Weekly Business Quiz – 467


Q 1. Who is this Pepsi swag star and why she is one?


An.s Charulata Patel. She was seen in the India Bangladesh match and she attracted TV attention,  after which Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma sought her blessings.

Q 2. Union Budget has allotted Rs 4.5 crore budget on a project to develop ‘Ahimsa’ meat at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad. What is ‘ ahimsa ‘ meat ?

Ans. Lab grown meat that does not require slaughtering animals

Q 3. What proposal has been announced by the Union FM in budget 2019 that will help non-profits to raise money through the market ?

Ans. Social Sector Exchange

Q 4. Electric Vehicles is the in-thing now. It is being adopted by different countries at different rates. Which country had the highest % of EVs sold as a % of total vehicle sales. A high 46 %

Ans. Norway

Q 5. What is the name of the premium lifestyle food superstore chain launched by Future Group ? It has only six stores in India in New Delhi, Gurgaon Bengaluru and Mumbai

Ans. Foodhall

Q6. In the Cricket World Cup 2019  Dhoni has been observed to use bats carrying different stickers on them like BAS, Spartan, SG etc. Why is he doing that ?


Ans. He is thanking all the bat mfrs whose equipment he has used over the years. he has contract with none.

Q 7, Punjab National Bank has reported a big fraud of Rs 3806 crore. Who is the borrower involved ?

Ans. Bhushan Power and Steel

Q 8. As per the Union Budget , those having annual income over Rs 5 crore , an addl surcharge will be levied , making their effective tax rate 42.6 %. As per last available date how many individuals have income over Rs 5 Crore ?

Ans. About 6300 individuals

Q9. Book lovers are unhappy with the budget announcement yesterday. Union FM announced a customs duty on imported books . What is the rate applicable ?

Ans. 5 %

Q 10. Krishnakumar Natarajan, Rostow Ravanan and N S Parthasarathy, top executives of Mindtree have quit from board as well as employees yesterday. What was the trigger for their resignations ?

Ans. L & T has taken full management control of Mindtree after the hostile take over. The old founders and management have left

Q 11 The Enforcement Directorate investigating the Kochhar Videocon deals has found that Lakshmikant Sudhakar Katore was a Director in Real Cleantech Pvt Ltd, a Videocon group co. He was named a Director because he was Venugopal Dhoot’s ?

Ans. Cook

Q 11. This year Sindhu signed a four year deal with Li Ning. What was the value of this contract ?


Ans. Rs 50 crore

Q 12. What western tradition was broken today in the presentation of the Union Budget ?


Ans. Instead of the customary brown bag the budget documents were taken to the Parliament in a Red Bahi Khata

Q 13. As per the Economic Survey presented India’s population growth rate will start declining rapidly going rate. In the decade 2030- 2040, one state will even see a negative growth in population. Which one ?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Q 14. On the Rath Yatra day,.a question on Rath, a legacy brand. Started by DCM as a competitor to Lever’s Dalda, this vanaspati brand has changed a few hands and is now marketed by an MNC. Who markets Rath now ?


Abns. Cargil

Q 15. The noted industrialist and philanthropist B.K. Birla has passed away. After being the Chairman of the holding company that controls all his group cos he handed it over to Rajashree Birla in April 2019. What is the name of the holding co ?

Ans. Pilani Investments and Holding Co Ltd

Q 16. Sanjeev Srivastava, also known as Dancing Uncle is a YouTube star. Now he can be seen in a TV Commercial. Name the advertiser


Ans. Bingo

Q 17. Which former cricketer’s family owns and runs this company in Kolkata ?
Ans. Sourav Ganguly


Q 18. Which country launched its first satellite recently named Raavana -1 ?

Ans. Sri Lanka

Q 19. In which country, Cadbury’s has launched 3D printing of chocolates to mark the World Chocolate Day on 7th July. Using 3 D printing buyers can get a choice of alphabets and symbols made of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk 

Ans. Australia- Melbourne

Q 20. As per a Business Insider survey which social media app is being abandoned most by the American Gen Z , those between ages of 13 and 21 ?

Ans. Facebook

Q 21. Which global bank has laid off 18000 employees globally including in India after it decided to shut down its equity division ?

Ans. Deutsche Bank

Q 22. FCB worldwide decided not to renew their existing contract of advertising the Nivea brand. What is the main reason for this decision ?

Ans. An acrimonious parting after a 100-year association , post allegations of homophobic remarks from the cosmetic company side

Q 23. Identify this business icon. One of the first business executives who had a rockstar status. His autobiography almost the genre of business books in the 1980s. He passed away at 94 . RIP


Ans. Lee Iacocca , the former Ford Chief and the man who turned around Chrysler

Q 24. This role is lady taking up a new role X. She is temporarily relinquishing her old role Y .What are X and Y. ?


Ans. Christine Lagarde will be the new European Central Bank Chief( X) . She was the President of IMF ( Y)


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