Weekly Business Quiz – 466


Q 1. Water _____ is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of water consumption to identify means of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling of water. In view of the water crisis, govt wants to introduce this in companies. Fill in the blank

Ans. Audit

Q 2. Which Indian credit rating agency has sent its CEO on leave immediately pending inquiry due to an anonymous complaint?

Ans. ICRA has sent Naresh Takkar on leave

Q 3. In the first half of 2019, promoters sold a portion of their holding through Offer For Sale(OFS) . Among the top 5 OFS, 4 belonged to one sector. Which sector?

Ans. Insurance

Q 4. Which company has taken over the debt-laden Orchid Pharma via the National Company Law Tribunal?

Ans. Dhanuka Laboratories

Q 5. RBL Bank has launched an International Debit Card. It claims it has zero mark-ups on Forex as against X% mark-up by other cards. What is mark-up and how much is X?

Ans. The “Fx Markup” on a foreign exchange transaction/trade is the amount the merchant/seller/trader adds to what it itself pays for the currency before passing it on to its client/customer. Usually, the most common reason given by merchants/sellers/traders for having “Fx Markup” is to offset the losses due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rate. Markup ranges from 1- 3.5 %

Q6. Indian cricket team wore a new jersey in the India England  World Cup match. The colour combination closely resembles the uniform for petrol pump attendants of which company ?


Ans. IndianOil

Q7. What dubious honour does Mumbai based Spanco Ltd have in the latest list released by SBI ?

Ans. No 1 on the Wilful defaulters list

Q8. June 29th is birth anniversary of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis. To pay tribute to this great man, India celebrates this day as National ___ Day. The blank is

Ans. Statistics

Q9. After CPSE and Bharat 22 ETF, Govt of India plans to launch yet another ETF this financial year. What will be the focus of this ETF ?

Ans. Banking Financial Services and Insurance

Q 10. CR Chandrashekhar and Sreekant Meenakshi , founders of which finance related startup have been ousted by the PE funds that have invested in it ?

Ans. FundsIndia.com

Q 11. A new book will be released soon written by Vanita Kohli Khandekar . Fill in the blank


Ans. Star India

Q 12. Which tele shopping network is now owned by Skyblue Buildwell ?

Ans. Homeshop 18

Q 13. The boy in the Centre plays pranks in this commercial for MI Smart TV. In which other popular TV Commercial he can be seen playing Gublu having fun with his Dadu ?


Ans. PhonePe

Q 14. Which is the first soap brand from an Indian FMCG company to cross the Rs 2000 crore sale mark ?

Ans. Santoor


Q 15. What has Bill Gates mentioned recently as his biggest mistake ?

Ans. Not deploying the best resources to develop a Mobile OS that has been taken by Android

Q 16. What technology/appliance was invented to solve an industrial problem in the printing industry of US, then came to households by exposing the general public to its advantages in the movie theatres ? It now is present in 75 % of US houses and fast growing in India too ?

Ans. Air Conditioner

Q 17. In the context of supply chain management in FMCG and retail industry, the metric OTIF is used widely. What is OTIF ?

Ans. On Time In Full

Q 18. Who has acquired the commercial regional jet business of Bombardier as it wants to concentrate on its business jets and rolling stock businesses ?

Ans. Mitsubishi

Q 19. The manufacturer of Humira, the top-selling rheumatoid arthritis injection has acquired the Botox maker. Which are the two pharma companies involved in the 63 Billion $ deal ?

Ans. Abbvie acquiring Allergan

Q 20. Which auto.manufacturer has asked Hans Zimmer the Oscar winning well known film music composer, composer of tracks like Lion King, Interstellar, Inception to come up with the various sounds for the electric vehicle, as the normal exhaust sounds are absent ?

Ans. BMW

Q 21. Argentina , Bolivia and Chile are the ABC for reserves of which important mineral required for batteries ?

Ans. Lithium

Q 22. Which major drinking water marketer has decided to try out water in aluminium cans to improve recycling and reduce plastic usage ?

Ans. Pepsi

Q 23. How did Pepsi become briefly in 1989 the owner of the sixth largest military submarine fleet in the world ?

Ans. Renewal of the 3 Bn$ Agreement in 1989 between Pepsi and USSR involved payment through Military Equipment like Diesel Submarines in lieu of Roubles as it was not a tradeable currency at that time . This included 17 Submarines and Pepsi became 6th largest Navy for a brief period.

Q 24. Which cosmetics major has an augmented reality app called ‘Modiface’ ?

Ans. L’Oreal

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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