Weekly Business Quiz – 464


Q 1. Exhaust sound of a bike is almost its identifier. A teaserr promo for a new bike named Revolt is doing the rounds. One of the unique features it has is the user can choose the exhaust sound based on their preferences. How are they able to change the exhaust sound

Ans. Revolt is an electric bike so it has no exhaust. The sound will be a prerecorded one coming out of speakers

Q 2.Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray was a pioneer in chemistry education and research. He started India’s first chemical and pharma company that was later taken over by govt . Name the company

Ans. Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Q 3. ‘Mango Man’ Haji Kalimullah has named a new variety of mango after a leader because the mango like the leader is “good in size and taste:. What is the mango called ?

Ans. Shah Mango named after Amit Shah

Q 4. On what charges has SEBI debarred Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy of NDTV to access the capital markets for 2 years and take up any managerial position ?

Ans. They failed to conform to the fair and transparent principles of trades in the Securities Market in a case related to transfer of NDTV shares.

Q 5. In which Indian financial news agency has Nikkei the owners of Financial Times and Nikkei Asian Review taken a 25.99 % stake ?

Ans. Newsrise

Q6. Name this company that has two unrelated businesses. Textiles and plastics. It calls itself the world largest manufacturer of plastic tanks. The name of the tank is so popular that it has become a generic name for such tanks. It recently defaulted on its NCD interest payment

Ans. Sintex Ltd

Q 7. Amazon is taking in part time delivery partners in India like students and housewives .What is this programme called ?

Ans. Amazon Flex


Q8. Huawei is developing an OS as an alternative to Google’s Android because of the US sanctions. It is developing two OS, one for the Chinese market and another for the global market . What are these called ?

Ans. Hongmeng for Chinese market and Oak OS for Rest of the World

Q9. Cotton ON Group is a large fashion retailer from which country ? Myntra markets them in India

Cotton On


Ans. Australia

Q 10. Men unable to change diapers; women having trouble with parking: Scenes like these are now banned in UK advertisements. What is the main reason for such a ban ?

Ans. To break gender stereotypes that advertising propagates

Q 11. Which group of Indian origin launched designer jeans in the name of Gloria Vanderbilt ? Gloria Vanderbilt RIP


Ans. Murjani Group

Q 12. Which country has announced demonetisation of their highest currency note by October 1 , 2019 ?

Ans. Kenya

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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