Month: May 2014

Weekly Business Quiz # 234

Q 1. For last 6 years Mukesh Ambani has not increased his salary that he takes from RIL. What is the value ?

Ans. Rs 15 crore

Q 2. In 1961 , HMT started manufacturing watches in collaboration with Citizen. The men’s model was called HMT Citizen. What was lady’s model ?

Ans. HMT Sujata

Q3. Which well known statistician set up the statistics institutions, ISI, CSO and NSSO in independent India ?

Ans, P.C.Mahalanobis

Q 4. Jeff Bezos leaves one empty chair in every conference room – for the most important person . Who is it ?

Ans. The Customer

Q 5. McDonald’s has a new mascot. What is it’s name ?


Ans. Happy

Q 6. Who is the industry leader in conversation with Nawaz Sharif and what is the occasion ?


Ans. Subhash Chandra of Zee TV..launch of Zee Zindagi an Indo Pak channel

Q 7. Flipkart-Myntra merger. All the three are Bansals. Give their first names from Left to Right.


Ans. Sachin, Mukesh and Binny Bansals

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 233

Q 1. Who founded the original ORG. Operations Research Group, India’s first market research firm ?

Ans. Vikram Sarabhai 

Q 2. “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” Who said this ?

Ans. Mark Zuckerberg

Q 3. Who said as Air India Chairman: “I want to be azad, and he (Ghulam Nabi Azad) wants me to be his ghulam”.? This corporate titan is no more. RIP.

Ans. Russi Mody

Q 4. Capt CP Krishnan Nair of Leela Group is no more. On whom did he name his group as Leela ?

Ans. His wife

Q 5. Which Indian website recently received the highest number of hits on a single day ?

Ans. Election Commission of India

Q 6. Name this Global brand that was started 50 years ago by the Ferrero family in Alba, Italy. Italian govt is issuing a stamp for it.

Ans. Nutella

Q 7. In a mega deal AT & T is acquiring the pay TV co DirecTV. What is the value of this deal ?

Ans. US $ 48.5 Bn

Q 8. Priyanka Vadra has admitted that multiple DINs was a mistake committed inadvertently. What is DIN under Companies Act ?

Ans. Director Identification Number

Q 9. Identify this logo.


Ans. Astra Zeneca

Q 10. Who wrote the copy for this legendary ad for The Economist magazine. He is no more.


Ans. David Abbott

Q 11. Why is this Kurl On advt attracting a lot of flak ?


Ans. In bad taste as it uses Malala Yousafazai


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan