Month: May 2010

Weekly Business Quiz # 28

Q1. What is the stated benefit of a single polypill containing aspirin, statins and 2 blood pressure-lowering medicines?

Ans. Prevent heart attacks

Q2. SAIL & Tata Steel are in discussion for a JV steel plant.Not their first JV They already have a 50:50 JV in ecommerce. Name it.

Ans. mjunction

Q3. How can Indo-Pak trade in agriculture benefit the ‘Aam’ Aadmi ?

Ans. Mangoes (Aam) for 6 months due to diff seasons on both sides.

Q4. Who said ‘ 3G is basmati rice, and 2G is PDS rice. ‘ ? And why ?

Ans.  A Raja alias spectrum Raja. He sold 2G spectrum for a song in 2008

Q5. What’s common to Raghu Pillai, Gunendar Kapoor,Sriram Srinivasan & Rajeev Karwal ?

Ans. High profile execs of Reliance retail who have all quit

Q6. Germany has banned naked short selling ? What is it?

Ans. Selling shares by borrowing is short selling, selling even before borrowing them is naked short sell.

Q7. Warcraft and Second life are the most popular MMORPGs.What are MMORPGs ?

Ans. Massive multiplayer online role playing games

Q8. Bank of Punjab, Centurion Bank, Times Bank have all merged into a bank. Name it.

Ans.  HDFC bank

Q9. What inspired India born scotsman Shepherd Barron to invent the ATM ?

Ans. A chocolate vending machine

Q10. As Abbott acquires Piramal it will get a brand of cough syrup that sells more for its intoxicating effect. Name it.

Ans.  Phensedyl

Q11. How do we know ‘Morris Oxford series III of 1957’ better in India ?

Ans. Ambassador car

Q12. Which Indian biscuit mfr was penalised as it had produced a small quantity of sugar used in their biscuits ?

Ans. Parle.

Q13. In global economics what is ‘the new normal’ ? Who coined it?

Ans. The post 2008 crisis, world economic order after recovery. PIMCO.

Q14.Name the man behind “Sulabh shauchalaya” who developed the two-pit toilet,an innovation now exported to 50 countries.

Ans. Bindeshwari pathak

Q15. Which airline, in the news, has the tag line ‘simply priceless’?

Ans. Air india express

Q16. What is an IDR ? Who is the first issuer of IDR?

Ans. Indian depository receipt. Stanchart bank.


Weekly Business Quiz # 27

Q1.What is crowdsourcing ? Who coined it ?

Ans.Sourcing not from a person or firm but openly from public or crowd by instituting rewards. Jeff Howe of Wired. Innocentive is one platform

Q2. Passengers may have died in New Delhi station stampede, but which luggage will ‘ Survive Mumbai. Survive the world’?

Ans. American Tourister

Q3. Suketu Mehta labelled Mumbai as ‘Maximum city.’ A new book on Delhi has labelled it ‘___ city’ ?

Ans. Trickster city

Q4. In the book by the same name which country is called the ‘Start-up nation’?

Ans.  Israel

Q5. Mahindra has an export model offroader SUV which will have an India launch soon. Name it. Clue:- Great Indian desert

Ans. Mahindra THAR

Q6. What Sonata is to Titan in watches, this brand is to Tanishq in jewellery. Name this value brand.

Ans. GoldPlus

Q7. With which fashion brand would you associate the tag line ‘Be stupid’ ?

Ans. Diesel

Q8. After colour range, durability, washability lead free as USP now Nerolac is promoting a new USP in paints. What is it?

Ans. No smell

Q9. What innovative means has Bill Clinton adopted to pay off Hillary’s debts?

Ans. A 5 $ lottery ticket. Winner will spend a Day with Bill

Q10. Name the Indian retailer whose private labels are Feasters, Jaan, Kitchen’s promise and Enriche.

Ans. MORE. The Aditya Birla Grp venture


Title sponsors of F1 Grandprix at Australia, Bahrain, Singapore and Malaysia respectively

Q12. Which Indian sportsman has been signed by Tag Heuer as their brand ambassador ?

Ans. Karun Chandhok

Q13. Notion ink a Hyd based start up is making waves in gadget circles for ADAM. What is Adam ?

Ans. Tablet computer

Q14.Stanchart had a 30% stake in a PSU bank before its nationalisation. Name it.

Ans.  Allahabad Bank

Q15. For its logo RBI chose East India cos’ Double Mohur a sketch of lion and palm tree but made one major change. What?

Ans. Replaced lion by tiger

Q16. Which database co has been acquired by SAP for US 5.8 bn $?

Ans. Sybase

Q17. Ale, lager, bitter, stouts, pilsner are some of the 180 ways of doing what ?

Ans. Brewing beer

Q18. Which media group has acquired the MID-DAY newspapers business from Ansaris ?

Ans. Jagran prakashan

Weekly Business Quiz # 26

Q1. In ‘Economist’ lingo what is ‘Beijing consensus’ ?

Ans. Chinese model of economic development

Q2. Name the animal rights activist who now wants to replace leather shoes with canvas shoes in school uniforms.

Ans.Maneka Gandhi, who else !

Q3. LCD TVs are in. VCRs are out. Mobile phones in. Typewriters out. Mineral water is in Barley is out. Even GOI has recognised. How?

Ans. New WPI

Q4. JTT a Japanese manufacturer has brought out the world’s smallest digital camera. Name it. Clue-photo or image in Bengali.


Q5. Name the tea company co-founded by Dwarkanath Tagore in 1839 and was India’s 1st joint stock co. It exists even today.

Ans. The Assam company

Q6. As Tories take charge in UK, an Indian CEO/columnist has Published a book titled ‘ Notes from an Indian conservative’. Name him.

Ans.  Jerry Rao

Q7. A well known Indian coffee house chain is also the world’s third largest coffee vending machine manufacturer. Name it.

Ans. Cafe coffee day

Q8. Why is Desai Bros. Ltd promoting Mother’s day ?

Ans. MOTHER’S RECIPE pickles and papads

q9. There are 3 major rating agencies in the US. Often called Big 3. S & P and Moody’s are two, name the third.

Ans. Fitch

Q10. What is special about a pillow branded ‘Sound asleep’ targetted at school students ?

Ans. It has small speakers that replay lessons while asleep

Q11. What will be the new name of TATA TEA ltd. ?

Ans. Tata global beverages ltd.

Q12. ICICI Bank logo of a stylish ‘i’ inside two elliptical brown circles is called ?

Ans. I-man

Q13. What was the amount given by J N Tata in 1909 to set up Indian institute of science? Clue it is eqvt. to 7000 cr today.

Ans.  Rs 60 lakhs

Q14. What upcoming Hindu festival on May 16th has a lot of significance for the bullion market ?

Ans. Akshaya Tritiya

Q15. Why are electric cars being fitted with ” Star Wars” noise ?

Ans. Electric cars being silent cause accidents. So some noise to alert the pedestrians. “Star Wars” noise is just a popular option.

Q16. Nitin Nohria the newly appointed dean of HBS is son of Mr K.KNohria. Nohria Sr. was the chairman of an Indian Engg co. Which one ?

Ans. Crompton Greaves

Q17. Name the largest Caribbean airline, often called jokingly as “luggage in another town” for its goofups.

Ans. LIAT airline

Q18. The oil-spill from BP’s oil rig is slated to be bigger than the one from Exxon’s tanker. Name the infamous tanker.

Ans. Exxon Valdez

Q19. As Anand plays his title defence with Topalov , logo of which company he wears on his sleeve. ?


Q20. On pharma mergers. Hoechst a well-known co. till the ’80s got acquired. Where is Hoechst today. ?

Ans. It is part of Sanofi-Aventis

– G.Mohan

Buy local food and fruits : they are safer

Whenever I visit one of the upmarket grocery stores in Hyderabad like Spar, or Q-Mart I feel a little depressed. It is not the ambience or the service, that depresses me. They are good and nothing to complain about. It is the selection in the packaged foods section and the fruits section that really depresses me.

The packaged foods section is full of products sourced from all over the world. Biscuits from Scotland, pasta from Italy, noodles from Taiwan, Tomato puree and sauces from Spain, Cheese and chocolates from Switzerland,  juice and drinks from various places and what have you. Many of these  are well-known brands and are priced at multiples of Indian brands. But competing with them are unknown brands from Malaysia, Thailand, which are sold at rates far cheaper than the Indian brands.

The story at the fruits section is similar. Washington apples and Fuji apples have all but replaced the familiar Simla apples. Californian oranges, grapes from US, Kiwi fruits, sweet tamarinds, pears of different colours and sizes from all over the globe adorn the racks. Local mangoes still get their traditional space, but many other local fruits like chiku, local oranges, sweet lime, jamuns, papayas etc  have virtually gone out of the shelves of these premium grocers.

I believe that there is no reason and need for these goods, the packaged foods and fruits, to travel half the globe to reach the dining table of Indian households. India has a great cuisine and Indian companies provide a fairly good selection of products in most product categories. If some consumers indeed are habituated to some of these international brands during their stay/ visits abroad and now can afford it, I still see no reason why they should be bought.

These packed food items even if they are well within the expiry date, the consumers can never be sure under what conditions these items were transported across the different legs of the chain. I am not sure in a country like India, where the law is lax and enforcement is poor, whether the importers really abide by the Food Safety and Standards Act/ FPO guidelines. The parent company or the brand may be an international brand which may abide by all the local laws like US-FDA, but the importer is often a small-time trader/ importer from Dubai/Mumbai who does not have much of a reputation to protect. They often compromise on the cold chain and the handling required to keep the food fresh and safe. Unknown brands of food products from Malaysia/Thailand are riskier. Do not get taken in by their attractive packaging and low prices.

The green activists have been urging consumers to buy organic: buy local. The logic is if the food is travelling a long distance to reach the table, then a lot of energy is spent on transporting the food. This concept is being called as Food miles.

Food miles is a term which refers to the distance food is transported from the time of its production until it reaches the consumer. Food miles are one factor used when assessing the environmental impact of food, including the impact on global warming.

My appeal is straightforward, buy local packaged foods and local fruits, in your own interest, they are safer. If you believe in environmentalism, then you have the additional factor of food miles to support your decision.If you are a proud Indian, by buying food products manufactured in India, even by an MNC,you are doing your bit to the country’s economy.    


Weekly Business Quiz # 25

This is 25th week in a row, I have posted a business quiz. No big deal. Yet, there is a feeling of accomplishment. Hope to continue… Many thanks to all the newspapers, magazines and media people who create content which is the source of all the questions. Thanks to all the readers and visitors to this site.

If you wish to contribute questions on business trivia, please post in the comments and it will be duly acknowledged.

Here are the questions for the week.

Q1. On pharma mergers. Hoechst a well known pharma co till ’80s got acquired. Where is HOECHST today?

Ans. It is part of Sanofi Aventis

Q2. Sony is the sole manufacturer of this once popular data storage media. It will stop it next year. Name it.

Ans. 3.5″ Floppy disk

Q3. In the context of global economy , which countries are being called PIGS. Name them.

Ans. Portugal Italy Greece Spain.

Q4. As per a recent report by C B Richard Ellis which city is the No 1 retail hot spot for international retailers ?

Ans. London. Followed by Dubai, Paris & NY

Q5. Who authored the book ‘NO LOGO’ which was an attack on brands,their influence and how their owners control the world ?

Ans. Naomi Klein

Q6. Which model from Bajaj is giving a scare to Hero Honda in the 100cc bike market ?

Ans.  Discover

Q7. Which Indian born paramedic from Toronto of  the NGO Globalmedic features in the Time 100 list for his relief work in Haiti earthquake ?

Ans. Rahul Singh

Q8. Name the IIM A alum from Bihar aka ‘ Business Baazigar’ who rocked recently at the Obama summit.

Ans.  Irfan Alam – who has created Samman Foundation which has created a unique business aound rickshaws of Patna. 

Q9. What is Twetiquette ?

Ans. Etiquette on Twitter for example, spellings, grammar, no all cap tweets. There are tweeple who watch and warn

Q10. Which Mumbai based corporate sponsored club has decided to get out of competitive soccer to focus on soccer at school level ?

Ans. Mahindra United

Q11. Recently a gym co with a gem of a name, _____ better value fitness limited concluded its IPO successfully. Fill in the blank.

Ans.  Talwalkars

Q 12. Palm the co known for its PDAs and smart phones like PRE and Treo has been acquired. Who has acquired Palm?

Ans. Hewlett Packard

Q13. What is aeroponics ?

Ans. Growing plants in air without any need for soil. Vertical multi storeyed farms are possible using this

Q14. Which Union Minister’s family is associated with the IMT group of B-schools present in Ghaziabad, Nagpur and soon in Hyd?

Ans. Kamal Nath

The ET- Brand Equity Quiz begins today. Wishing the participants all the best.