Month: June 2010

Weekly Business Quiz # 33

Q1. Who is the biggest contributor to WHO in recent years, more than even the US govt.?

Ans. Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

Q2. After big bro struck a deal with HFCL owners, Anil has struck a mega deal with another K-10 co GTL. What is K-10?

Ans. Ketan Parekh’s 10 stocks

Q3. Which celebrity sportsman’s record of the most expensive divorce is Tiger Woods’ likely to beat ?

Ans. Michael Jordan

Q4. What currency has been proposed by ADB as an alternative international reserve currency ?

Ans. Chinese Yuan

Q5. Who is the manufacturer of the JABULANI balls used in this FIFA cup ?

Ans. Adidas

Q6. Which apparel brand from the Aditya Birla stable has launched footwear ?

Ans. Louis phillippe

Q7. In the jersey of badminton world no 3 Saina Nehwal which brand figures prominently ?

Ans. Deccan Chronicle

Q8. Name this Italian car brand which completed 100 yrs yesterday. It was the first car to win a Grand Prix in 1925. Clue Bond.

Ans. Alfa Romeo

Q9. What is unique about the BPO unit of Radiant Infosystems in Hyderabad ?

Ans. Inside Cherlapally jail manned by convicts

Q10. Which brand of footwear released a press ad featuring Mamta Banerjee ?

Ans.  Ajanta Hawai

Q11. What is social notworking ?

Ans. Surfing social networking sites instead of working

Q12. What is the function of the gadget PEPPER MOUTH ?

Ans. It emits foul smell if user uses foul lang. In email or web

Q13. Name the former HP boss who is the Republican candidate for the senate from California.

Ans. Carly Fiorina

Q14.  How is the Kerala govt promoting reading habit and saving electricity through a single scheme ?

Ans. Kids get books as gift for saving power

Q15. SWYPE may soon replace T9 in all cell phones. What does T9 do ?

Ans. Typing text messages quickly on cellphones

– Compiled by G.Mohan

Weekly Business Quiz #32

Q 1.In which IPL team did the new Deutsche Bank CEO Anshu Jain have a stake until recently ?

Ans. Mumbai Indians

Q2. Van Schalwyk a plastic factory worker patented it in 2001. His co Masincedane sport is doing well this FIFA. What is his product?

Ans. Vuvuzela

Q3. The designer brand Hermes has two popular styles of an accessory Kelly and Birkin. Name the accessory.

Ans. Ladies hand bags

Q4. In the classic ‘It happened one night’ Clark Gable takes off his shirt revealing his bare torso leading to 75%dec in sales of what ?


Q5. 1 train, 13 destinations, 15 role models, 400 youth, 9000 km… what yatra we talking about ?

Ans. Tata Jagriti yatra

Q6. Copy writer goes crazy… An ad says .’f*****ck!! Flat 20% off. Name the brand.

Ans. Fastrack

Q7. After prepaid, postpaid.. India’s first unpaid service is being promoted. Who is promoting it ?

Ans. Future group. Tata Teleservices is the telecom operator. Like Virgin, it appears that Future is a MVNO.

Q8. Name this lady a former eBay head who recently won the Republican nomination for California governor.

Ans. Meg Whitman

Q9. The world cup anthem by Shakira is’WAKA WAKA’ . What does it mean ? Think Nike.

Ans.Do it !

Q10. Which was the first hybrid vehicle to be launched in India ?

Ans. Hybrid vehicle is a dual powered one. Suvega moped used petrol and pedal

Q11. What are Roquefort. Gorgonzola and Stilton different types of ?

Ans. Blue Cheese

Q12. What unique features make Vortex ATM right for indian villages. SBI has placed an order for 600 ?

Ans. Uses fingerprint, low investment ,No AC, can dispense soiled notes

Q13. In HR, what is a ‘brown bag’ session and why it is called so ?

Ans. It is an informal interaction session with boss with pkd food in brown bags

Q14. Which US co is returning to India , 30 years ago its brand name had become a generic name for decorative laminates ?


Q 15. He is single, prob lives with his parents, he may not have a job . Yet he is happy. What do marketers call this segment?

Ans. Omega male

Q 16. Which mobile co is using the idea of ‘football widows’ in their TVCs to sell football updates ?

Ans. Vodafone

– Compiled by G.Mohan

Weekly Business # 31

Q 1. Name this HUL soap brand which after merging with HAMAM earlier has been relaunched.


Q 2.Why is EU planning to impose a ban on sex toys ?

Ans. They are made of PVC, which is bad for environment

Q 3. In 1955,Nehru praised a co for “putting india in the league of technically adv nations that can produce typewriters”. Name the  co.

Ans. Godrej & Boyce

Q4.RBI has issued a circular that alterations in cheque will not be allowed from 1 july. Of payee, date and amount. what can be altered?

Ans. Only date alteration with signature is allowed

Q 5. Connect Amitabh Bachchan, Binaca, Kings XI Punjab, Fem care, Fresenius Kabi to a brand/company

Ans. Dabur

Q 6. How many circles each did Vodafone, IDEA, R-com, Tata win in the just concluded BWA spectrum auction?

Ans.  None.

Q 7. What is the ‘Chamatcar’ in the ‘i-key’ for Nissan Micra ? Who is its brand amb. ?

Ans.  I-key in pocket open the door by a button.Ranbir Kapoor

Q 8. Who is the author of the book ‘Employees first customers second’ published by Harvard press ? Clue: CEO of an indian tech co.

Ans. Vineet Nayar of HCL tech

Q9. Connect physicist Stephen Hawking to Blackberry …

Ans. Stephen Hawking will be joining Perimeter Institute promoted by Blackberry founder

Q 10. How is NIKE saying ‘yes to plastic’ during this world cup soccer ?

Ans. Jerseys for stars like Ronaldo made of used plastic bottles

Q 11. The INFY SEZ coming up in HYD will be having a unique shape likely to make it an arch. marvel. What shape?

Ans. Inverted pyramid

Q12. Which Indian co techies will be manning the ‘command and control’ centre of FIFA cup 2010 ?

Ans. Mahindra Satyam

Q 13. Where is the first private metro service likely to start in India by 2013 ?

Ans. Gurgaon

Q 14. Under UN’s Clean development mechanism , cos. earn certified emission reductions ( CERs). What is the popular term for CER ?

Ans. Carbon credit

Q 15. Which gaming console used MEMS accelerometer technology for the first time that helps play a video game with the whole body ?

Ans. Nintendo Wii

 –Compiled by G.Mohan

Reliance- HFCL nexus out in the open

Infotel, a relatively, unknown player in the telecom  business, was the sole winner of a pan-India licence for BWA spectrum. Many well known telecom players like Vodafone, Tata , Idea and Reliance Communications backed out, saying unreasonable prices. They bid an astounding sum of Rs 12, 848 crore. On the day, the results were announced Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Industries announced that they are acquiring 95 % of Infotel for Rs 4,800 crore.

Infotel is a small Internet Service provider (ISP)  run by Anant Nahata, son of Mahendra Nahata, promoter of the infamous Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited ( HFCL). Readers may remember that HFCL had bid irrationally in 1995 acquiring 9 licences for mobile telephony ( 2G). They did not have the financial muscle to roll out the same and eventually telecom minister Sukh Ram bailed them out. Even then it was rumoured that HFCL was actually a front for the Ambanis, as this blogger has also noted. Readers may recall that HFCL had bid the highest as licence fees and Reliance Telecom had bid the lowest. Reliance got some category C circles like North East, West Bengal, Orissa etc for peanuts.  When HFCL did not pay up the licence fees , Indian govt not only lost over Rs 20, 000 crore in revenues, in several circles the roll-out of GSM got delayed by 2 years.

Now by acquiring Infotel and announcing it openly on the day the BWA auction results were announced, it is clear that HFCL was just a proxy for Reliance. As the Ambani brothers ironed out their differences and worked out their non-compete clauses, Infotel  the front for Mukesh Ambani was bidding for BWA. For doing the task, the Nahatas have got their Rs 4800 crore ( ?) and 5 % equity in Infotel.

By paying Rs 12, 848 crore for spectrum and additional Rs 4800 crore for Infotel, ( roll-out costs are extra)  apparently Reliance is entering what is essentially an Internet Service provider ( ISP) business using wireless technology. ISP is a business, not unfamiliar to Reliance and Mukesh Ambani-Manoj Modi duo ( Most of the Reliance Infocom top-team continues to be with Mukesh) . Reliance had an ISP service which was marketed under the name “Only Smart.”  This ISP business did not make any waves and can be dubbed a failure. This service was discontinued when Reliance Telecom changed hands from Mukesh to Anil’s. Reliance Infocom when it was launched, Mukesh Ambani during his visionary speeches, used to mention how ‘data’ business would be much bigger than ‘voice’. Reliance Infocomm was only entering ‘voice’, read ‘mobile phone services’ business , just as an additional service, the focus being data. Readers would remember how using the ‘wireless in local loop’ licence Reliance entered mobile telephony through back-door , creating a controversy. This controversy led to several changes in regulations and Reliance is now well entrenched as the No 2 player in 2G. All the so-called superiority of CDMA over GSM has been dumped, with R-Com clearly going for GSM in 2G and 3G.   

Once again Mukesh Ambani is back in his visionary role and is talking eloquently about the prospects of broadband.

“We see this as the next wave of value creation opportunity in the wireless broadband space,” says Mukesh Ambani, who is the world’s fourth richest man, said in a prepared statement. “We believe this will pole-vault India’s economy into the digital world at an accelerated pace while creating next generation tools that will enhance productivity and create world-class consumer experiences.”

“RIL sees the broadband opportunity as an opportunity to be in the forefront in providing world-class 4G network and services,” the company said, suggesting the scale of its ambitions. “[The] initiative will usher in a wireless broadband revolution in both the urban and the rural areas by providing end-to-end data solutions for business enterprises, social organizations, educational and healthcare institutions, and Indian consumers.”

 Most analysts are apprehending that Reliance and Mukesh will once again get a back door entry into the mobile telephony space using the BWA spectrum. As of now Internet telephony within India is not allowed. Once Reliance has rolled out their infrastructure for broadband, it is apprehended they will cleverly manipulate the regulators and policy makers in Delhi, in the name of low cost of telephony for ‘aam aadmi’ to open up Internet telephony. Remember, papa had said that domestic call should be cheaper than the price of a post card, the promise of Reliance. In public, politicians want to make policies that benefit the ‘aam aadmi’ , as long as they or their party is adequately compensated in private.

On earlier occasions, HFCL ( proxy for Reliance ?)   got away without honouring their licensing contracts and sabotaging India’s cellphone industry. Through back-door Reliance  entered cellphone services industry, which was an unfair competition to the existing players. Now the apprehension is using BWA, Reliance would make a backdoor entry into cellphone services  yet again by getting cheaper spectrum. 

The history of telecom industry in India is marked by a series of scams. So, what is one more scam. Politicians and businessmen create scams, media and bloggers cry hoarse about them. All in a day’s work.

Weekly Business Quiz # 30

Q1.Scientists have proved that members of opp sex look sexier after booze. What is this effect called ?

Ans. Beer goggles

Q2 .Which is the largest TV shopping network globally ?

Ans. QVC of US

Q 3. Which co will be soon launching the world’s largest IPO of 30 b US $ ?

Ans. Agricultural bank of china

Q 4. What service has been launched for Drs of Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai by Vodafone, Blackberry and medical eqpt co Maestros ?

Ans. ECG on mobile

Q 5. Which pharma co has launched a low-cost vaccine for H1N1 virus in India at Rs 350 each ?


Q 6. Name the company which markets generic drug Sidenafil Citrate under the brand name KAMAGRA.

Ans. Ajanta Pharma

Q 7. In which indian city are workers working harder to meet the high demand for footballs, thanks to the upcoming FIFA cup?

Ans. Jalandhar

Q 8. Which global co runs Corporate Services Corps where leadership devpt is combined with community initiatives?


Q 9. Based on a survey finding that 70% of viewers do not know what to watch on TV what new channel has been launched ?

Ans. What’s on India

Q 10. Which Chinese electronics mfr has decided to increase wages of its employees by 20 % to control suicides ?

Ans. Foxconn

Q 11. Mary Phelps Jacob descendant of Robert Fulton ,the inventor of steamboat, was an inventor herself. What did she invent in 1910?

Ans. Brassiere

Q 12. Where has the new TATA Nano plant come up and has become operational today ?

Ans. Sanand in Gujarat

Q13. How are drivers of premium cars speaking on their cellphones without being caught for traffic violation?

 Ans. Thru car stereo with bluetooth

Q14. Which co has launched ‘TigerZor’ and ‘Actimind’ brands of flavored milk recently ?

Ans. Britannia

Q15. Launched in Nov ’09 this bike has a tag of Rs 1.25 lakh. It is such a hit that it now has a 6 month waiting.Name it.

Ans. Enfield classic 500

Q17. The Sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia has a very Indian sounding name. It is fighting with Fortis over Parkway takeover. Name it

Ans. Khazanah

Q18. What is an Islamic financial certificate called, similar to a bond in Western finance, that complies with Sharia, Islamic law.?

Ans. Sukuk

Weekly Business Quiz # 29

Q1 With which global cosmetic brand would you associate the campaign ‘natural is good’?

Ans. The Body shop

Q2. All GARNIER ads end with ‘Take care’. Another brand from this stable L’OREAL end their ads with ?

Ans. Because you’re worth it.

Q3. ASP, Apps-on-taps, SaaS. On demand, all more or less refer to the same concept. The same old wine now has a new bottle. What?

Ans. Cloud computing

Q4. In terms of revenue per employee, name the tech co which comes out tops globally. Apple is # 2, Google is # 3, Amazon is # 4 .

Ans. Craigslist

Q5. Siyaram’s MSD range of suitings stands for Monday to Sunday dressing. It stands for one more thing. What ?

Ans. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q6. Name the US satellite based global positioning system which has a monopoly on GPS.

Ans. Navstar

Q7. Story of 2 Tech Cos, say A and B. Market caps in 2000 A 11 bn $, B 382 bn $. Market Caps in 2010 A 152 bn $, B 150 bn $. Who are A and B ?

Ans. Apple and Microsoft

Q8Tony Blair is joining the PE firm Khosla ventures. Another former british PM is part of another PE firm Carlyle group. Who ?

Ans. John Major

Q9. To set an example, Mukesh Ambani has capped his salary to a rather small amount. (Poor guy, how will he live). What is the cap ?

Ans. Rs 15 cr only

Q10. The now not so popular Industrialist MP Navin Jindal came to limelight winning a landmark case agnst GOI. What was the case?

Ans. Right to hoist flags in private buildings, inside and outside

Q11.  Why are more Indians heading towards Europe this summer for a vacation ?

Ans.  Thanks to the Europe crisis, Euro has depreciated. Better value.

Q12. Which best selling sedan is irreverently called the Swift with a backside ?

Ans. Maruti Swift D’zire

Q13. What is an IDR ? Who is the first issuer of IDR?

Ans. Indian depository receipt. Stanchart bank.

Q14. Which airline, in the news for a crash, has the tag line ‘simply priceless’?

Ans.  Air india express

Q15. Name the man behind “Sulabh shauchalaya” who developed the two-pit toilet,an innovation now exported to over 50 countries.

Ans. Bindeshwari pathak

Q16. Connect BNP Paribas, IBM, Longines, FEDEX to a sporting event.

Ans. French open

Q17. Which Indian car company is owned 50% by Chinese co. SAIC ?

Ans. General Motors india is a 50:50 JV between GM and SAIC

Q18. The Sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia has a very Indian sounding name. It is fighting with Fortis over Parkway takeover. Name it.

Ans. Khazanah

Q.19.  Allwyn Nissan, Punjab tractors, Kinetic engg, ………Complete the series

Ans. Reva Electric. All are Mahindra acquisitions

Q 20. Reva electric car was designed by an ace Indian auto designer. Name him.

Ans. Dilip Chhabria. DC in short.