Month: February 2010

Weekly Business Quiz # 15

Q1.What is the popular name of ‘computer automated turing test for making computers and humans apart’ ?

Ans. CAPTCHA. An MIT project for Yahoo to avoid bots in chats and blogs. Later used in several web-sites

Q2.Dhirubhai observed SHELL closely and dreamt about building a co like Shell. After visiting plant of which MNC in ’65 did Dr Anji Reddy dream about DrReddy’s Lab ?

Ans. Pfizer

Q3. His first invention was an undersock that kept feet cold in summer and hot in failed. His next was a blockbuster. What ?

Ans. TV . J L Baird

Q4. Aamir Khan showed his genius for cinema marketing very early. For QSQT the family prod. what idea did he use?

Ans. Tied up with DD’s CHITRAHAAR

Q5. “All good things were for export.” is a quote credited to which former indian PM?

Ans. Morarji Desai

Q6. Tirupati Laddu has a GI tag now. What is GI ?

Ans.  Geographical indicators. Spurious mfrs of laddus from other places cannot claim them to be from Tirupati

Q7.In strategy what is a ‘lemming syndrome’ ?

Ans. When cos find false comfort when others are pursuing similar strategies.

Q8. FEDEX had a failed service called ZAPMAIL in the ’80s. What was it?

Ans. A Hybrid of courier and fax service which delivered mail in 2 days. Fax machines became very common and it failed

Q9. The Teesside plant of CORUS  in UK  is being mothballed. What is being done?

Ans. Shutdown indefinitely.

Q 10. Which comic book character’s image or ref is present in every episode of Seinfield ?

Ans. Superman

Q11. What is made from the curds of soybean milk and is often called the ‘Cheese of Asia’ ?

Ans. Tofu.

Q 12. If IC is Air india,9W -Jet airways, IT- Kingfisher, 6E-Indigo then BZ is ?

Ans.Blue Dart Aviation


Weekly Business Quiz#14

Q1.Under what historical name will Sanjiv Mehta open his co’s flagship store in Conduit St. In the heart of London?

Ans.East India company

Q2.Which article of everyday use was first produced by Automatic Hook and Eye co in 1896 ?

Ans. The zipper

Q3.In the 1925 edition of Encyc. Brittanica who was the author of the article on ‘mass production’ ?

Ans.  Henry Ford (ghost written)

Q4.New book DORK by Sidin Vadukut is Dilbertian look at life in cubicles of the Mumbai office of Dufresne. What is Dufresne ?

Ans. A mgmt consulting firm

Q5. This toy invented by Walter Morrison, rights sold to Wham-O in 1957. Sales over 200 mn worldwide. How we know these ‘Pluto platters’ today ?

Ans. Frisbee

Q6.Name this Jesuit priest cum education entrepreneur who set up XIMB GIM etc. Recently awarded Padmashri.

Ans.Fr. Roumald D’Souza

Q7. What is the new social networking platform from Google called ?

Ans.  Buzz

Q8. ‘it’s hip to be rural’ People who have never seen a farm are farming virtually on this killer app on FACEBOOK. Name it.

Ans. Farmville

Q8. Literary critics are livid over Sahitya Akademi. This year they have an MNC sponsoring the awards. Which company are we talking about ?


Q9. “‘Happy days are here again’ is often used in ads to announce a sale. When was it first used and by whom?

Ans. Franklin Roosevelt after Great depression

Q10.As per the recent Du Pont Automotive colour popularity report which are the top 3 car colours ?

Ans. 1. Silver (25%) 2. Black (23%) 3. White (16%)

Q11.Between 1950 and 1955, india had rupee. anna paisa system. Under this how many paise made a rupee ?

Ans. 64 paise. A rupee was made up of 16 annas and an anna 4 paise.

Q12. An indian scientist has developed a genetically engineered tomato. What unique property does it have ?

Ans. 45 days shelf life agst 15 days

Q13. Name this anti cholesterol drug from Pfizer,the largest selling drug in terms of value globally.


Q14. Connect SYNERGY (producer of KBC), Indian Terrain, ADLABS….

Ans.  All are part of Reliance ADAG

Q 15. Which indian IT major’s web site was hacked recently and had a ‘For sale’ banner in English and French on it. ?

Ans. TCS