Month: October 2017

Weekly Business Quiz # 395


Q1. GoI is launching an ETF – Bharat 22 in November. 22 scrips of mostly PSUs but it includes ITC, L& T and Axis Bank . How can govt sell Private Sector scrips ?

Ans. Govt is selling its stake in ITC, L & T and Axis Bank which it holds in SUUTI. ( Specified Undertaking of UTI)

Q2. Which corporate owns the Pro Kabaddi league finalists and eventual runners-upFortune Giants ? 

Ans. Adani Wilmar part of Adani group

Q3. Through which channel did Amul approach Indian railways to initiate a discussion on carrying Amul butter through railways ?

Ans. Via a Twitter conversation

Q4. Identify this woman who is considered to be the most powerful person for Facebook in India


Ans. Ankhi Das, Director of Public Policy, facebook India

Q5. Which is the largest project in terms of budget approved by Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs ?

Ans. The Bharatmala project with an outlay of over Rs 5 lakh crore

Q6. Only one PSU general insurer does not have Insurance but Assurance in its name. Which one ?

Ans. New India Assurance

Q7. As one Reliance ADAG group co launched it’s IPO, another group co decides to shut down by November 18 , 2017. Name the 2 companies

Ans,. Reliance Nippon AMC launched its IPO and Reliance Digital TV, the DTH business will cease operations soon

Q8. What instrument of financial engg is GoI planning to use in order to raise the equity of beleaguered banks without raising fiscal deficit ?

Ans. Recapitalisation bonds

Q9. Identify this aircraft designer who has been featured recently in an Economist article. He claims that his plane is not getting approved because of bureaucratic hurdles.

Amol Yadav

Ans. Amol Yadav

Q10. As per the Q3 2017 numbers released which country’s market has replaced USA as the second largest smartphone market by volume ?

Ans. India


Q 11. What new service has Amazon announced in US which allows delivery of packages inside the house when no one is there to receive ?

Ans. Amazon Key

Q12. Why did this old and juvenile sketch of Empire state building fetch $ 16,000 in an auction recently ?


Ans. Drawn by President Trump while he was in the real estate business

Q 13. Which city mayor says “no pedestrian shall cross a street or highway while viewing a mobile electronic device”, so has fixed fine upto 99 $? 

mobile walk

Ans. Honolulu, Hawaii

Q 14. CVS bid for Aetna seems to have been triggered by a fear of Amazon. Explain.

Ans. CVS is a grocery chain and Aetna is a health insurance major. Amazon is entering the prescription drugs business, hence CVS is trying to strengthen itslef to get more buying power by buying Aetna

Q 15. In sales promotion, what does the term ” redemption rate’ mean ?.

Ans. The number of sales promotion coupons converted to purchases expressed as a percentage of the number distributed.

Q 16. A sportsman endorsing a soft drink is commonplace. Why is Alex Hunter’s endorsement of Coke Zero unique ?

Ans. Alex Hunter is a virtual sportsman from the FIFA game

Q 17. FIFA U17WC concluded yesterday. Name the company that designs and markets FIFA, the most widely played computer/console sports game.

Ans. EA Sports aka Electronic Arts Sports


Q18. Which are the two countries that have large lithium deposits making them benefit most from the battery revolution ?

Ans. Australia and Argentina

Q19. Recently Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to Sophia. What is special or unique about this ?

Ans. Sophia is a robot and this is the first occasion a robot has been given citizenship by any country

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Weekly Business Quiz # 394


Q1. Hyundai has been dethroned as the No 1 car exporter from India in H1-2017-18, it is No 4 now. Who are 1,2 and 3 ?

Ans. 1. Maruti 2. Volkswagen  3. General Motors


Q2. Which Indian health insurance company has launched Health Insurance ATMs to conduct tests and issues policy instantly ?

Ans. Max Bupa

Q3. One of the announcements on Diwali day by Ratan Tata was a donation of Rs 1000 cr for cancer hospitals. How many centres and which places ?

Ans. 5 centres in the following states

  1. Assam 2. Jharkhand 3. Rajasthan 4. Andhra Pradesh 5. Uttar Pradesh

Q4. Which Italian chocolate major has positioned its chocolates as “Golden Ladoo”for premium gifting during  Diwali and other Indian festivals ?


Ans. Ferrero Rocher


Q5. With which recently launched premium chips brand would you associate Kolhapur businessman Sanjay Ghodawat known for his premium cars ?

sanjay ghodawat 

Ans. Grannary multi-grain chips and other snacks

Q6. One year after Cyrus Mistry got ousted as Tata Sons Chief, his trusted aide Prof Nirmalya Kumar says Ratan, Cyrus and Tatas lost. Who gained according to him ?

Ans. Six PR firms and Lawyers

Q7. Bhavish Agarwal is looking at OLA becoming a big player in OOH Media through OLA PLAY. Expand OOH .

Ans. Out-of-Home media

Q8. Which legendary Indian cricketer did a One Year MBA through correspondence just in case his cricket dream did not materialise ?

Ans. Rahul Dravid

Q9. Which state tourism is running a campaign saying it salutes Taj Mahal for making millions discover India, obviously, in response to UP taking Taj Mahal out of its tourism promotions ?

Ans. Kerala

Q10. Which is India’s first renewable energy company to get listed in New York Stock Exchange ? 

Ans. Azure Power Global Ltd listed in NYSE .It got listed in Oct 2016.

Q11. Name this Kolkata based company estd in 1942, in the cables and other businesses that has been ordered to be liquidated by NCLT for defaulting on loans

Ans. NICCO Corporation

Q 12. DSP Blackrock is launching a passive equity fund called Equal weight Nifty 50 Fund. What is a passive equity fund ?

Ans.  The fund will follow a passive strategy, which requires no intervention from fund managers when it comes to deciding which stocks to buy and in what proportion. The fund portfolio will comprise all the stocks that are there in the Nifty 50 index, 2 % each. 

Q 13, With which Indian co is BP Plc launching its chain of petrol pumps in India ?

Ans. Reliance Industries



Q 14. Which country/state has announced a ” State Minister for Artificial Intelligence” , a first position of its kind ?

Ans. UAE, Omar Bin Sultan Olama is the first such Minister

Q 15. If IPOs are initial public offerings what are ICOs ?

Ans. Initial coin offerings of cryptocurrencies

Q 16. In which city is the world’s largest literary hotel ( in terms of books) The Literary Man located ?


ans. Obidos, Portugal

Q 17. Which recent scandal has led to a worldwide campaign with hashtag #metooin social media ?

Ans. Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood

Q 18. Which company’s second Headquarters referred publicly as HQ2 has become a big competition among US states to attract it by giving tax breaks and incentives ?

Ans. Amazon

Q 19. After entering the cloud server business 3 years ago, why has HP Enterprise decided to move out of it , despite cloud being a growth area ?

Ans. Low margins and focus on hybrid cloud rather than serving large cloud players like AWS, Google and Microsoft who do not buy branded servers

 Q20. . In 1494, Luca Pacioli wrote the book. “Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita”.It was an enormous survey of everything that was known about mathematics – 615 large and densely typeset pages. Amidst this colossal textbook, Pacioli included 27 pages that are regarded by many as the most influential work in the history of capitalism.

What is described in these 27 pages, that is used to this day ?

Ans. Doube-entry book-keeping. To know more Listen to the BBC Podcast here. 

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