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Weekly Business Quiz # 170

Q 1. Apple brings out iPad. Which co will soon bring out a gaming console Eyepad ?

Ans. Sony 

Q2. What is common to Mauritius, Liechenstein, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Luxembourg ?

Ans. Tax havens

Q3. Who is the largest shareholder in the newly launched Infrastructure NBFC Infradebt ?

Ans. ICICI Bank

Q4. The key issue brought by InGovern in the Pantaloon demerger case is equity shares and shares with DVR are being treated equal. Expand DVR.

Ans. Differential Voting Rights

Q5. Azim Premji has signed the “Giving Pledge” and donated half of his wealth . He is the third non-American to do so. Who are the other two ?

Ans. Richard Branson and David Sainsbury

Q6. Who will be the Indian partner for Air Asia which is launching a low cost carrier with Chennai as its hub ?

Ans. Tata Sons and Bhatias

Q7. As per Nokia which is the largest selling touch phone in India and many countries in this part of the world ?

Ans. Nokia Asha 305

Q8. Who is known as the ‘father of the yellow school bus’ ?

Ans. Dr Frank W.Cyr

Q9. What behaviour of Tata Sons’ chief Cyrus Mistry does his predecessor Ratan Tata find it very odd ?

Ans. Cyrus does not like to wear neckties, so he borrows when required from whoever is around, incl his driver.

Q10.Which credit rating agency has downgraded Britain’s sovereign rating from AAA, first time ever ?

Ans. Moody’s

Q 11. What is the marketing term for showing a brand in a movie, without overtly advertising it ?

Ans. Product placement

Q 12. Which ad agency is called ‘Samsung’s Shadow’ for its over dependence on Samsung ?

Ans. Cheil

Q 13.Who said “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”?

Ans. Jack Welch

Q 14.Why are the PSUs, Hindustan Copper, NEEPCO & THDC Ltd in the news ?

Ans. First set of PSUs identified for disinvestment in 2013-14

Q15.What ritual is followed by ISRO before the launch of any satellite ?

Ans. Performing a puja at Tirupati by placing a model of the satellite before Lord Balaji

Q16. Which Business magazine has turned into a fortnightly from a weekly from the current issue ?

Ans. BusinessWorld


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Weekly Business Quiz # 169

Q 1. Sachin Bansal of Flipkart says success in E-Commerce comes from taking care of 3 factors. Name them.

Ans. Service, selection and Price

Q 2. With BRIC unable to live upto its promise, investors are looking at MINT. Which 4 countries make up the MINT ?

Ans. Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey

Q 3. Switzerland has many watchmakers. Which group dominates the Swiss watch industry accounting for nearly a third of the industry ?

Ans, Swatch

Q 4. ‘Swiss made’ has become one of the world’s most valuable brands. For a watch to be labelled thus, what is the criterion ?

Ans. 50% by value should be manufactured in Switzerland

Q 5. After the success of the movie Life of Pi, the tourism ministry is promoting the regions where it was shot as Land of Pi. Which region ?

Ans. Puducherry and Munnar

Q 6. Named after the painter Andy Warhol, what does a unit of Warhol signify ?

Ans. World famous for 15 minutes

q7. Which co has run a campaign called ‘ do us a flavor’ to get ideas for new flavours from their customers ?

Ans. Frito Lays

Q8. The first page of Sunday Times of India today is an alarmist one on fire, it is infact an advt. Name the brand.

Ans. Fireguard from Eureka Forbes

Q9. Which co runs the helpline for unwanted pregnancy in the website  ?

Ans. Piramal Healthcare.

Q10. Why has Bangladesh govt decided to ban cartoon channels on TV in their country ?

Ans. because kids were learning Hindi and not Bangla 

Q11. Name this Tumblr challenger acquired by Twitter last year, which has decided to shut down from April 30, this year.

Ans. Posterous

Q12. Which IBM computer made famous by winning Jeopardy will be used as a prosthetic brain for doctors ?

Ans. Watson

Q 13. Which European city is called the electric car capital of the world ?

Ans. Oslo

Q14. What is unique about the REX range of smartphones launched by Samsung in India ?

Ans. First smartphone designed in India for the Indian market

Q15.Which Bollywood entertainment co started as a book library started by Shethia and Maroo families in Mumbai ?

Ans. Shemaroo entertainment

Q16. What are the three elements if ‘responsible investing’ philosophy, being followed by many PE investors of late ?

Ans. Ecology, Society and Governance

Q17. Wipro and Siemens are going to be dropped from Nifty soon. Which two cos will replace them ?

Ans. IndusInd Bank and NMDC

Q18. Which weekly magazine was founded by Henry Luce in 1923 ?

Ans. Time
Q 19. ____ is to India, what Coca Cola is to US. Name India’s no 1 FMCG brand in terms of sales value.
Ans. ParleG

Q20. The Economist brings out Big Mac Index to compare the exchange rates using Big Mac burger as a surrogate. What does it use for India ?

Ans. Maharaja Mac as Big Mac is not sold in India because of beef. Maharaja contains chicken

Q21. Besides being E-Commerce cos, what is common to the following Flipkart, yebhi, Myntra and Snapdeal ?

Ans. All are run by agrawal entrepreneurs, known for their business acumen

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Weekly Business Quiz # 168

Q 1. Which hosiery co owns the lingerie brand ‘ Wonderbra’ ?

Ans. Hanes

Q 2. The cricketer Anil Kumble’s firm TENVIC has the tag line ‘ To ENsure VICtory”. There is one more reason it is called TENVIC. What ?

Ans. Ten Wickets Kumble took in delhi test against Pakistan

Q 3. Which online portal has created a character called Sharman Bose, Master of dating gyaan ?


Q 4. Karan Johar is associated with coffee thru his TV show Koffee with Karan. Which brand of coffee has used Karan Johar ?

Ans. Nescafe Gold

Q5. What is unique about ‘Femme Productions’ ?

Ans. World’s first female owned , all female production house that makes adult films for females

Q6. Which country has the highest penetration of Internet on mobiles ?

Ans. Australia

Q 7. Why does Gutkha ban spell windfall for cosmetics maker Emami ?

Ans. Menthol is an essential ingredient , whose prices have fallen because of the ban.

Q8 .The FM inaugurates the Rajiv Gandhi Eq Savings scheme today. It gives addl tax benefits to New Retail investors. Who are they ?

Ans. New retail investors are those who have opened a new demat a/c or have not traded earlier

Q 9. Sai silks (kalamandir) ltd IPO is the first one with a safety net. What is a safety net as per SEBI guidelines ?

Ans. An option given by the issuer to the retail investors to buy back the shares upto a limit if the price falls below the IPO price within 6 months of issue

Q 10. What is the name of the virtual currency launched by Amazon to buy apps and other items in the Amazon AppStore ?

Ans.  Amazon coins

Q 11. Henry Mintzberg uses the phrase ‘plural sector’. What does plural sector mean ?

Ans. NGOs, communities and movements

Q 12. E-Commerce crossed 1 trillion $ for the first time in 2012 worldwide. US is no 1, which countries are # 2 Bd # 3 ?

Ans. China and UK

Q 13, What popular video game has been developed by Stockholm based Mojang AB which has sold 20mn copies worldwide ?

Ans. Minecraft

Q 14. Gross enrolment in higher education, the world average is 29 %, how much is India’s ?

Ans. 19%

Q 15. In ’12 Shahrukh Khan gave a lecture at Yale University. This year he will speak at Harvard University. What is the topic ?

Ans. Economics of film-making


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Weekly Business Post # 167

Q 1. Feb 4 is Facebook’s birthday. How many years has it completed ?

Ans. Nine years

Q 2. Which brand has been named as India’s Buzziest brand by  an advertising industry web-site ?

Ans. Samsung

Q3. 30 software products firms in India have broken away from NASSCOM and formed an industry body. What is its name ?

Ans. iSpirt – Indian Software Products Industry Round Table

Q4. 2013 Super Bowl was held at New Orleans, the most watched TV show as well as the second highest in food consumption, next only to Tahnksgiving  Who gave it the name ?

Ans. Lamar Hunt, the NFL Chief

Q5,Which internet service is gaining popularity as the ” Instagram of 6 second videos” ?

Ans. Twitter Vine

Q6. Name the world’s strongest material, that is 300 times stronger than steel.

Ans. Graphene

Q7. For what deficiency in service was McDonalds asked to pay a compensation of Rs 15000 to Delhi resident Vimal Choudhary ?

Ans. serving non-veg burger instead of veg burger ordered

Q8. Which former banker, software honcho is behind the affordable housing co Value and Budget Housing Corp ?

Ans. Jaitirth or Jerry rao 

Q9. Dell to acquire Dell. Explain.

Ans. Michael Dell, the founder of Dell is taking the Dell Computers co private by acquiring public shareholding

Q 10. In which city has Durex launched a iphone app as well as a service by which condom is delivered discreetly by a person dressed like a pizza delivery boy ?

Ans. Dubai

Q 11. Which well known German auto major owns the luxury bus brand Scania ?

Ans. Volkswagen

Q 12. What is the new name of the co Research in Motion ?

Ans. Blackberry

Q 13. Which actor owns the production house Rajkamal Films International ?

Ans. Kamal Hassan

Q 14. Indian Captain MS Dhoni has been named as Vice President in which co recently ?

Ans. India Cements

Q 15. Which country known for its liquor is making laws that stipulate the minimum price to sell liquor so as to curb driniking ?

Ans. Scotland

Q16. Which co had created a comic character called Joe Camel which was banned in ’97 bcoz it was promoting smoking among children ?

Ans, R J Reyonolds

Q 17. With which IT co has Govt of India partnered to launched the eBIz Govt 2 Biz application in PPP mode ?

Ans. Infosys

Q 18. Who has acquired the audio and video business of Philips worldwide ?

Ans. Funai


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