Month: November 2013

Weekly Business Quiz # 209

Q 1. Which popular TV programme has taken this path ? The year it was first introduced in a country. Brazil- 2007, Pakistan – 2008, India – 2011, Middle East -2012, Africa – 2013

Ans. Coke Studio

Q 2. Who will replace Mike Duke as the next CEO of Wal-Mart from February 2014 ?
Ans. Doug McMillon

Q 3. From the original S & P 500 index constructed in 1957, only original 68 companies remain. Which is the latest co to be booted out ?

Ans. J.C.Penney

Q4. Which brand of microwaves used Mallika e kitchen TV show to promote microwaves in India ?
Ans. LG

Q5. Which Japanese group makes 90 % of all zippers produced in the world ?

Ans. Ykk group

Q6. What technological invention initially made for military use is being used by journalists to cover events such as the recent Haiyan hurricane in Philipines ?

Ans. Drones or Unarmed aerial vehicles. These vehicles are being launched with on board cameras which take pics of disaster sites or risky terrains

Q7. The world’s largest ship Prelude is under construction at a Shipyard in Korea. Where will it be deployed and what will it be used for ?

Ans. Off Australian coast for producing Liquefied natural Gas

Q8. With which Bollywood star would you associate fruitwash and juicy lip balm ?
Ans. Anushka Sharma

Q 10.It was invented by Fielding and Chavannes in Hawthorne, NJ in 1957. It’s initial application was to use as a wallpaper. Then it was used for greenhouse insulation. Both these applications failed. It’s current use was thought of by Frederick W Bowers and sold to IBM. It has since been used extensively. What are we talking about ?

Ans. Bubble Wrap

Q 11. With which state would you associate

Ans. Kerala

Q 12. Who owns the company Buffalo networks pvt ltd, now in the news for a scandal ?

Ans. Tarun Tejpal and family

Q 13. What is the prize money which Magnus Carlsen received for winning the world Chess championship ?

Ans. Rs 9.9 crore

Q 14. Which Indian organisation has developed this distress alarm called NIRBHAYA ?

Ans. BARC developed it and ECIL will manufacture it.

Q 15. In organisation culture lingo, what is an ROWE ?
Ans. Results only work environment

Q 16. In the field of higher education, a govt of India programme is called RUSA. Expand RUSA

Ans. Rashtriya uchchatar shiiksha abhiyan i

Q 17. Name this Gujarat based co which uses nano tech to make moisture resistant roads which will have longer life. It is making border roads now.
Ans. Zydex Technologies

Q 18. Lakshminarayan Raghupathy of HLL Lifecare is one of the shortlisted scientists for the Bill and Melinda Gates Challenge to design a better condom. What wonder material he wants to use and why ?

Ans. Graphene. It is much thinner yet many times stronger than latex. It is also a better conductor of heat

Q 19. Which car manufacturer is planning to ensure timely payments by making it possible for the co to stop the car by remote control ?
Ans. Renault Electric cars

Q 20. He is disrupting many industries – Automobile, aeronautics and energy. This Paypal alumnus is known for his audacity and tenacity. He has been named as the Fortune businessperson of the year 2013. Identify him and his three companies.

Ans. Elon Musk

Q 21. How will the Tile app help its users ?

Ans. It has a small device which can be attached to any item like key or smart phone. It will help locate the misplaced or stolen items.

Q 22. Which once popular music player software will be shut down by AOL, come December 20th ?
Ans. WinAmp Music Player

Q 23. Who said “If corporate pregnancy is going to be consequence of corporate mating, the time to face that fact is before the moment of ecstasy?
Ans. Warren Buffett remark about risk of acquisitions

Q 24. Shantanu Khosla heads the three Procter and Gamble companies in India. P&G Hygiene and Health Care (which makes Whisper and Vicks), Procter & Gamble Home Products (Ariel and Tide) and ____. Name the third co.

Ans. Gillette India Ltd.

Q 25. Who is known as the father of Leasing in India ?

Ans. Farouk Irani of First Leasing of India Ltd.

Q 26. What unique item is taken as a collateral by the Credem Bank, Italy ?

Ans. Parmesan cheese. It takes two years for it to be ready for sale. To keep the cash flow of farmers smooth, the bank lends money against cheese.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter go_mohan


Visitor Survey

The findings from the just concluded Visitor Survey for the blog are being presented below. 110 persons responded to the online survey.

  • Majority of the visitors discovered the blog through Search Engines like Google (53 %).
  •  41 % of the visitors visit the blog atleast once a week, nearly 31 % visit it daily.
  •  The popularity of the blog is somewhat recent with 52 % havingvisited for the first time in the last 6 months.
  • An overwhelming 72 % of the visitors are interested in trivia of all kinds including business. Only 15 % said they were preparing for some competitive exams.
  • The most popular categories of Q & A are related to
  •                  1. Business Personalities               2. Indian Brands          3. Logos and Advertising
  • Legal Affairs is the least popular 
  • The average ratings on a 5 point scale were as follows with 5 being excellent and 1 being Poor
  •              Variety/Mix – 4.3
  •              Difficulty – 4.0
  •              Frequency of posts – 4.1
  •               Look and feel- 3.9
  •               Interactivity – 3.6
  • There were many interesting suggestions to improve the Quiz Blog, some of the more frequently stated ones include
  1. More visual questions including logos
  2. More classical quiz questions
  3. Improving interactivity by concealing the answer 
  4. Smartphone apps
  • 51 % of the respondents are Employed. Followed by 22 % who are MBA students
  • The 18-24 age group comprises 48 % and 25-34 age group comprises 29 % of the total respondents
  • 97 % of the respondents are from India. 61 % of the visitors hail from the Top 8 Indian cities.
  • The Top 3 places from where the respondents hail include

1. Bengaluru
2. Mumbai
3. New Delhi

Thanks once again for responding to the survey. The feedback will be helpful in improving the content and design. – G.Mohan