMyTrip

Q6. In the context of corporate accounts, what is Ind-AS ?

Ans. Indian Accounting Standards

Q7. Why has Cognizant complained to NASSCOM about TCS ?

Ans. TCS started its campus recruitment process almost a week ahead of the industry’s normal recruitment schedule.

Q8. What is the unique feature of the new STB launched by Tata Sky called Tata Sky + Transfer ?

Ans. One can transfer recorded content to other devices like Anroid and IOS

Q9. Warren Buffett has announced big investments in the energy company Phillips 66. What is the significance of the numerals 66 in the name ?


Ans.  It is named after “route 66” which once linked Chicago and LA…

Q 10. How did Blackberry get its name ?

Ans. The keyboard of the early Blackberry devices resembled the exterior of the blackberry fruit. Hence, the name.

Q 11. What unique advertising strategy by American Eagle, the company behind the lingerie brand Aerie is leading to higher sales of their lingerie ?

Ans. The models are’nt photoshopped

Q 12. Identify this former clerk of Brooks Brothers who is now a multi billionaire.

Ralph lauren

Ans. Ralph Lauren

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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