Month: July 2010

Weekly Business Quiz # 37

Q1. What is Gompertz law given by mathematician Benjamin Gompertz in 1825?

Ans. An actuarial law that says chance of dying doubles every nine and  quarter years

Q2. Which country proposes to levy a tax on obese people to cover the extra costs in healthcare. ?

Ans. Germany

Q3. Name the totally Indian browser launched recently that has Indian language transliteration capability.

Ans. Epic

Q4. Facebook has recently imposed a limit on the no. of friends a user may have. What is the limit ?

Ans. 5000

Q5. UNIQLO which derives its name from ‘unique clothing’ is the largest clothing brand of which country ?

Ans. Japan

Q6. Who or what is a mousewife ?

Ans. A housewife who spends a lot of time on the Net

Q7. ‘I am as pure as 24 carat gold’. Which iron-ore don has the gall to say this?

Ans. Gali Janardhan Reddy

Q8. As per the new SEBI take over code the open offer trigger kicks-off at what % ?

Ans. 25% against 15% earlier

-Compiled by G.Mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 36

1. Out of 1.3 million ideas generated in the LAYS contest which flavour given by Sagar has been voted by public as the best ?

Ans. Mastana mango

2. Which indian ultra rich businessman has been named in the UN MDG advocacy group that looks at poverty and other issues?

Ans. Mukesh Ambani

3. Which co has launched a 3 door fridge with an ad film made on 3 D ?

Ans. Whirlpool

 4. Instead of stopping immigration, now Singapore is welcoming foreign workers. What has caused this change ?

Ans. Last Qtr GDP grew at 19 %

5. Which book has the dubious record of being the most stolen book from public libraries?

Ans.  Guinness book of world records

6. Which co is credited with bringing out the noise cancelling headphones that uses adv micro circuitry to cancel ambient noise ?

Ans.  Bose corp

7. Which brand of cream is getting flak on Facebook , where users can make their photos fairer ?

Ans. Vaseline

8. Who is the designer behind the Rupee symbol selected by Indian Govt ?

Ans Udaya Kumar from IIT Mumbai

9. ITC Limited had the co name changed thrice in ‘70,74 and 2010.

Ans. Imperial Tobacco Co to Indian Tobacco Co, then to I.T.C Ltd and now ITC Ltd

10. Who said ” Business opportunities are like buses; there’s always another one coming.”

Ans.  Richard Branson

11. What is the new name of YMCA ?

Ans.  The Y

12. What is the Kerala connection to the ‘Jabulani” balls ?

Ans. Enkay supplies bladders to Adidas. Rubber for bladders sourced from Kerala

13. What is the prize money recd by Spain and Netherlands for being winner and runner’s up in the FIFA Cup?

Ans. Spain- 30 Mn $ & Netherlands 24 Mn $