Month: May 2011

Weekly Business Quiz # 81

Q1. Who owns the club BARCELONA aka BARCA ?

Ans. By over 85000 Socis ie members in Catalan

Q2. Name the iconic personal transportation vehicle invented by Dean Kamen launched in india recently at 4 lacs.

Ans. Segway

Q3. Which TV channel a symbol of american culture gives five calls for prayer in its Indonesian schedules ?

Ans.  MTV

Q4. What brand of balls are being used in French open from this year ?

Ans.Babalot It replaces Dunlop balls.

Q5. What is the name of the new retail chain started by Ram Agarwal who started Vishal retail ?

Ans. V2

Q6. After Apple beat Microsoft yet another tech co has beaten MS in market cap?

Ans.  IBM

Q7. Name the iceland volcano that has grounded 500 flights in europe this year.

Ans. Grimsvotn

Q8. How does a blast last week in Hon Hai of China affect deliveries of Apple, HP and Sony ?

Ans. It’s the world largest electronics contract manufacturer.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 80

 Q1. If Malaysia is “Truly Asia” which country promotes itself as ‘The heart of Asia’?

Ans. Taiwan

Q2. Which co was the first in india to design and manufacture a micro computer ?
Ans. DCM data products. HCL promoters used to work here
Q3. What will Karnataka Public sector unit ,  Mysore paints and varnishes ltd  supply to the Egypt elections ?
Ans. Indelible ink
Q4. Which PSU has overtaken ONGC in terms of market cap to become no 1 ?
Ans. Coal india 

Q5. Seal team 6 killed Osama. Who has acquired the trade mark rights for SEAL TEAM 6 ? 
Ans. Walt Disney
Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 79

Q1 Which diet plan has become the # 1 on Amazon after it became known that princess Kate follows it?

Ans.  Dukan diet

Q2. Which college in london offers a M A course on Modern india ?

Ans. king’s college London

Q3. Who will be identified through the ‘One from a billion’ contest?

Ans. The next F-1 driver for the Force India team

Q4. What is the logic behind the steep increase in SBI interest rates for short term deposits?

Ans. To make the short term deposits attractive by giving 6.25 % for 7-14 days. If there is no demand then park it with RBI and earn 6.25 %

Q5. Why is the mobile app SHAZAM becoming popular ?

Ans. Music encyclopedia that can recognise most tunes and give all the info

Q6. What is new about laptops launched by SAMSUNG and ACER recently ?

Ans.  They are first laptops with Google Chrome OS

Q7. What do publish ?

Ans. audio books of indian authors

Q8. Which co is test marketing a brand of salty snacks called STOP NOT ?

Ans.  Perfetti

Q9. Which indian co will be assembling hand held terminals for enumerating BPL families ?

Ans. BEL


Ans.Celebrity cricket league

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 78

Q1 If you carry multiple cards, like credit debit PAN cards in your wallet why it is a good idea to have CPP. What is CPP?

 Ans. Card protection plan

Q2 Which Indian family has the biggest collection of Cartier watches as per the auction house Sotheby’s ?

Ans. Maharaja of Patiala

Q3 Sameer Nair is quitting as the head of Imagine TV. Which channel and programme brought him into limelight?

Ans. Star Plus KBC

 Q4. Name the former CVC and bureaucrat who is setting up innovation SEZs in Gujarat and AP.

Ans. N.Vittal

Q5  K.I.S.S is a management principle. This principle with a slight modification has become the tagline for which mobile operator ?

Ans. Tata DoCoMo

Q6. In a bizarre move which govt owned financial institution’s Chairman has been demoted to an MD by appointing a new chairman ?

Ans. LIC’s Vijayan

Q7. Name the exclusive cadre which was involved in the Osama Bin Laden hunt.

Ans. Navy SEAL (sea air and land)

 Q8. In which country were the roots of the mobike Jawa later known as Yezdi ?

Ans.  Czechoslovakia

Q9 .How do we better know a role with a job title Director of First impressions ?

Ans. Receptionist

– Compiled by G.Mohan  Twitter handle@go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 77

Q1. What is the name of the new office app from MICROSOFT in cloud competing with Google apps ?

Ans. Office 365

Q2. Which car is normally associated with the british royal family? It was used during the Will Kate wedding also.


Q3. Which new music channel has become the number 1 music channel at end of 2010 ? Clue 9xm is old now.


Q4. What is the business connection to the resignation of the US envoy to india ?

Ans.  US cos Boeing and Lockheed have lost the indian fighter deal to European cos.

Q5. What is unique about The Green Microgym in Portland, Oregon ?

Ans.  It produces electricity from the human energy spent in gym

Q6. The Wired magazine has rated BADOO as one of the fastest growing Internet site, what service is provided by BADOO ?

Ans.  Social network for sex

Q7. What business is the much advertised “Speak Asia” in ?

Ans. Online consumer survey based on MLM model

 Q8. Which newspaper is called the Maha Vishnu of Mount Road for its strong editorials ?

Ans.  The Hindu

Q9. Mitsubishi Pajero is passe. What SUV is most popular among Bollywood stars ?

Ans. Toyota Land Cruiser

Q10. Which country is the worlds largest producer and consumer of the controversial pesticide ENDOSULFAN ?

Ans. India

Q11.  Connect the brands Hakkasan , LE CIRQUE, TRADER VIC’S CARLUCCIO’S

Ans.  fine dining restaurants entering india

Q12. The last typewriter factory in the world would soon stop producing them. Name the co and brand.

Ans. Godrej Prima

Q13. On what grounds was Mallika Sherawat’s wish to buy a Rolls Royce turned down by the co?

Ans. RR has a policy ” Car will not be sold to anybody who wants to buy it”.

Q14. In 1993 when Sharad Pawar was CM he was shown a new Marathi film by its director, when Pawar asked a song to be rewind thrice. Why ?

Ans.  He saw open spaces in Mumbai

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


The IPL fatigue

I consider myself a typical Indian cricket fan. I stopped playing  cricket almost 30 years ago. But, I am a cricket fan, because I watch cricket matches on TV. I am not even a connoisseur of cricket.  By that I mean, I don’t watch cricket on TV when say Zimbabwe is playing Bangladesh or some domestic match is shown on the DD Sports channel. I only watch cricket matches when our Men in Blue, Team India plays. I cheer for India and Indian players.

To the list of Indian cricket matches, IPL got added to my TV watching list rather inadvertantly. I watched most of the matches of IPL 1,2 and 3 whenever possible. I had great difficulty in choosing a side to support. I had lived a long part of my working life in Kolkata, so I chose KKR. KKR, everyone knows is the only team that never appeared in semi-finals of any of the three editions of IPL. KKR made more news for its off-field activities than its on-field victories. My next choice was Deccan Chargers, because Hyderabad is the city I have been living for the last few years. DC did give some reason for cheer in IPL – 2 by winning it.

Having got used to the idea of watching IPL, I started watching IPL-4  though not with the same enthusiasm as earlier. The world cup victory was just beginning to sink in when IPL 4 started suddenly with little or no build-up.  Just after the World Cup victory, watching the same set of players in opposite teams or even the arch rivals in same team took a little while to adjust. With the complete makeover of all the teams and new teams getting added to the list, it became too hard to remember. With some effort and passage of time, this part of the problem has been overcome.

But now the problem is one of fatigue. Mid-way or not even mid-way through the tournament , now there is little excitement left to watch matches. Even the 20 overs look too long. Watching first 6 overs until the field restrictions are in place and then later towards the slog overs, one gets a sense of what is going on. Sixes, wickets, run-outs, none of them excite.  The very same advertisements from Vodafone ( initially I liked it) , Havells, Brrr ads of Coke have become too irritating to watch. The Extra innings sessions are so boring and comments so banal, that there is no desire to listen to them. The commentators look completely drained out. To avoid the ads or extra innings , if I switch to some other channel, rarely do I get back to IPL. After staying awake for the first few days to watch the matches till 11.30 PM, I do not feel the urge to let go of my sleep for the sake of the matches. I have subscribed to the SMS updates from my mobile operator and see the results of the matches first thing in the morning.

The fatigue and irritation from IPL ( it is still a lesser evil than the 24×7 news channels) is so much that I sometimes find myself wanting both the teams to lose, when neither KKR or DC is playing. Keeping track of the position of the teams in the points table has become such a big task, thanks to its topsy-turvy nature,  that I have decided to see it only towards the end  of the league stage.

It appears that I am not the only one who is complaining about the fatigue. News from TAM is that TV ratings have come down to record low for this year’s IPL. It is 18 % lower than last year. The overkill of cricket and little innovation or controversy in IPL-4 has made it boring. Wonder what would Lalit Modi have done, if he was still running the IPL circus !!!

– G.Mohan