Weekly Business Quiz # 456


Q 1. India has been a difficult market for the soft drinks marketers to crack. As against the per capita consumption of 1496 bottles in US, 1220 bottles in Germany and 537 bottles in Brazil what was India’s per capita consumption in 2016 ?

Ans, 44 bottles

Q 2. VVS Laxman at Eden Gardens. Which brand is he endorsing here while tweeting this picture ?


Ans. Louis Phillippe India

Q 3. Identify this logo and name the designer of this logo, a legendary figure.


Ans. Rupa Publications, Satyajit Ray

Q 4. Dr Yusuf Hamied has been recognised by the highly prestigious Royal Society, UK as a Hon Fellow for his work in bringing down dramatically the price of anti AIDs drugs . He is the Chairman of which pharma major ?

Ans. Cipla

Q 5. Which brand has reintroduced a contest that was run 20 years ago with the same slogan ‘____ ____, World cup Jao’ ?

Ans. Britannia Khao

Q6. In the era of smart phones and ebook readers, there is a lending library in Kochi which survives. Started by Luiz John 40 years ago, it was once the biggest chain of lending library with branches in many cities. It continues to be run by the founder’s son. Name it.

Ans. Eloor Libraries

Q7. After weddings in the Ambani family, perhaps stork may be visiting them. Poor families buy toys, the rich acquire toy chain. Which toy chain is Reliance Retail set to acquire ?

Ans. Hamleys

Q8. Jet Airways has announced a temporary shutdown from tonight due to working capital constraints. Jet has assured that the frequent flier programme JP Miles is on , even though airline is temp shut down. How ?

Ans. Jet Airways has pledged 49.9% share in Jet Privilege to its JV partner Etihad. Clients can redeem JP Miles through Etihad even when Jet Airways is temporarily shut- down.

Q9. This is a 23 storey building on Nariman Point, facing Arabian Sea. It was designed by John Burgee, a New York architect in ’70s. It was the first building to have an escalator inside. It housed the head offices of the company that owned it before their HQ was moved to Delhi. It was the target of 1993 bomb blasts. It also had TCS as their tenant and TCS HQ was in this building before they moved to their own. As the parent company became sick , it was put up for sale. Employees are opposing it. LIC, JNPT and even RBI wants this iconic bldg. Name it.

Ans. Air India Building

Q 10. Identify this ad guru. Passionate about cricket he even played Ranji for Rajasthan. He then tried his hand at tea tasting in Calcutta. Moved to Mumbai in 82 and this creative person found his metier in advertising with Ogilvy. Among the pioneers to introduce Hindi in ads.He ran numerous successful campaigns like Luna, Fevicol, Cadbury’s , Asian Paints .His relationships with his clients have been long and he believes in ‘shower time’, i.e thinking all the time. Rising through the ranks, he never left Ogilvy, he is now in the global team.He loves interacting in person with people so is not on social media except WhatsApp. He looks for ‘secure’ people while hiring. Simple man, he loves his kachori and Teacher’s. He has a trademark moustache.His brother and sister are also known creative people. Name him.

Ans. Piyush Pandey

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Weekly Business Quiz # 455


Q 1. Indian Railways spent Rs 111 for every Rs 100 earned last year. What is this ratio called in Indian railways ?

Ans. Operating ratio

Q 2. In Economics , for normal goods when price increases demand falls. There are few goods where opposite happens. When price increases the demand increases like in wines, perfumes , high end cars. What are these goods called ?

Ans. Veblen Goods or Snob goods

Q 3. The current leader in the IPL table Chennai Super Kings has a sponsor called ‘British Empire’. What do they market ?


Ans. Beer and a surrogate product Brown Sugar

Q 4. Connect the following names/brands to a product category – Amante, Clovia, Lovable, Pretty Secrets and Zivame

Ans. Lingerie

Q5. Col Raj Kapoor who had launched SRK in Fauji and appeared in a few films like Angoor passed away. RIP Col Kapoor. He was a regular face in TV commercials of “80s. In one popular ad he said ‘ Ketchup hota Kaddu bhara’ Name the brand.


Ans. Volfarm Tomato ketchup by Voltas

Q6. Name this Mini Ratna PSU that is a JV between Govt of India and ONGC with 51 and 49 % stake resply. HQ in Noida , It mainly provides helicopter services to ONGC to move people to offshore platforms. It recently it got its first lady CMD.

Ans. Pawan Hans Limited

Q7. Why are some of the Fixed Maturity Plans from HDFC MF, Kotak MF due for maturity in April 2019 being either extended or making only part payments ?

Ans. Delay in repayment by Essel Group ( Zee )

Q8. Name this French sports good retailer that has become No 1 in India. Quechua and B Twin are two of its many private labels .

Ans. Decathlon

Q 9. In the financial year 2018-19 at what rate did the passenger vehicles market grow in comparison to the previous year ?

Ans. Marginal growth of 2.8 %

Q 10. Jaya Bachchan turned 71 on 9th April . Amitabh Bachchan features in numerous advertisements, but Jaya’s appearances in advertisements are rare. For which jewellery brand did Jaya appear with Amitabh

Ans. Kalyan Jewellers

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