Month: April 2012

Weekly Business Quiz # 128

Q 1. Who is the new President of World Bank ?

Ans. Jim Yong Kim

Q2. Which luxury car manufacturer has acquired the Italian bike mfr Ducati for 860 mn € ?

Ans. Audi

Q3. ASCI and TAM have launched NAMS . What is NAMS ?

Ans. National Audience Measurement System for measuring reach of ads

Q4. Which online for profit news blog has been given a Pulitzer prize ?

Ans. Huffington Post

Q5. Star moves out of the alliance with ABP. what will be the new names of Star news, star Ananda and Star Majha ?

Ans. ABP will replace Star in all names for eg ABP news

Q6. Who will be the celebrity endorsing the bike Suzuki Hayate ?

Ans.  Salman Khan

Q7. Which CM has announced that they will launch their own newspaper and TV channel ?

Ans. Mamata Banerjee

Q8. Who had said ” if I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse “?

Ans.  Henry Ford

Q9. For which TV show which is to be aired on 10 channels is Aamir Khan charging rs 3 crore per episode ?

Ans. Satyamev Jayate

Q10. As per TRAI guidelines what is the maxm mumber of tariff plans a mobile operator can have at a given point in time ?

Ans. 25 plans

Q 11. What two pieces of info has been made mandatory in pass book and a/c statement by RBI for every bank?

Ans.  MICR and IFSC

Q12. As per The Economist, what technology is central to the 3rd industrial revolution ?

Ans. 3D printing

Q13. Which global food major has acquired the nutrition business of Pfizer for over 11 bn $ ?

Ans. Nestle

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 127

Q1. One Titanic tweet..which shipping line owned the ship Titanic ?

Ans. White Star Line

Q2. The corporate HQ of Google is Googleplex. From which cult book has this name been taken ?

Ans. Douglas Adams book Hitchhikers guide to galaxy

Q3. Sony has announced digital imaging, gaming and mobile phones as their core products. What product is conspicuously absent ?

Ans. TVs

 Q4. You know BMW. AMW is the third largest truck co in India. Expand AMW
Ans. Asian Motor Works
Q5. What new model of MUV has been launched by Maruti to compete with the likes of Innova and Xylo ?
Q6. Name this doyen of Indian capital markets who founded the National Stock Exchange.
Ans. RH Patil RIP

Q7.  Which TV channel has been shut down by Turner Broadcasting in India ?

Ans. Imagine TV earlier known as NDTV Imagine

Q8. What was the original name of HTC, the mobile device manufacturer ?

Ans. High Tech Computers

Q9. In mobile phone market what does “tyranny of the flagship” mean, as per the Economist ?

Ans. iPhone/ Samsung Galaxy walking away with profits

Q 10. What is unique about the business of etailer ?

Ans. It helps human assistance in tier II- III towns to place orders online

Q11. In competition to Mackintosh Jack Tramiel launched a low priced home computer. It is the best selling PC of all time. Name it.

Ans. Commodore 64

Q12. Airtel has launched 4G first in Kolkata. This is using TD LTE technology. Expand TD LTE.

Ans. Time Division Long Term Evolution

Q13. In which city has Mahindra group created Mahindra Research Valley inaugurated by former Pres. Abdul Kalam ?

Ans. Chennai

Q 14. GOI has made it mandatory for electronic filing of IT returns for individuals above a income limit . What is the limit ?

Ans. Rs 10 lakhs and above

Q 15. What are the other names of multi level marketing and why GOI considers it a fraud ?

Ans. Network marketing or Pyramid marketing…It is considered an economic offence because it is robbing Peter to pay Paul

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan