Month: March 2013

Weekly Business Quiz# 174

Q1. 8 of the 9 IPL teams will have Pepsi as the official beverage partner in this year’s IPL. Which is the only team to have Coca Cola ?

Ans. Mumbai Indians

Q2. As per TRAI guidelines how many minutes of advertising is allowed for 60 mins of programming on TV ?

Ans. 12 minutes

Q3. Who is credited with inventing the JavaScript in 10 days while working for Netscape ?

Ans. Brendan Eich

Q4. What did the sting operation, Operation Red Spider by Cobrapost unearth ?

Ans. How private banks do not follow procedures and assist in money laundering black money

Q5. Who has been named as the editor in chief for network 18 including all its web and print publications ?

Ans. R Jagannathan

Q6. There is an ad for Tigre Blanc music app in the newspapers today. It is a surrogate ad for which product ?

Ans. Vodka

Q7. In competition theory, what is Herfindahl index ?

Ans. The level of concentration of market share in a particular industry. For a monopoly, this index is 1.

Q8. Which is the world’s largest e-commerce retailer ? Clue : it is not a US one

Ans. Alibaba

Q9. Who headed the Financial sector regulatory reforms commission that submitted its report to FM today ?

Ans. Justice B N Srikrishna

Q10. Connect TAFE, TVS Motors, Infosys and Lakshmi Machine Works through marraiges …

Ans. Venu Srinivasan of TVS Motors is married to Mallika of TAFE. Their daughter Lakshmi is married to Rohan Murthy, son of Infosys Chairman emeritus and their son Sudarshan will marry the scion of LMW

Q11. Asian Paints’ acquisition of Sleek will give them an entry into what business space ?

Ans, Modular kitchen

Q12. SEBI has announced colour codes for Mutual Funds. On what basis will they be colour coded ?

Ans Invesment risk

Q13 What is the Taylor Rule in determining interest rates in the macroeconomy ?

Ans. Taylor rule is a monetary-policy rule that stipulates how much the central bank should change the nominal interest ratein response to changes in inflationoutput, or other economic conditions. In particular, the rule stipulates that for each one-percent increase in inflation, the central bank should raise the nominal interest rate by more than one percentage point.

Q14. What product is being launched by MTV in collaboration with JK Ansell and what it would be called ?

Ans. MTV Hardwear brought by KS, condoms

Q15. Mahindra recently launched its electric vehicle Mahindra E2O…Expand E2O.

Ans. Energy to Oxygen

Q 16. Which chain of budget hotels is run by Roots Corporation Pvt Ltd in India ?

Ans. Ginger hotels

Q17. McDonalds plans to focus on breakfast in India. According to their own research what % of Indians have breakfast outside home ?

Ans. 2 %

Q 18. Bobby Ghosh the current Time International editor started his journalistic career as a crime reporter in Vizag. which newspaper ?

Ans. Deccan Chronicle

– Compiled by G.Mohan Follow on Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 173

Q1.Who is the world’s largest wholesaler of desktops, laptops, printers and software ?

Ans. Ingram Micro

Q2. Nepal has its first Forbes billionaire – Binod Chaudhury. With which business and brand would you associate him ?

Ans. Wai Wai Noodles

Q3. Which brand has the largest number of followers on Twitter ?

Ans. YouTube

Q4. What is the official name of the Twitter bird ? It is named after whom ?

Ans. Larry Bird. name of a basketball player from Celtics Boston

Q5. In the euro zone bail out for Cyprus how do the depositors in banks lose out ?

Ans. all depositors will have to pay a tax. A lower tax for those below 100,000 Euros and higher tax for above 100,000 euros

Q6. In 2010, when US law banned the use of words like Light, Mild in Cigarette names and packs, how did the industry skirt the problem ?

Ans. By replacing words with colors like Marlboro Light became Marlboro Blue etc

Q7. In the new hindi movie Mere Dad ki Maruti which model of Maruti is central to story?

Ans. Maruti Ertiga

Q8. What was the first registered domain name on this day 28 years ago ?


Q 9. Connect Domino’s, McDonalds and Snickers …

Ans. All use Hunger as the theme in their ads 

Q 10. Montek has been Dy Chairman of Plg commission for 2 plans.. Who is the only other person to have done 2 terms before him ?

Ans. GulzariLal Nanda

Q11. In the context of executive compensation what is the meaning of the phrase ‘abzockerei’ ?

Ans. Income inequality due to high CEO pay, it means Fat Cat phenomenon

Q 12. What are the stated benefits of plastic currency notes being launched by RBI in 5 cities.?

Ans. Higher life and making it difficult to make counterfeit notes

Q 13,. As per RBI who is a wilful defaulter ?

Ans. A borrower who defaults on the loan even after having the capacity to pay.

Q 14. What is unique about a Winchester shirt ?

Ans. The cuff and color  are of a different colour than the body of the shirt. Usually white.

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