Month: June 2016

Weekly Business Quiz # 339


Q 1. What is unique about the e-commerce venture started by Chandra Bhan Prasad ?

Ans. Chandra Bhan is a dalit entrepreneur who has named the venture Dalit Foods and is challenging the social glass ceiling

Q2. Which classic tune was chosen by Titan founder Xerxes Desai as the signature tune for Titan watches advts ?

Ans. 25th symphony by Mozart


Q3. Which Japanese co owns Netmagic one of the first startups in the data centre space in India ?

Ans. Nippon Telephone and Telegraph ( NTT)

Q4. How is the business services provider Quess Corp which is coming out with an IPO connected to NRI Prem Watsa ?

Ans. Thomas Cook is a majority owner of Quess Corp. Thomas Cook India is owned by Fairfax Corp of V.Prem Watsa


Q5. What is the penalty which Volkswagen likely to pay to US authorities for using a cheat software leading to the emissions scandal ?

Ans. Approx 15 Bn $

Q6. What does Maria Sharapova propose to do while she is serving her two year suspension from tennis ?

Ans. Doing an MBA from Harvard Business School

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 



Weekly Business Quiz # 338


Q 1. What was the first bank in India, established in the year 1770 ?

Ans. Bank of Hindustan

Q 2. Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI ?

Ans. C.D.Deshmukh

Q3. What was first about the Prathama Bank set up in Moradabad in the year 1975 ?

Ans. First RRB in India. It was set up by Syndicate Bank

Q4. What is the Urja Ganga project announced by the Govt of India ?

Ans. Natural Gas pipeline from Jagdishpur in UP to Haldia


Q5. Where has the former Infosys Sr Exec/ iGate chief Ashok Vemuri joined after resigning from iGate ? 

Ans. Xerox Business Services

Q6. Sula Vineyards one of the leading wine brands is going beyond wines to another drink by launching Janus. What is Janus ?

Ans. India’s first 100 % grape brandy


Q7. What is motif investing ?

Ans. Motif Investment allows investors to choose from over 100 pre-built portfolios of 20-30 stocks, to customize existing motifs, or to create a brand new, unique portfolio all for a low execution cost. But it has higher risk as investors also play the role portfolio managers for their motifs.

Q8. Nikesh Arora while exiting Softbank as the COO said Supercell was his best deal. In which business is Supercell in and who has acquired it?

Ans. Supercell is into gaming and has been acquired by Tencent

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 337



Q 1. Who is the NRI value investor behind Dakshana Foundation that has set a goal of sending 2020 poor Indians to IITs by 2020 ? This yr is > 250

Ans. Mohnish Pabrai


Q2. Which brand has been launched with the tag line ‘Subah Ka Biscuit’ ?


Ans. Cadbury’s Bournvita


Q 3. In which industry is the Baker Hughes count an important business barometer ? What does it measure ?

Ans. Baker Hughes Rig Count is an indicator for the oil exploration industry. The active rig count acts as a leading indicator of demand for products

Q4. With Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn for 26.2 Bn $ who will be the new CEO of LinkedIn ?

Ans. Jeff Weiner the existing CEO will continue

q5. Name the company that started life as a manufacturer of fire hoses in 19th century, later tyres, then synthetic rubber. It became a leading supplier of landing gear and other aircraft parts. It sold of its tyres business to Michelin. It is now part of United Technologies.

Ans. Goodrich Corporation.

Q6. This 1886 started US co. was the first to introduce Upper Case and Lower case letters in typewriters. It was aleading typewriter brand in the ’60s. It now exists as a thermal labels manufacturer.

Ans. Smith Corona

Q7. Which company’s share prices plunged because the man involved in Orlando shooting Omar Mateen was the co’s employee ?

Ans. G4S ( Group 4 Securicor)

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 336


Q 1. What unique feature has LG added to its TV in India based on consumer insights in India ?

Ans. Mosquito Away TV

Q 2. Fifty years ago on 6/6/1966 what dramatic decision was taken by Indian govt on the Indian Rupee ?

Ans. A dramatic depreciation of rupee from Rs 4.76/US $ to Rs 7.5/US $

Q3. In which soon to be launched English newspaper from Hyderabad is Telangana CM KCR a part owner ?

Ans. Telangana Today


Q4. Muhammad Ali had made an India tour in 1980 where he had exhibition boxing bouts in many Indian cities. Name the business group behind it.

Ans. Apeejay Group

Q5. Identify the advertiser from the visual 


Ans. Jabong


Q6. In the US, a new kind of Exchange Traded Funds called NTETF is becoming popular . What is NTETF ?

Ans. Non Transparent Exchange Traded Fund

Q7. Which is the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation ?

Ans. Norway

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 335

Q1. Which brand is urging the customers in their ad to “Get the oont “. What does CAMEL stand for ?

 Ans. TataCliq..Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves

Q2. Which iconic Indian brand of TV has been relaunched after Flipkart told the owners that the brand still has high recall ?

 Ans. BPL TV
Q3. Yunicorn smartphone was launched recently. Which co’s subsidiary is Yu Televentures ?
Ans. Micromax
Q4. Identify this CEO of an Indian unicorn who may lose her position because she and the founder Chairman of the company have divorced. Name the company also.
Ans. Ambiga , Mu Sigma
Q5. Which FM radio channel is owned by Music Broadcast Limited ?
Ans. Radio City
Q6. ENGIE is one of the sponsors of French Open. What was the earlier name of Engie, prior to 2015 ?
Ans. GDF Suez
Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan