Month: March 2019

Weekly Business Quiz # 453


Q 1. Tatas have entered the airports business by acquiring a 20 % stake in the airports business of which group ?

Ans. GMR

Q 2. Infosys acquired 75 % in a European mortgage servicing firm Stater for about Rs 989 crore. Who will own the balance 25 % ?

Ans. ABN Amro Group

Q 3. Salman Khan has launched a line of Fitness equipment , what is it called ?

Ans. Being Strong

Q 4. Which brand of laptops is making an unusual selling proposition out of the strength and durability of its body made of carbon fiber. It says ‘Hammers and Hackers welcome’. ?

Ans. Lenovo

Q5. In the last of the IPOs for the FY 18-19, Govt is disinvesting partially in RVNL. Expand RVNL ?

Ans. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited

Q 6. RBI infused liquidity in the money market by successfully auctioning a currency swap for approx Rs 34,000 crore. What is this deal ?

Ans. RBI has entered into a 3 years USD INR swap of $5bn. The central bank has bought USD from banks and provided them INR with a contract to reverse the trade in 2022. This eases INR liquidity in March which is crucial and has reduced the FX premium as well

Q 7. Before Ambani elder brother helped the younger brother, in which family elder brother helped the younger one for a settlement with STC for some Rs 2200 crore ?

Ans. L N Mittal helped his younger brother Pramod Mittal to settle his dues with STC

Q 8. Indians says jobs are their main worry. NSSO published a report that was not released but got leaked. One of the big concern to economists is the low and falling LFPR particularly for women. Much lower than even Nepal and Bangladesh. What is LFPR ?

Ans. Labour Force Participation Rate

Q 9. Which brand has acquired by Reliance Retail from ITC for approx Rs 150 crore ?

Ans. John Players

Q 10. What will be the fees charged by IIM Ahmedabad for the 2 year MBA programme for students who join in 2019 ?

Ans. Rs 23 lakh

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Guest Business Quiz # 21

India Business Quiz is proud to present the second set of questions set by Guest Quiz Master Vishnu*.  These 20 questions are presented in the form of a slide show.  Each Question is followed by the answer.

For IBQ.001
Q 1
For IBQ.002
Ans 1
For IBQ.003
Q 2
For IBQ.004
Ans 2
For IBQ.005
Q 3
For IBQ.006
Ans 3
For IBQ.007
Q 4
For IBQ.008
Ans 4
For IBQ.009
Q 5
For IBQ.010
Ans 5
For IBQ.011
Q 6
For IBQ.012
Ans 6
For IBQ.013
Q 7
For IBQ.014
Ans 7
For IBQ.015
For IBQ.016
Ans 8
For IBQ.017
For IBQ.018
Ans 9
For IBQ.019
Q 10
For IBQ.020
Ans 10
For IBQ.021
Q 11
For IBQ.022
Ans 11
For IBQ.023
Q 12
For IBQ.024
Ans 12
Q 13
Ans 13
Q 14
Ans 14
Q 15
Ans 15
Q 16
Ans 16
Q 17
Ans 17
Q 18
Ans 18
Q 19
Ans 19
Q 20
Ans 20


  • Compiled by Bodhanapu Vishnu. Vishnu is an engineering gradulate , an avid quizzer, Civil Services Examination aspirant, an artist, three-time Tata crucible regional champion of Dehradun region.