Month: December 2011

Weekly Business Quiz # 111

Q1. What new SUV has been launched with Big B endorsing it ? Hope it is not another Versa !

Ans. Force One

Q2. Which FMCG co will soon have Prabha Parameswaran as MD ?

Ans. Colgate Palmolive India Ltd

Q3. Which big group is rumoured to take over the media group Network 18?

Ans. Reliance

Q4. Which is the only item sourced by Rolls Royce from india ?

Ans. Malabar wood

Q5. Which car group is likely to replace Toyota as the largest car mfr in the world ?”
Ans. Volkswagen
Q6. What is the interest rate in EPF being proposed for 2011 12 ?
Ans. 8.25 %
Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 110

Q1 Which co has decided to withdraw its logo from London Olympics after protests from many incl india ?
Ans. Dow chemicals
Q2 Which two brands have eaten into the market share of Britannia in biscuits recently ?
Ans. Oreo and Sunfeast
Q3. Connect Lee Iacocca Steve Jobs and now the RIM Co CEOs ?
Ans. All took 1 $ salary as CEOs of loss-making cos
Q4. Who has authored the marketing book CULT which even Steve Jobs would have loved ? Alas Jobs is not alive to refute it!
Ans. Arindam Chaudhuri
Q5. Name this nearly 300 year old brand that is the first name in Cognac
Ans. Remy Martin
Q6. Which hot internet gaming company had a lukewarm IPO recently ?
Ans. Zynga of Farmville fame
Q7. Using what example has Rahul Gandhi tried to explain the benefits of FDI in retail to the farmers in UP ?
Ans. Converting potato into Potato chips is remunerative
Q8. Who is the new Union Civil Aviation minister ?
Ans. Ajit Singh
Q9. Which car co owns the web-site ?
Ans. Volkswagen
Q10. As per the New Companies Act how many persons are required minimum to start a company ?
Ans. One
Q11. Which star channel is closing down and being relaunched as LIFE OK ?
Ans Star One
Q12. What is unique about RANG DE
Ans. A onlne microlending co that collects voluntary contributions from many to lend

Q13. Which popular tool was created by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin in the ’80s and later acquired by MS for 14m $. It was also the first to receive VC funding from Apple ?
Q14. Expand HDMI ?
Ans.High Definition Multi-media interface
Q15. Richard Branson has described his unrelated businesses as based on a growth philosophy of ABCD. What is ABCD ?
Ans.Always Be Connected Dots

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 109

Q 1. For which publication did late Mario Miranda create such endearing characters like Miss Nimboopani, Miss Fonseca, Moonswami etc?

Ans. Illustrated weekly of India 

Q2. Tvc of which brand uses a very old S D Burman song on Maa ?

Ans.Fortune oil from Adani

 Q3. In the 70s Rekha appeared in the ad for which soft drink ?

Ans.  Gold spot.

Q4. Fill in the blank. Pranabda said the economy is difficult, but we dont have to eat __.

Ans.  Lizards

Q5. What are EMOJIs ?

Ans. These are graphic symbols in smart phones to express emotions. Next generation emoticons.

 Q6. After seeing a decline in the Oct IIP numbers which agency may lose its contract to compute IIP ?

Ans. Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy ( CMIE )

Q7. Why have the automobile cos purchased large quantity of platinum ?

Ans. Catalytic converters

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 108

Q1. How did the Dev Anand production house Navketan get its name ?

Ans. Named after Chetan Anand’s son Ketan

Q2. Which indian businessman has just released his auto biography titled WHATEVER THE ODDS ?

Ans.  KP Singh of DLF

Q3 .Which co was called as ‘the No.1 wholesale seller of plumbing supplies’ by NYT mockingly?

Ans.  Microsoft

Q4. Which is the first indian brand of jewellery to be sold at Harrod’s London

Ans. Amrapali’s

Q5. In a case filed by SAS a European court has ruled that a programming language cannot be copyrighted. Why ?

Ans. Programming language has been compared to a language

Q6. Recently a car Honda Brio loved you back. Now a snack loves you back. Name the brand.

Ans. Britannia Nutrichoice snacks 

 Q7. KHALO EVERY , KHALO EVERY, KHALO EVERYDAY set to KOLAVERI rhythm is an ad from which brand ?

Ans. Amul butter

Q8. Connect Equis, AMBA, AASCB …

Ans. All are B-School certifications  for Europe, UK and US respectively

Q9. Who has Amul sued for copyright issues for use of A+ ?

Ans. Nestle

– Compiled by G.Mohan @ go_mohan

Goodbye DD, Welcome NEFT

This is from Kolkata in the early 90s. The city has its fair share of migrant workers from the interiors of Bihar. These workers would send money to their family back home. They would buy an envelope from the Post office and since most of them were illiterate, they would approach one of the many men sitting on the pavement with a desk (called letter writers) around the GPO. They would dictate their home address and also a small note to their family members, the wife in most cases. Then they would put the currency notes inside the envelope and go to the post office counter and do an insured parcel, the insurance being the value of the currency inside. The letter writers would charge a nominal fee for their service. The dishonest among them, would occasionally pocket a currency note, when the client is not watching.


I once asked one of the workers why he was using this method rather than the more popular instrument of a Money order. His rationale was that he wanted to be sure that his family received the exact currency notes for which he had worked so hard. In the case of Money order, he was sure that the currency notes he deposited in Kolkata would certainly not be given to his family back home. How cute !


The need for sending or receiving money is a common need for everyone, not just migrant workers. Among the educated middle class who have a bank account, cheques and drafts (DDs) are popular instruments for transferring money. DDs though safe are inconvenient too. You have to visit a branch, fill up a form, deposit cash or a cheque and then wait to collect the draft. Then you would have to search for an envelope, write a note and put the DD inside. Then look for a post office or a courier. The money is not transferred until the recipient deposits into his/her account and wait for a day to get the credit. Depending on the amount and the bank, the DD charges are not insignificant. In addition, there are courier or registered post charges.


The RBI introduced electronic fund transfer between accounts through a scheme called National Electronic Fund Transfer in 2008. If you have to send money to a person in another city, all you need to know is their bank, branch (preferably the IFSC) and savings account number. Once you add the payee, you could go to your online banking account and make the transfer. For safety, many banks send an auto generated code through SMS for verification purpose. The transfer is done within two hours. Both the parties receive SMS confirmation. As per RBI, there is a charge of only Rs 6 for transfers upto Rs 1 lakh. NEFT is very convenient, safe, fast and inexpensive too. 


After some initial teething troubles, this mode of transferring money has really become successful. A look at the RBI’s latest annual report confirms this. Since 2008-09, the volume of transactions and the value of trasactions have been doubling year-on-year. From 32.2 million transactions in 2008-09, it has reached 132.3 million transactions in 2010-11. In terms of value the amounts transferred have grown from Rs 2.5 lakh crore in 2008-09 to Rs 9.39 lakh crore in 2010-11.


Retail customers have shifted in a big way from DDs to NEFT. A conversation with a Bank manager confirmed this. He mentioned that from about 100 odd DDs every day, banks now do not have more than 5 or 6 DDs everyday. DDs are now only used for paying exam fees or tender fees etc. Personal remittances are shifting fast to NEFT.


Much that we crib about our government, bureaucrats and other institutions, let us acknowledge some services like NEFT that make our life easy. 

( This post first appeared in The South Reports