Month: October 2012

Weekly Business Quiz # 153

Q 1. In the BCCI auction for IPL Hyderabad franchise earlier held by  Deccan Chargers , who has won it ? 
Ans. Sun TV
Q 2. Where was Late Jaspal Bhatti employed as an Executive Engineer before he became a full time TV artist ? 
Ans. Punjab State Elec Board
Q3. Which TV news channel is slated to have blackmailed JSPL ? 
Ans. Zee News
Q4. What was the earlier name of First Source now acquired by CESC ?
Ans.  Icici OneSource
Q5. Why has the NYSE been shut down on 29th October, 2012. The first unscheduled one after 2001. 
Ans. Hurricane Sandy
Q6. Which cricketer endorses “One Nation One Card” ? 
Ans.Sourav Ganguly
Q7. Connect Telenor and Sun Pharma … 
Ans. Sudhir Valia , the brother in law of Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharma will acquire 26% in the Indian arm of Telenor
Q8. Expand IRB . The infra co in the news.
Ans. Ideal Road Builders
Q9. For shooting the ad for which jewellery brand has Diego Maradona come to Kerala ?
Ans. Chemmannur jewellers
Q10. Who is world’s largest manufacturer of petro coke ?
Ans.  Rain Commodities
Q11. Who has acquired Familycredit a vehicle finance co recently ?
Ans. L & T Finance
Q12. The old refrigerator brand Kelvinator has been relaunched.who owns the brand now ? 
Ans. Videocon
Q 13. Apple announced the price of.its latest offering iPad Mini recently. What is the price of the base version ?
Ans. US $ 329
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business quiz # 152

Q 1. With which ‘social’ entrepreneur would you associate Purti group of companies ? 
Ans. Nitin Gadkari
Q2. What was the ecommerce site  known when it was a single category vendor ? 
Q3. In the newly opened Starbucks cafe in Mumbai what brand of tea is going to be served ? 
Ans. Tata Tazo
Q4. Which businessman has a private plane with his initials VT-VJM ?
Ans. Vijay Mallya
Q5Name t. he International news magazine whcih has decided to go all digital from 2013 after being 80 years in print 
Ans. Newsweek
Q6. Who has repalced Vikram Pandit as the chief at Citigroup ? 
Ans. Mike Carbot
Q7. What new model has been introduced by M & M which is priced between XUV 500 and Pajero ?
Ans. Ssangyong Rexton
Q8. What is the official name for the Nobel Prize in Economics ? 
Ans. The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel
-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 151

Q 1. Who has acquired 70 % stake in Sprint telecom USA ?

Ans. Softbank of Japan

Q 2. Which two US economists have won the Nobel Prize for Economics 2012 ?

Ans. Alvin Roth and Lloyd S Shapley from US

Q3. With which brand would you associate the world record breaking jump from stratosphere of Felix Baumgartner ?

Ans.  Red Bull Stratos was sponsored by Red Bull

Q4, Who is the subject of the Audio book ” the Man who made the elephants dance” ?

Ans. Verghese Kurien

Q5. Which brand of Indian confectionery has been confiscated by FDA in USA ?

Ans.  Parle Mango Bite

Q6. Who are the new Owners of Deccan Chargers, the IPL Team ?

Ans. Kamala Landmarc bought it but BCCI has cancelled DC franchise

Q7. To which city is Air India shifting its HQ in true Tughlaqian style ?

Ans. New Delhi from Mumbai

Q8. Who is the new CFO of Infosys ?

Ans. Rajiv Bansal

Q9. The first digital camera prototype was built by Steve Sasson in 1975: it was the size of a toaster .which co was he associated ?


Q 10. What is the new name of the company Cadbury India ?

Ans. Mondelez

Q 11. With which celebrity would you asscoiate the Skylight Group of Companies

Ans. Robert Vadra

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 150

Q 1. Who is credited to have coined the term “animal spirits” in the context of economy ?

Ans. John Maynard Keynes

Q2. Who has acquired 65% stake in Gujarat Gas from British Gas

 Ans. Guj Govt PSU GSPL

Q3. What are the five new airports that have been given international status by Govt of India today ?

Ans. Lucknow,Varanasi, Mangalore, Tiruchi, Coimbatore

Q4. Which brand has created a Facebook app to have the world’s biggest ‘break’ on October 11 ?

Ans. Kitkat

Q5. Which tech co in US is headed by an African American woman Ursula Burns ?

Ans. Xerox

Q6. Which airline is the flag carrier of Abu Dhabi ?

Ans. Etihad airways

Q7. What kind of social network is Stockoy ?

Ans. A social network for the trading community

A special thanks to all the followers and visitors of this blog as the weekly business quiz completes 150 weeks.

–       Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz #149


Q1. 30 years ago which was the first commercially released audio CD? 
Ans. 52nd street by Billy Joel
Q2. How many towns in India have a population greater than 1 million ? 
Ans. 53
Q3. Name this executive who after leading ABB, Volvo and Power Divn of L & T is joining JSPL as its MD & CEO.
Ans. Ravi Uppal
Q4. In Japan what is a ‘kozukai’ ?
Ans. An allowance given by wife to husband for his expenses
Q5.What is a ‘desk derriere” ? 
Ans. Atrophy of buttocks muscles due to sitting excessively at the desk
Q6. Which new Tata co has a young 33 year old woman CEO ?
Ans.  Tata Starbucks – Avani Sanglani Davda
Q7. Name this India’s leading designer leather bags brand which is the largest employer in Puducherry…
Ans. Hidesign
Q8. When govt is planning to open up FDI, which foreign retail chain’s stake in Infiniti Retail  is being bought out by Tatas ?
Ans. Woolworths
Q9. On the European central bank website what is €conomia ? 
Ans. A game that teaches the basics of EU monetary policy
Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan