Weekly Business Quiz # 358


Q 1. Who are the Indian business partners of Donald Trump seen in this picture ?


Ans. Atul Chordia, Sagar Chordia, and Kalpesh Mehta – The three businessmen are building a Trump-branded apartment complex in western India, one of five luxury development projects underway in the country that have licensed the Trump name.

Q2. What unique service is being provided by the startup Bookmychotu particularly relevant for demonetisation ?

Ans. People /helpers who would stand in a queue at a bank.

Q3. In which state is Airtel piloting its payments bank, the first in the country ?

Ans. Rajasthan.

Q4. Identify this branding expert who is credited with the tagline “Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz khao Ande” He passed away recently. RIP.


Ans. Anand Halve aka Andy Halve

Q5. This Idea model is one of the most popular boy next door models in the industry. Identify him and name a few brands in whose TVCs he appears.


Ans. Vikrant Massey


Q6. Which is the first country in the world to issue digital currency based on ‘blockchain’ technology ?

ans. Tunisia


Weekly Business Quiz # 357


Q1. Point of Sale  terminals of which bank has been authorised to dispense cash up to Rs 2000 at petrol pumps of PSU oil companies ?

Ans. SBI

Q2, Which American car co will be reexporting back to US cars manufactured by their Indian subsidiary ?

Ans. Ford Ecosport

Q3, After voting out Cyrus Mistry as Chairman, who has taken over as Chairman of Tata Global Beverages ?

Ans. Harish Bhat

Q4. Why has there been a jump in 1000% of bookings in AC -I class as reported by Railways ?

Ans. Several people with unaccounted money are using railways to launder their money by booking first and cancelling later, incurring a small charge.

Q5. Why has suddenly the Karnataka state PSU Mysore paints and varnishes got a windfall business ?

Ans. Indelible ink is being used by banks to mark the people who exchange their currency notes, so that they do not exchange in more than one place


Q6. “Designed by ___ in California” is a coffee table book priced at 299 $ featuring products of a company. Name the company.


Ans. Apple

Q7.  What well known US structure was sold repeatedly by George Parker earning him the dubious distinction of the greatest con artist ?


Ans. Brooklyn Bridge

Q8. Investment in which industry was called a ‘death trap’ by Warren Buffett but has now gone ahead and invested in 3 cos from the industry ?

Ans. Aviation industry

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan



Weekly Business Quiz # 356


Q1. Which businessman in the news regarding Tata Mistry is one of the promoters of cab service UTOO ?


Ans. C.Sivasankaran

Q2. Nusserwanji Tata ( Jamsetji Tata’s father) and Dadabhai Tata ( JRD’s grandpa ) his bro in law made their capital in China trade. What’s it ?

Ans. Opium trade

Q3. One of the oldest regd company in India was sold by the Tatas to Shapoorji Pallonji amicably as they have first right of refusal. Name it

Ans. Forbes and Co.

Q4. From whom did Shapoorji Mistry, Cyrus Mistry’s grandfather acquire Tata Sons shares and why JRD Tata could not acquire it then ?

Ans. F.E.Dinshaw had Tata Sons shares. After his death his descendants sold their shares to Shapoorji Mistry. JRD Tata wanted to buy then, but he was not the Tata Sons Chairman Nawroji Saklatwala was and also he had no money because he had to repay his father’s debts.

Q5. The current Bombay Stock Exchange building is named after a Parsi stockbroker who served long as the Chairman of BSE. Name him.


Ans. Sir Phiroze Jeejeebhoy

Q6. Why does a ship figure prominently in the Wadia group logo ?


Ans. Wadias were the earliest shipbuilders in India in the 18th century.

Q7. Name this Parsi industrialist. Born 1823, he set up the first textile mills in Bombay. He married JRD Tata’s sister Sylla Tata,His grand daughter Ratanbai is Nusli Wadia’s grandmother. His donation created VJTI, the engg college.Knighted in 1887. Name him.

Ans. Dinshaw Manekji Petit

Q9. Identify this GoI official and his role in the Nov 8 demonetisation exercise.


Ans. Saurabh Garg, Secretary Investments and Currency

Q8. Like on Nov 8, 2016 , a similar move was done in January 1978 by GoI. Currencies of which denominations were demonetised then ?

Ans. Rs1000, Rs 5000, Rs 10000


Q9. What unique move has Toblerone done to reduce the weights of their bars and also fight cost increases ? 

Ans. Increased the gap between triangles

=Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan 



Weekly Business Quiz # 355


Q1. After Cyrus Mistry’s sacking from Tata Sons board, the insurance companies are expecting claims under D & O liability policy. Expand D & O

Ans. Directors and Officers

Q2. As per World Eco Forum latest list India has 7 Unicorns in the list. Name them.

Ans. Flipkart,Ola,Shopclues,One97 communications,Quickr,Zomato,Snapdeal

Q3. Which former AG of Maharashtra , a Parsi, is trying to mediate between Tata

Ans. Darius Khambata

Q4. In 1921 Sir Dorabji Tata created Associated Building co with 1 cr as capital. It bought land in Bruce St, Mumbai at Rs 1700 per sq yd.He appointed George Witter as architect who used Bombay Gothic style.The building opened in 1924. Name the building

Ans. Bombay House

Q5. Which Indian group has acquired BSA brand ?


Ans. Mahindra group company Classic Legends

Q6. They were the models when KS was launched 25 years ago. Name them.


Ans. Marc Robinson and Pooja Bedi

Q7. Ashok Leyland has launched electric bus. By what name will it be called ?


Ans. Circuit


Q8. What is being demonstrated at a Tesla launch event recently in Universal Studios, California ?


Ans. Tesla solar roof tiles

Q9. With which product category would you associate the brands Brooks, Asics, Saucony ?

Ans. Marathon running shoes

Q10. What did Ukrainian Olexander Turin do to demonstrate his loyalty to Apple and what did he get in return ?

Ans. Olexander Turin changed his name to iPhone 7 and got a free iphone 7.

Q11. AT &T is acquiring Time Warner. This is almost a repeat of a merger that happened between a telecom co and a media co 16 years ago. Name it.

Ans. AOL and Time Warner

  • Compiled by G.Mohan 


Diwali Dhamaka – Guest Quiz # 2


Q 1. Topical Trivia. What was Cyrus Mistry’s ‘Vision 2025’ strategy for TATA group?

Ans. He wanted the group to be in the top 25 global groups by market capitalisation and reach out to 25 per cent of the global population.

Q2. Which co-founder and former CEO of a famous company has funded Itihaasa, a digital app that chronicles the growth and history of India’s IT industry?


Ans. Kris Gopalakrishnan, former Infosys CEO.

Q 3. In 1962, Lakshman Das Mittal began manufacturing wheat threshers with the help of local blacksmiths in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The following year his family went bankrupt. He once applied for a Maruti Udyog dealership but was rejected. Which group known for manufacturing tractors and farm equipment did he start?

Ans. Sonalika

Q 4. When Eicher Motors decided to open its first Royal Enfield store in this US city, the choice was quite interesting and one could even say quite courageous. Which city?

Ans. Milwaukee – home of its iconic rival Harley Davidson.

Q 5. Designer Tarun Tahiliani called her the “last, lingering swan”. Wendell Rodricks calls her a style leader, not a style icon. “Her little black book directed the high society to many contacts. She made her style rules and the pack followed her. She was THE hostess of India. Only when she bought my saris, I felt I had truly arrived,” says Rodricks. Who is this lady who was Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s key partner for their AIDS campaign in India?

Ans. Parmeshwar Godrej

Q6. It took over the 100 year old Simpsons in 1941. The group soon brought under its shade some of the oldest companies in Southern India like Higginbotham’s, Associated Printers, Associated Publishers, Addison & Co., SRVS, George Oakes, T.Stanes, The United Nilgiri Tea Estates and Stanes Estates. Which group, given its history of consolidation and unification, has got quite an appropriate name?


Ans. Amalgamations Group

Q7. In 2014, of the 1,636 valid entries for logo and 5,168 for the tagline that were received, Anant Khasbardar of Kolhapur, Maharashtra won the logo design contest while Bhagyasri Sheth of Rajkot, Gujarat emerged successful in the contest for the tagline. The logo incorporates the two word title of the mission within parts of an object that is closely associated with a great person and which kind of suggests that the entire nation is united to achieve the great person’s vision. What logo/mission?

Ans. Swachch Bharat

Q8. Who started the Super Car Club in India?

Ans. Gautam Singhania

Q9. An Uber-like smartphone app has been launched in India, aimed at making it easier for farmers to hire tractors. Which company has launched the app called Trringo offering hourly rental for between 400 and 700 rupees?

Ans. Mahindra and Mahindra


Q 10. Which Nobel Prize winner in Economics and chairman of the board of the Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation at the Toulouse School of Economics is well known for his seminal article titled The Fat-Cat Effect, the Puppy-Dog Ploy, and the Lean and Hungry Look which he co-authored along with Drew Fudenberg?

Ans. Jean Tirole (won the Nobel Prize in 2014)

Q 11. What brand associated with Bob Dylan once came up with this exclusive CD?


Ans. Victoria’s Secret; Bob Dylan appeared in a Victoria’s Secret commercial in 2004.

Q 12. Which pharma company’s name literally means ‘nature’ in Hebrew?

Ans. Teva (founded in 1901 and headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel)

Q 13. In April 2012, Alatariel thought of an idea to create figurines (below) to show younger generations that women can hold science jobs like astronomer, paleontologist, and chemist. It gained the support of the Brave Girls Alliance, and 42,047 other people, all of whom signed a petition in an attempt to move the idea forward into a reality. In June 2014, a famous company then turned the idea into an actual product that kids can play with and be inspired by! Which company?


Ans) Lego

Q 14. Eli L. Broad is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded companies like KB Home and SunAmerica (which he later sold to AIG). What is his claim to fame on the Fortune 500 list of large US corporations?

Ans. Only person to build two Fortune 500 companies in two different industries – KB Home and SunAmerica.

Q 15. Which American fast food chain started by Steve Ells in 1993, trades on NYSE under the ticker symbol CMG and once had McDonald’s as its major investor in 1998?

Ans. Chipotle ( CMG- Chipotle Mexican Grill )

Q 16. With which venture capitalist is Stephen Hawking collaborating on Breakthrough Starshot, a project to develop the technology necessary to send a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri, the star system 4.37 light years away from earth?

Ans. Yuri Milner

Q 17. Louella is a ‘modest fashion’ clothing line founded by Ibtihaj Muhammad and named after her grandmother. Apart from being a fashion designer in what way did Ibtihaj become famous in 2016?

Ans. First hijab wearing American Olympian. She represented US in fencing at Rio 2016.

Q 18. In international trade which mammal whose name means ‘something that rolls up’ is the most illegally trafficked animal in the world – the market for commercial trading exists because its scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine, while their meat is considered a delicacy?

Ans. Pangolin

Q 19. Which famous painter’s work titled The Sun is featured on the currency note?


Ans. Edvard Munch

Q 20. On what is the Apple Campus 2 HQ modeled?


Ans. The button in iPhone

  • Compiled by Guest Quiz master G.Sreekanth 


Weekly Business Quiz # 354


Q1. Identify these advertising pros and with which landmark campaign are they associated with ?


Ans. Jayant Rane, Rahul Da’cunha & Manish Jhaveri  from Da’Cunha associates who handle the Amul butter campaign

Q 2. Which three parties have acquired a 98℅ stake in Essar Oil making it India’s largest FDI deal ?

Ans. Rosneft, Trafigura and UCP

Q3. In which IT system did ICICI bank and Emirates NBD collaborate to do India’s first ‘blockchain’ trade finance deal ?

Ans. EdgeVerve’s ‘Finacle” ( subsidiary of Infosys)

Q4. What impact will the Kigali accord in Rwanda have for India’s air conditioning industry and consumers ?

Ans. As the accord will phase out HFCs ( Hydrofluorocarbons) , the cost of the ACs will go up.

Q5. The friendship of M.F.Husain with Parmeshwar led to creation of what for the Godrej group?


Ans. Besides Cinema Ghar, an artist’s museum for art and cinema. It has been mentioned that Husain also contributed to the Godrej logo.

Q6. Identify the lady in this picture and the brand she owns being promoted by Virat Kohli.


Ans. Anjana Reddy of Wrogn


Q7. Samsung ‘s Lee Jae Yong’s decision to stop Galaxy Note 7 is seen as as big a step as what his father did for demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to quality ? What did his father do ?

Ans. His father burned a pile of 150,000 defective Samsung phones 21 years ago

Q8. About which motorcycle brand is the story of partnership between William and the three bros Arthur, Walter and William now premiering on TV?

Ans. Harley and the Davidsons

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 353


Q 1. Why does Mrs.Arundhati Bhattacharya of SBI call herself Chairman and not Chairperson ?

Ans. When Arundhati Bhattacharya got her visiting card with Chairperson printed on it. The legal department alerted her that there is no provision of Chairperson in the SBI, ACT. Hence she is called Chairman.

Q 2. Why are Indian airlines seeking ban of sale of alcohol in Indian airports ?

Ans. Drunk passengers are misbehaving and harrassing crew

Q3. Which company has acquired the cement units of JP Group in Bhilai and Nigrie ?

Ans. Orient Cement of CK Birla Group

Q4. Under what brand name has Nestle India launched various flavours of cold coffee in Tetra packs ?

Ans. Nescafe

Q5. Identify the model.


Ans. Pierce Brosnan

Q6. Which is India’s largest privately held pharma firm, now in the news for a large overseas acquisition ?

Ans. Intas pharmaceuticals

Q7. What is the nature of the scam in which 3 call centres from Mira Road, Mumbai were involved ?

Ans. They would call up the US citizens pretending to be IRS officials and threaten them about tax demands and later settle for smaller amounts

Q8. What traditional Indian beauty pack will be used to restore the Taj Mahal ?

Ans. Mud pack with Multani mitti

Q9. Why is the Rameshwari photocopy case a significant milestone for the publishing industry ?

Ans. the court has ruled that photocopying text books is not illegal as per the copyright laws…

Q 10. Under what name is Salman Khan launching a chain of single screen theatres in Maharashtra soon ?

Ans. Salman talkies


Q 11. For their work in which area have Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics this year ?

Ans. For their work on improving the design of contracts, the deals that bind together employers and their workers , or companies and their customers.

Q 12. Apple is facing lawsuits from consumers of iPhone. 6 for ‘Touch disease’. What is the disease ?

Ans. diminishing sensitivity and spotty functionality of the touchscreen on their iPhone 6 device as it gets older.

Q 13. What brand of a mouth freshener has been used in the controversial old video of Donald Trump ?

Ans. Tic tac

Q 14. Which Indian-American has been appointed President and CEO of Harvard Management Co that oversees 36 Bn $ funds ?

Ans. N P Narvekar

Q 15. The Pound Sterling crashed big yesterday and it was attributed to a ‘fat finger’ . What is a fat finger error ?

Ans. A fat-finger error is a slang term for a typing mistake. It is usually a small typo, such as an extra zero, that has out-sized consequences.

Q 16. As per Visa which is their biggest enemy ? Hint : It is not MasterCard

Ans. Cash

q 17. What is the essential difference in the strategy adopted by Google for the newly launched Pixel as opposed to the Nexus range earlier ?

Ans. Newly launched Pixel is fully designed and manufactured by Google instead of using a third party for assistance, just like Apple. Its the first ever handset made completely by the company

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan 



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