Month: July 2016

Weekly Business Quiz # 343


Q1. Name the man behind the eponymous app considered to be hottest educational technology startup that is teaching Indians to ‘think and learn’ .

Ans. Byju Raveendran of Byju’s

Q 2. Name the advertiser running this campaign.

amazon fashion

Ans. Amazon Fashion

Q3. Which saree retail chain has introduced the innovation of a saree with a pocket ?

Ans. Sri Kumaran Silks

Q4. What special feat did the 114 km rail stretch between Rameswaram – Manamadurai achieved on 24th July , 2016 ?

Ans. Inauguration of country’s first green corridor, discharge free zones. Stretch will have 10 trains running with bio-toilets

Q5. Under which brand has Nestlé (India) introduced a mix for making masala tea  ?

Ans. Everyday Masala Fusion

Q6. Which was the first radio station in India that was inaugurated on July 23, 1927 ?

Ans. Indian Broadcast Company (IBC), Bombay it later became part of All India Radio


Q7. To which sportstar is the quote “Republicans buy sneakers, too’ attributed to for not taking a stand against violence on African-Americans ?

Ans. Michael Jordan , the basket ball star , because he was a Nike endorser

Q8. What is razor-and-blades pricing strategy ?

Ans. A strategy where the main product is sold cheap and its complementary consumable is priced high. Gillette uses this strategy. Also used by printer manufacturers who discount the printers and make money in toners.

Q9. Name the author of the best selling book ‘Work Rules!’ who served as the head of HR of Google for 10 years and thus moulding it’s unique culture

Ans. Lazlo Bock

Q 10. There are only two non-financial companies that have a AAA rating from S&P. One of them is Microsoft. Name the other.

Ans. Johnson and Johnson

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan 

Weekly Business Quiz # 342

Q 1. 7 Indian cos have made it to the Fortune 500 list. 4 PSUs and 3 Pvt cos. Among private cos. besides Reliance and Tata Motors, which is the third ?

Ans. Rajesh Exports

Q2. Which car model from Nissan is based on the same platform as Renault Kwid and both have been launched in India ?

Ans. Datsun Redi-Go

Q3. Identify the advertiser who is running a TV campaign depicting toys


Ans. MP Tourism

Q4. Which brand is running a camapaign titled “Smiles of India” ?


Ans. Himalaya sparkling white toothpaste

Q5. Which famous temple in Mumbai accepts shares and securities as donations ?

Ans. Siddhi Vinayak temple

Q6. Which is the first company from India to issue a Masala bond overseas ?

Ans. HDFC Ltd

Q7. If Infosys has MANA as its analytics platform, TCS has Ignio, what is Wipro’s analytics platform called ? Clue : literary character

Ans. Holmes

Q8. Connect Kolkata based tea co TE- A-ME-TEAs to US candidate Donald Trump

Ans.Kolkata-based Te-A-Me Teas, a tea company, has sent 6,000 bags of famous Assam green tea to Donald Trump to purify him

Q9. Boeing is celebrating its 100 years this year. At what price did they sell their first plane in 1916 ?

Ans. 10,000 $

Q10. Which auto-rickshaw aggregator has tied up with Trainman to provide pick-up and drop services at 35 railway stations ?

Ans. Jugnoo

Q11. What special drink was introduced by Paper Boat on the occasion of Ramzan ?

Ans. Sherbet-e-khaas

Q 12. Which private company is India’s largest producer of coal-bed-methane ?

Ans. Essar Oil producing CBM at Raniganj coal mine in West Bengal

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 341


Q 1. What popular offering from Buddies Infotech Chennai is making waves among tiny tots of India ?

Ans. ChuChu TV, a YouTube channel which has already become the 3rd most popular channel from India

Q 2. Which is the iconic sports model being launched by Ford in India for Rs. 65 lakh ?


Ans. Ford Mustang

Q 3. Name the two couples who have been among the 5 Indians who appear in the Forbes Asia’s philanthropy list for 2016

Ans. Amit Chandra of Bain Capital and Archana Chandra of Jai Vakeel Foundation and Vineet and Anupama Nayyar of Sampark Foundation

Q4. Under what brand has LOreal launched a herbal range of cosmetics in India to compete with the likes of Ayush and Patanjali ?

Ans. Garnier Ultimate Blends

Q5. With the acquisition of Minacs now and IBM Daksh earlier which is India’s largest BPO firm ?

Ans. Concentrix that is part of the US firm Synnex

Q6. Which Indian group has acquired the cement business of Lafarge in India ?

Ans. Nirma Group


Q7. Speciality restaurants have added an all day bar with Italian , Mexican food in their chain with Hoppipola . From where does this name come ?

Ans. Icelandic song by band Sigur Rós. The video shows friends jumping in puddles of water. It indicates you don’t have to be young to have fun.


Q8. Which video game launched by Niantic Labs has become so successful in a short time that it may beat Twitter on Android downloads ?

Ans. Pokemon Go

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan




Weekly Business Quiz # 340


Q 1. What unique product did Tata provide to the pilgrims during the just concluded Rath yatra at Puri ?


Ans. A frozen candy made of Tata salt, lemon juice and water for the devotees in the hot sun, promted as “Sehat ki chuski”


Q2.  Which brand has used this popular dialogue from CID in its advt recently


Ans. Godrej security solutions

Q3. On what would the Govt of India committee headed by Economist Shankar Acharya give recommendations about transition from an existing system ?

Ans. A new financial year to mov towards calendar year from April-March


Q4. Which luxury Indian brand belongs to Genesis Colors Ltd which is coming out with an IPO ?

Ans. Satya Paul

Q5. Name the airline that is promoting the upcoming Rajinikanth film Kabali being one of its sponsors


Ans. Air Asia


Q6. KitKat , Lollipop, Marshmallow …Complete the series

Ans. Nougat.All are .Android versions

Q7. More and more rich Chinese and Indians are applying for US EB-5 visa. What are the conditions and privileges of this visa ?

Ans. It is a method getting green card by foreigners who invest a minimum of 500,000 $ and create/save 10 US jobs. The investor and his/her family is allwed to migrate subject to certain conditions

Q 8. What stock exchange started by David Cummings in 2005 with HQ in Lenexa, Kansas has become the 2nd largest equity exchange in US ?

Ans. BATS Global markets

Q 9. The London financial sector suffers from ‘Wimbledonization’. What is ‘Wimbledonization’ ?

England hosts the best players from around the world at its tennis championship, but a local rarely wins it. Similarly, London’s financial district, foreigners run the show

Q 10. “Don’t go there, live there” is the tag line for which brand ?

Ans. AirBnB

Q 11. What brand of forest friendly condoms will be distributed free by the Brazil govt during the Rio Olympics ?

Ans. Natex

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan