Indian Brands- II

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This is a sequel to the page  ‘Indian Brands” . In this page you will find questions from April 2012 to  March 2013 related to Indian brands that appeared in the Weekly Business Quizzes.

Mahindra recently launched its electric vehicle Mahindra E2O…Expand E2O.

Ans. Energy to Oxygen

In the hindi movie Mere Dad ki Maruti which model of Maruti is central to story?

Ans. Maruti Ertiga

Connect Domino’s, McDonalds and Snickers …

Ans. All use Hunger as the theme in their ads 

Which brand of water filter provided water to all the visitors of the Kumbh Mela ?

Ans. Tata Swach

As per the recent sales numbers of luxury cars in India what is the pecking order from highest to lowest of MERC, BMW, AUDI & Jaguar

Ans. BMW, Audi, Merc and Jaguar

Which brand is behind the Red Rickshaw Revolution which is starting a journey from Delhi to Mumbai today showcasing + stories about women ?

Ans. Vodafone

Which brand uses the tag line ‘mummygiri nahin chalegi’ ?

Ans. Tang

With Ranbir Kapoor becoming the face of Pepsi, what drink is Shah Rukh Khan endorsing now ?

Ans. Frooti

What % of branded liquor sold in India is accounted for by Whisky ? A. 70% B.60% C.50 % D.40 %

Ans. B. 60 %

Which car co would be launching a new model called AMAZE in India soon ?

Ans. Honda

Which brand is doing a teaser campaign using the hashtag #inViratsHead on the social media ?

Ans. Cinthol Deo

As per Nokia which is the largest selling touch phone in India and many countries in this part of the world ?

Ans. Nokia Asha 305

Sachin Bansal of Flipkart says success in E-Commerce comes from taking care of 3 factors. Name them.

Ans. Service, selection and Price

Which co runs the helpline for unwanted pregnancy in the website  ?

Ans. Piramal Healthcare.

What is unique about the REX range of smartphones launched by Samsung in India ?

Ans. First smartphone designed in India for the Indian market

Which Bollywood entertainment co started as a book library started by Shethia and Maroo families in Mumbai ?

Ans. Shemaroo entertainment

____ is to India, what Coca Cola is to US. Name India’s no 1 FMCG brand in terms of sales value.

 Ans. ParleG
Besides being E-Commerce cos, what is common to the following Flipkart, yebhi, Myntra and Snapdeal ?

Ans. All are run by agrawal entrepreneurs, known for their business acumen

Which online portal has created a character called Sharman Bose, Master of dating gyaan ?


Karan Johar is associated with coffee thru his TV show Koffee with Karan. Which brand of coffee has used Karan Johar ?

Ans. Nescafe Gold

Why does Gutkha ban spell windfall for cosmetics maker Emami ?

Ans. Menthol is an essential ingredient , whose prices have fallen because of the ban.

Which brand has been named as India’s Buzziest brand by  an advertising industry web-site ?

Ans. Samsung

Indian Captain MS Dhoni has been named as Vice President in which co recently ?

Ans. India Cements

To which business group does Eureka Forbes the co known for Aquaguard water purifiers belong ?

Ans. Shapoorji Pallonji group

Which brand introduced mobile phones with dual SIM and 30 day battery recharge for the first time in India ?

Ans. Micromax

Who is the title sponsor for University Cricket Championship (UCC) ?

Ans. Toyota 

Which are the top 3 brands of bathing soaps in the Indian market ?

Ans. Lux, Lifebuoy and Santoor 

Who has launched a music label to promote quality music under the name of LM Music ?

Ans. Lata Mangeshkar

If Katrina is the face of Slice, who will be the face of Maaza ?

Ans. Parineeti Chopra and Imran Khan

Kingfisher airlines has provided the Kingfisher brand as one of the collaterals to the lenders for its huge debt. What is its value ?

Ans. Rs 3000 crore valued by Grant Thornton.

Twigs from which tree were recommended by Prophet Muhammad for brushing. It is also a brand.

Ans. Miswak

Who are the title sponsors of Hockey India League ?

Ans. Hero MotoCorp 

There are 21 car manufacturers in India in 2012. How many models are sold in India ?

 Ans 120 models
As per the Jan Nov 2012, car sales numbers in India, which 2 car models have been replaced in the Top 10 ?

Ans.  Nano & Eon have replaced  Santro and Indigo
Whose vision was  “Would have the Maruti Zen size, the Ambassador’s internal dimensions, the price of a Maruti 800 and with  the running cost of a diesel” about which car ?

Ans. Ratan Tata about Indica
In EID Parry what does E I D stand for ?

Ans. East India Distillers

One of the early brands of Wipro has been sold to Cargill India. Name the brand.

Ans. Sunflower  

Which Indian co is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world ?

Ans. Mahindra and Mahindra 

Which recently released movie has been given two awards by Indian govt for promoting Indian tourism ?

Ans. Life of Pi

Who is the new face of Revital after Yuvraj Singh ?

Ans. Salman Khan

The first cola brand from Parles was not Thums Up. What was the name of the first cola launched by them in 1949 ?

Ans. Gluco Cola

Parle G is the world’s largest selling biscuit by volume. In 1929, it was launched as a substitute for an imported brand. Name it.

Ans. Glaxo

Biscuit market pref have changed in last two years.Glucose no 3. Which are the first two?

Ans. Cookies and Cream

Connect the brands Maruti Astar, Xylys, Tata Motors, Omron to a celebrity.

Ans.Farhan Akhtar

What was the brand of Whisky which Diageo had in India before it decided to quit in 2002 ?

Ans. Gilbey’s Green Label

Which MNC chain has launched Indian desserts like Coconut Rossogollas, Petal Gulab Jamuns , Motichoor for the season in India ?

Ans. Dunkin Donut

Deepika Padukone : Sony Cybershot, Priyanka Chopra | Nikon, Anushka Sharma : which brand ?

Ans. Canon compact

With which Indian cricketer would you associate SPORTSFIT ?

Ans. MS Dhoni

The old refrigerator brand Kelvinator has been relaunched.who owns the brand now ?

 Ans. Videocon
In the newly opened Starbucks cafe in Mumbai what brand of tea is going to be served ?

Ans. Tata Tazo
Who is the subject of the Audio book ” the Man who made the elephants dance” ?

Ans. Verghese Kurien

What is the new name of the company Cadbury India ?

Ans. Mondelez

How many towns in India have a population greater than 1 million ?
Ans. 53
Name this India’s leading designer leather bags brand which is the largest employer in Puducherry…
Ans. Hidesign

Saina Nehwal has signed the biggest contract for a non-cricketer. Who is managing her endorsements ?

Ans. Rhiti sports management 

As per the Indian FDI policy for insurance, FDI is allowed only upto 26%.   Aviva is a British company/brand. Name its Indian partner who owns 74%.

Ans. Dabur

FDI in retail is not allowed as per current Govt. of India policy.  With which Indian group is Wal-Mart, getting ready to launch in India as soon as it is announced.

Ans. Bharti

Which Indian group had set up JVS with many internal majors fan later broke it.  With GE, P&G, Sara lee, Pillsbury, etc?

Ans. Godrej

Honda entered India through many JVs. With Honda for motorcycles, with Kinetic for scooters, with whom did they tie-up for cars?

Ans. Shriram Industrial Enterprises Litd

Tokio Insurance has a JV with IFFCO for General Insurance.  With whom do they have a JV for Life Insurance?

Ans. Edelweiss

Which website is India’s largest music service ?

Which co prides itself as the world’s largest digital satellite linked cinema chain?

Ans. UFO Moviez
Manna Dey, ______ artist was inscribed in the visiting card of the legendary singer. Fill in the brand name.

Ans. HMV

Which Indian company is the world’s largest manufacturer of cricket gear ?

Ans.  SG Sanspareils Greenlands often mistaken with Sunny Gavaskar

Which retail chain started life as a butter manufacturer in Ooty in 1905 by Muthuswami Mudaliar ?

Ans. Nilgiris 

Name this accomplished B & W fashion photographer who created the landmark Kama Sutra campaign in ’90s who passed away.

Ans. Prabuddha Dasgupta

What item of everyday use was distributed by the producers of Gangs of Wasseypur as a promotion ?

Ans. Gamchha

What is the unique credit of Jaiwant Paul who read Economics in St Stephens College in 1949 ?

Ans.First Indian mgnt trainee of Hind Lever

What was the name given to a private station started by M V Gopalaswamy in Mysore in Pre independence India ?

Ans. Akashvani, later adopted by All India Radio as its name

With which airline was the Haryana minister Gopal Kanda associated ?

Ans. MDLR airlines

For which TV ad campaign has film director Anurag Kashyap appeared recently ?

Ans. Cadbury’s dairy milk eclairs

Rahul Da Cunha, Manish Jhaveri and Jayant Rane are the crack creative team for which advertising campaign ?

Ans. Amul butter

Before ‘Utterly Butterly Amul” what was the tagline for AMUL Butter ?

Ans.  Purely the Best

Who are the people behind the regional airline Air Mantra ?

Ans. The Singhs of Religare

What is being packed and sold in tetrapaks by a veterinary college in Wayand district of Kerala hat Rs 5 per litre ?

Ans.  Cow urine as pesticide

The small pack revolution now comes to liquor. What small size bottles are being used by Bacardi, Teachers etc to boost sales ?

Ans. 60ML, 90 ml

For which popular brand did kishore Kumar appear in an ad ?

Ans. Brylcreem

Which ’80s classic Hindi comedy had Dipti Naval playing a door-to-sakesperson selling Chamko detergent ? This is being remade

Ans. Chashme Buddoor

What was the earlier name of SML Isuzu Limited ?

Ans.  Swaraj Mazda Limited

Which brand of mixie an affiliate of Philips got badly affected bcoz of Jayalalithaa’s freebie schemes in TN ?

Ans. Preethi

McDowells becomes the 2nd brand to reach 2 Billion $ in retail sales in India. Which was the first ?

Ans. Amul

Name the apex agency in India that gives products Halal certification.

Ans.  Halal India

Which type of biscuits are very popular from Kayani bakery of Pune ?

Ans.  Shrewsbury biscuits

After it’s split with TATA Motors where has Fiat started it’s first independent dealership ?

Ans.  Hyderabad

Who are the Partners of Dunkin Donuts in India ?

Ans.  Jubilant Foodworks

Which brand of condoms has signed up Sunny Leone for endorsing their product ?

Ans.  Manforce condoms

What govt measure will make it diffcult for Benson and Hedges or Marlboro to be available in local shops in India ?

Ans. Ban on import of cigarettes

Which brand of fans has an unusual celebrity Rajesh Khanna endorsing it ?

Ans. Havells

Which 4200 cr company was started by school dropouts Soundarrajan and Sunderrajan in Udumalpet near Coimbatore ?

Suguna Poultry

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan.

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